Vanity Fair: The Deep Right is Cool

All you fashionistas better take notice. Vanity Fair says that Peter Thiel, J.D. Vance and Curtis Yarvin & Co. are not extreme far-right armed insurrectionists, but really kinda cool. That’s what James Pogue is saying in “Inside the New Right: Where Peter Thiel is Placing His Biggest Bets.”

Note how the headline writer chooses “New Right” rather than “Far Right.” You mean that our fashionista friends are backing off the pejoratives -- which are such fun! -- and easing back into an open and frank discussion of the issues?

Yarvin has mused that the liberal regime will begin to fall when the “cool kids” start to abandon its values and worldview.

So here’s Honor Levy, a New Yorker-published “It girl in a downtown Manhattan scene… where right-wing politics have become an aesthetic pose that mingles strangely with an earnest search for moral grounding.”

“I’m not, like, into politics,” the writer Honor Levy, a Catholic convert and Bennington grad, told me when I called her. “I just want to have a family someday.”

I just thought of a new maxim:

“Men rush to join the colors; Women rush to adopt the new fashion.”

Of course, that is the most racist-sexist-homophobic thing you ever read. Except that, if you want to know how things are going -- and who doesn’t when interest rates are going up and the stock market looks to be going down -- then it pays to keep a sharp eye out for young men signing up for a fight, and young women joining the latest fad.

I tell you, you lefties, wokies, and all the ships at sea. Better tuck in a couple of reefs, and hoist the storm jib. A little bit of sailor talk for you Bennington grads.

And Pogue chats companionably about Yarvin’s notion of the Cathedral. I first wrote about the Cathedral in my blog in early 2014 and subsequently wrote:

Today's ruling class is a kind of secular church, for it combines its politics and its secular religion much like an established church.

And Pogue can actually accept the idea that for a writer like him, “who has made a career of writing about militias and extremist groups,”

the best way for me to get big assignments and win attention is to identify and attack what seem like threats against the established order, which includes nationalists, antigovernment types, or people who refuse to obey the opinions of the Cathedral’s experts on issues like vaccine mandates, in as alarming a way as I possibly can.

Imagine: Pogue writes about the Cathedral without scorn and scare quotes in Vanity Fair. I never thought I’d live to see the day...

It could merely be that our present ruling class is getting to its Mr. Brooke (of Middlemarch) moment and doesn’t want to “go too far.”

Or it could be that our rulers are on the point of realizing that they’ve screwed the pooch. Whatever that means.

If we can take Yarvin & Co. seriously, now with the approval of the political fashionistas, then maybe we should read what Yarvin is saying. First, of all, he says, don’t call him the “new right;” it’s “deep right,” thank you very much.

The purpose of the deep right is not to follow the core [you-and-me] right, but to lead it. The pattern of history will not be altered -- and in this pattern, the productive classes are always governed by unproductive aristocrats. Every true revolution is the replacement of an old aristocracy by a new one. Since the core right is the party of the productive classes, it is desperately in need of leadership.

But here’s an idea that just flew into my mind. It has to do with the latest polling that College+ Women are D+38. Did you know my maxim that

Women expect to be protected; men know they are expendable.

You should read, learn, and inwardly digest it. But what happens, I blogged last week, if the College+ Women of America find, in the upcoming inflation and recession, that they are not protected?

They will find themselves utterly unprotected. They will complain to each other. They will complain to their Democratic politicians. Then they will abandon the Democratic Party and go find a new protector.

What are all the D+38 College+ Women going to do when Dog Trainer DeSantis looses the anti-CRT pit bulls on their cozy educational sinecures and DEI administrator positions in HR? I will tell you: they will complain and tell each other that “I can’t believe he did that.” They may then chop up some word salad about safety and lived experience. Then they will get scared. Then they will fold. Because women, especially well-born college-educated women, expect to be protected.

Of course, the fashionista It Girls have switched protectors already. Because they read Vanity Fair.

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Image: Vanity Fair

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