A War You Don’t Hear About

An old hymn that religious progressives deleted from their hymnals was “Onward Christian Soldiers.” The war it called upon was not against other nations, as in the Left’s campaigns for “regime change,” but against spiritual principalities of evil that wage war on humanity. In the language of the Christian faithful, the fight was against Satan.

The spiritual fight against evil referred to has no date or political origin and is ongoing. Before I go on, some background notes…

When God was swept aside for strictly political action against evil, as in France in 1789, later in England, then in Russia (1917), finally in America after the world wars, this alarmed not only those who sang the old hymns in church and who today are called “conservative” but the faithful and morally principled of every religious orientation. Expressed in the “supernatural” terminology common to Christian laymen, “Satan invaded the West,” including its churches. It was in other words apparent that Christianity had been assaulted in a major way by the very forces of evil against humanity that people have fought since the beginning of time.

It was Christianity that civilized Europe and taught people how to propagate goodwill and wellbeing from the ground up and the top down of the social order, a requisite of human life that today’s media-certified “good guys” seem ready to demolish. It could be said, in the same “biblical” language cited above, that a church vacated by God was occupied by the devil who, according to many a theologian, even made it to the Vatican.

What is relevant in any language is that retreat from the Church’s teachings on reforming the self is “good news” only for Christians-in-Name-Only and others who have been ignoring God, consciously or not. The folk who have always taken sacred scripture seriously -- how else is holy scripture to be taken? -- continue to rebel against the inevitable decay of civil order and the emergence of evil in our midst.

With the rise of fake Christians and religiously indifferent Jews, what surprise is it that today’s weak Judeo-Christianity justifies the times instead of guiding them? Following the times instead of leading them is a 180-degree reversal of the mission to promote goodwill and wellbeing among people.

The wholesale retreat from the religious, spiritual side of the U.S.A. has left a big hole in its defense against the evil of major mistakes and consequences, and in falsely claiming the high moral ground this nation has helped spread this weakness throughout the world.

A predictable result is the rise of aggressive leaders who exult in playing god and convincing themselves and others that the salvation of the world depends on their actions. Enter ideas like the New World Order, the Great Reset, and other plans for a global oligarchy that lack moral perspective, without which We the People, well, “don’t count.”

Whoever has noticed this lack of regard for people, even in top ranks of government, has been looking at the same face of evil that was once condemned by the Vatican and by pastors in churches where “soldiers of Christ” assembled.

Moving in step with politicos and celebs who are quick to name the “good guys” and the “bad guys” in our country is not being a smart American. Many of our finger-pointing leaders ought to be facing the mirror and examining their conscience as never before if, indeed, they ever have. It might clear their minds and help them consider rejoining the humanity they are obviously out of step with. It might also stay the impulse to engage in kinetic war, not of defense, but offense --which history has proved costly, senseless, destructive, and deadly.

Encouraging and promoting major conflict, regardless of human cost, denies our spiritual heritage and in no sense is being a “good guy.” Those in high office who deserve that distinction -- the courageous and conscientious in government who respect laws higher than any made in Congress -- are treated like the “bad guys” and kept away from decisive action.

In the final analysis, it matters not whether one views what is unfolding in the world as “the end times,” the last battle between good and evil, or any other apocalyptic culmination of world history, over which it is generally assumed that mere human beings can have no impact. Such suicidal fatalism has no place in any theology or philosophy. What does matter is choosing to line up against wanton destruction of human life for whatever cause and facing down zealots who would deny people their lives and livelihoods for a so-called better world.

How far we’ve drifted from “In God We Trust,” the official motto of the United States, and acceptance of the ultimate shield against leaders who turn their backs on God and wage war on humanity! Can they not see that in so doing they have inadvertently started a war against themselves?

In the past, spiritual warfare was fought in churches and articulated in verse and musical refrains inspired by the Giver of Life. Today it is dramatically visible throughout the world in the great swell of human protest against tyranny that is turning heads and waking everyone up.

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