The Regime Media’s Quandary: By Exposing Joe Biden They Exonerate Donald Trump

The regime media (the amalgamation of the legacy media, elitist opinion writers, and the internet troika: Google/Facebook/Twitter) finds itself in a quandary of its own making.  As the nation descends into recession and societal turmoil, the candidate for whom they prostituted themselves, Joe Biden, reveals on a daily basis that he is not mentally or physically capable of being President.  Further, it has become increasingly more difficult to continuously obfuscate not only the ongoing revelations in Hunter Biden’s laptop but Joe’s life-long history of corruption and mendacity. 

By comparison, for four years, despite a lack of evidence coupled with numerous exculpatory investigations, this same cabal incessantly promoted the fictitious narrative that Donald Trump was a racist, a xenophobe, a demagogue, and the most corrupt person to ever serve as president of the United States. 

Accordingly, the regime media proclaimed that it was in the nation’s vital interest to replace Trump with the “decent, honest, and honorable” Joe Biden, as he has the “experience and character” to rescue the nation and restore “decency and honor” in the White House.

The quandary: how does the regime media avoid the exposure of Joe Biden’s lifelong corruption and failures without the public’s inevitable comparison of the two men, their families, and their accomplishments?   A comparison that would result in the effective exoneration and rehabilitation of Donald Trump, whom they relentlessly accused of being the most unscrupulous person on earth.  A cudgel they could no longer use if he decides to run for the presidency in 2024.

Their only option is to continue steadfastly limiting any exposure of Joe’s career-long penchant for selling his political office for personal gain.  They will have to throw Hunter Biden under the bus by claiming he was solely responsible for any revelations of corruption emanating from his abandoned laptop.  That a gradually diminishing but dedicated public servant, Joe Biden, was blissfully unaware of what was going on in his name.  Meanwhile, they and the Democrats in Congress can never abandon their quixotic search for Trump wrongdoing or continue beating the drum that he is the personification of corruption.

Why do they need to obfuscate Joe Biden’s personal history?   They cannot continue to muddle the revelations in Hunter Biden’s laptop if it is general knowledge that Joe Biden’s malfeasance and the “Biden Family Enterprise” began almost immediately after Joe Biden was first sworn in as a Senator in 1973 when Hunter was two years old. 

In August of 2019, Politico International, in a lengthy article, traced the beginning of the “Biden Family Enterprise” back to 1973, Joe’s first year in the Senate.  Freshman Senator Biden adamantly demanded and was appointed to a seat on the Senate Banking Committee.  Soon thereafter, his brother James, then a 23-year-old business neophyte with a net worth of less than $10,000, decided to open a nightclub.  Per a bank officer, James used the Biden family “connection” to obtain $165,000 ($1.1 million in 2022 dollars) in mostly unsecured loans from a failing Delaware bank.  Within less than 18 months the venture started to unravel, and James was unable to make the loan payments.  Joe intervened with the bank’s Chairman to make certain the bank did not harass James for payment or foreclose on the nightclub. 

Miraculously, James was able to find another bank, which was on the Federal Reserve watch list, that gave him a $500,000 ($2.6 million in 2022 dollars) loan.  Around the same time, Joe Biden met with that bank’s senior vice-president on “other matters” -- no doubt a coincidence.  The nightclub venture soon failed, leaving behind a trail of lawsuits and unpaid loans and debts. 

The Bidens sanctimoniously proclaimed that Joe and his status as a U.S. Senator had nothing to do with James getting the loans.  The fact that Joe served on the Senate Banking Committee (which oversees bank regulatory agencies) and his 23-year-old brother with no business experience received extraordinary – actually, unheard-of -- loans from two banks under scrutiny by the government was, no doubt, also a mere coincidence.

Thus began a pattern that over the years continued to include James and occasionally other members of the Biden family, and eventually Hunter Biden as the ultimate front for the Biden family business.  A family enterprise that despite chartering and acquiring numerous companies over the decades never operated a successful business.  Perhaps no prominent family in American history has been involved in so many consistent business failures.  The only successful aspect of the “Biden Family Enterprise” was selling Joe Biden and his political influence.

It was while Joe Biden was vice president that the floodgates opened to what was a domestic influence-peddling business, expanded globally into Ukraine, China, Russia, and Kazakhstan, among other nations.  The layers of greed and unabashed willingness to sell access to the second-highest office in the country are mind-boggling.   The most egregious examples are five deals with the Communist Chinese and the subsequent payments to Hunter Biden and the Biden family valued at $31 million.

For the past five decades, the legacy media and virtually all of Washington, D.C. have known about Joe Biden’s corruption and penchant for being a serial fabulist and compulsive liar.  However, when Donald Trump was elected President, he was immediately inundated with false and hyperbolic corruption charges.

A month before his inauguration on January 20, 2017, Politico Magazine featured an article full of absurd innuendos and breathtaking assumptions entitled: “Trump Could be the Most Corruptible President Ever.”  Within ten months after his inauguration, it was unabashedly proclaimed to the nation that the Trump Administration was already the most corrupt in American history.

Unsurprisingly, by the end of his term, the regime media and left-wing “historians” declared that Donald Trump was not only the most corrupt president in American history but also the worst.

The New York Times, in a hyperbolic October 2020 editorial, pleaded with the public to vote for Joe Biden “and return the country to a more peaceful, stable and respectful form of self-governance” and accused Trump of “rampant corruption, celebrations of violence, gross negligence with people’s health and incompetence—the worst American president in modern history.”

It would not be an overstatement to say that Donald Trump and his immediate family are the most investigated, vetted, and audited people in American history.  Yet virtually nothing substantive has been found.  I spent nearly forty years in international finance and interacted with numerous domestic and international real estate developers.  Success in this field requires a single-minded focus and determination in order to build or acquire properties.  Virtually all developers at some point have skirted the law, greased palms, or by-passed regulations. 

In light of Trump’s massive business success and nearly 50 years in real estate development, it is remarkable, considering the armies of investigators and auditors with unlimited budgets, that nothing of consequence has been unearthed.  Which confirms that Donald Trump is among the least corrupt men to serve as President of the United States.  In other words, Donald Trump is the antithesis of Joe Biden.

That is why the regime media, and the Democrat Party will do everything possible to avoid the full exposure of the decades of corruption within the “Biden Family Enterprise.”  They cannot run the risk of the inevitable comparison of Donald Trump and his family to Joe Biden and his family. 

Nor can the regime media risk the unmasking of their primary role in not only falsely incriminating Donald Trump but duplicitously praising and overtly suppressing damning information about Joe Biden during an election.  The citizenry will rightly conclude that they are chiefly responsible for the disastrous state of affairs in the country today.

Photo credit: Michael Vadon CC BY-SA 4.0 license

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