Why Sexualize Kids if Sexuality is Inborn?

Are we to presume that woke corporations, like Disney, teachers' unions, “progressive” academics, corporate media, and chic Hollywood have once and for all settled the long and contentious nature-nurture debate? 

Seems so.  No one is born a certain way, say nurturers.  The next time a gay guy or Admiral (Rachel née Richard) Levine tells you that “he was born that way,” tell him that the enlightened elite have changed the rules.  Spread the word to any purple-haired, nose-pierced, tattooed LGBTQIA+ you happen to know. 

The push by self-professed incredibly smart, sophisticated, and science-dedicated progressives to sexualize kids -- starting at early ages -- into their bizarre world of woke screams “nurture rules!”  Good Catholic Joe Biden must think so, too.  Nature’s role -- meaning how we come factory-equipped with traits -- has been scrapped. 

Seems that Lockian sensibility has triumphed.  You know John Locke?  The philosopher who claimed that humans are born tabula rasa?  In other words, our minds are blank slates at birth.  Experience creates us.  Coming out of the womb, we’re moldable plastic -- bend us, twist us, shape us.   

Kids’ minds are empty chalkboards, declares the creed, and godless purveyors of dissolute sexuality mean to write their dark formulas on them.  Further, their conceit informs them that human beings are gods themselves.  Well, not all of us, just them.  Their superiority makes them benevolent human shapers.  They’re more like Dr. Frankensteins.  Kids are to be made into little woke monsters.     

What does history teach us -- for those who care about such a trifle?  Conceit leads to hubris, hubris being a calamitous, wretched fate that befalls those bound to their vanities.  Dr. Frankenstein learned that.  The fall will come for kid corrupters, because per the old margarine commercial tagline, “You can’t fool Mother Nature!”  Not for long, anyway.

The mandarins of woke have decided that gender is “assigned at birth.”  Hence, sexuality isn’t baked in, either.  Persons, not women, give birth.  Pete Buttigieg can play mommy (if he closes his eyes real tight and pretends).  DNA is meaningless.  Biology -- that which constitutes male and female -- is a small obstacle to reimagining ourselves.  No one is born anything, other than a biped -- and wokesters are probably working on a plan to fix that.  

Say sex Lockians, who we become depends solely on the world we step into and the people around us.  According to the Wonder of Woke, if we’re lucky, we’ll have some say in choosing our gender and a flavor-of-the-day sexuality. 

Come to think of it, luck shouldn’t have anything to do with it.  We must be freed from the oppression of birth assignment and pressures to conform to others’ expectations for us, like those infernal hidebound expectations foisted on us by hordes of assigned heterosexuals.

To free us from the chains and shackles of heterosexual orthodoxy come public school administrators and teachers, who, from L.A. to Austin to Manhattan’s tonier precincts, are riding to the rescue, streaming rainbow-colored flags.  Goodhearted teachers, who might struggle teaching kids how to write declarative sentences and who scratch their heads at the sight of fractions, but who care deeply about kids being male, female, trans, gay, or fluid.  Their priorities are straight, all right.         

For us, who inhabit the vast middle on life’s bell curve, the challenge is to stop this crop of perversity hucksters from gaining traction wherever children are, whether that’s at the Magic Kingdom or in a first-grade classroom.  Their Brave New World is cruel, and their bent intentions pave the way to hell.  These flakes, weirdos, and ghouls need to be booted out of their jobs. 

It’s bad enough that American culture has been trapped in an unhealthy adolescent preoccupation with sex since the mid-60s.  Current attempts at the shameless sexual indoctrination of children are spawned by the Sexual Revolution, so-called.       

The Sexual Revolution was claimed to be about personal liberation.  It was really about stripping away well-established and beneficial social conventions governing sexual conduct to excuse self-indulgence.  Carnal desire -- like every other desire -- was to have no sensible boundaries.  “If it feels good, do it,” was the 60s mantra.  Early waves of boomers got very, very upset when told “no.”  Hedonism became a right, brazenly so, as was made clear in the wild disco 70s.  Went the code then, per ati, April 5, 2019:

“Be seen, be loved, be picked up, be drugged, be sexed, be crazy,” Maripol, an artist and fashion designer, remembered of the general vibe of the music craze. “Be 100 percent who you are.”        

The quest for personal liberation (however errant the rationale) has, over time, morphed into militancy.  It isn’t enough to be freed to pursue sex and sexual identity.  Sexual tolerance was, at first, demanded, but proved only a marker on the way to a dark land of moral derangement.            

Humanity must now be forced to abide a woke doctrine of gender and sexuality, which has nothing to do with norms derived from nature and reality.  Wokesters champion unfettered perverse sexual fantasy fulfillment; that’s the essence of it.  Parents, in particular, however leery, are expected to sign on the dotted line -- then shut up and get lost.    

The irony of this militancy is that it apes the Victorians’ old missionary zeal to convert savages to Christianity.  60s sexual revolutionaries disdained Victorian virtues and ways.  They loathed Victorians’ “uptight” sexual rules.

Today, their heirs, in mockery, however unaware, embrace with crusading passion the conversion of kids into libertines.  Should they succeed, they’ll drag society into a deep pit.  Ask Dante Alighieri and Milton about hell’s depths.   

A curious flaw renders woke libertine thinking fatal.  If humans are who they are only through nurturing, then kids can be educated and conditioned not to be gay, trans, or other.  Turnabout is fair play.  An army of traditionalists can mobilize, teaching kids to be males and females.  “Gay” and “trans” become archaic terms.  It’s only a matter of taking back kindergartens and schools to make it happen. 

Don’t buy the sophistry that woke teachers, et al, are simply trying to help kids “discover” their true sexual identities.  It’s not their business, anyway.  What’s happening in schools is no more than gussied-up grooming of kids.  Nothing high-minded about it. 

What these fiends -- and, okay, useful idiots, too -- will accomplish is messing with kids’ minds -- kids who are born heterosexual.  Confusion and inner turmoil will dog the victims.  It may take years for them to offload the garbage being inculcated and arrive at a true sense of themselves in relation to their natures.  What’s being perpetrated is child abuse, plain and simple. 

Nature or nurture?  Actually, we humans result from both.  We come hardwired in some aspects but are malleable enough in others to be influenced by our environments. 

Yet, we’re human beings, not butterflies or garden slugs.  We’re born male or female, and as a rule, our sexualities so conform.  Nature isn’t perfect and aberrations happen.  Welcome to a flawed universe.  But nature brings forth life.  Life ceaselessly quests to survive and thrive.  Man in tandem with woman and heterosexuality are therefore regent.  Time-honored societal norms -- across cultures -- are meant to conform to nature’s hard reality. 

So, what do we know about evil, what are we seeing in our degenerating culture?  We’re seeing evil cloaked as good, and those doing evil condemning authentic good as evil.  We’re being lied to by wicked people, people who want to deform our kids in order to irrevocably deform the world. 

As Milton penned, “Awake, arise or be for ever fall’n.”  Parents take heed. 

J. Robert Smith can be found regularly at Gab @JRobertSmith.  He also blogs at Flyover

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