Why Don’t American Cities Deserve the Same Care as Ukraine?

Of course, Russia’s “special military action,” otherwise known as an invasion of Ukraine, is a humanitarian catastrophe. Photo-journo accounts of hospitals suffering rocket attacks, civilians slaughtered by bomb bursts and sweeps of gunfire,  apartment buildings, entire neighborhoods obliterated, are indeed horrific. Some two million refugees pouring into Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia add to the despondent emotions.

While the spreading incineration in Ukraine is impossible to ignore, neither should be conditions in American cities. The scenes of ravaged American inner cities, with entire sections of cities burned out, abandoned, and derelict, are no less war zones than what we see in Ukraine.

Minneapolis after the George Floyd riots (YouTube screengrab)

US citizen civilians -- having no option except to live in rat-infested hellholes, cold water, no heat, toilets that don’t flush, rotted rafters, crumbling walls, sinking foundations, faring no better than war-torn Ukrainians -- are unable to escape from disgusting conditions in tenement buildings awaiting safety and health inspectors who never arrive, or firefighters, bulldozer and wrecking ball operators who won’t work in those neighborhoods without a Kevlar vest.

When is the last time you saw photos of hollowed-out towns from western NY, through Pennsylvania, western Maryland, West Virginia, southeast Ohio, East Chicago, Gary, Indiana? Have you driven through urban battle zones from the Bronx to Philadelphia, to Baltimore, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, St Louis, Los Angeles, and now Seattle, Portland, and Minneapolis?

You could interchange photos of those American cities almost indistinguishable from scenes in Kyiv to Kharkiv to Mariupol.  Accompanying the American city images of burned out, dilapidated buildings, and boarded up storefronts are the drug dealing gang lord gunfights, a pandemic of opioid deaths, routine and ubiquitous assaults and killings of innocent everyday American citizens -- the elderly ladies just walking across the street, elementary-age boys and girls just hop-skipping home from school, hardscrabble neighborhood shopkeepers just changing the sign on a crate of potatoes -- who are refugees in America with no place to go, having no one in the Democrat party, nor Republican establishment who give a damn.

At least Ukrainian refugees have someplace to go. Where are inner-city refugees in America going to find relief? The Democrats are happy to spend billions on resettling millions of illegal aliens, but not one dime in helping inner-city captives escape gunfire, piles of garbage and rubble, with homeless camps everywhere as junkies on the street outnumber cops 100 to 1, and Marxist district attorneys prosecute political opponents while giving celebrity treatment to career arsonists, rapists, child molesters, and cold-blooded killers.

Meanwhile, the Democrats and enabling RINOs -- Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, and Lindsey Graham-- cheered on by establishment media, spend billions in aid to Ukraine, pursue reckless economic warfare against the Russian people, propose military provocations against Putin quite smugly displaying their cosmopolitan virtue signaling, expecting working-class Americans who have been neither consulted nor given their consent to sacrifice their meager minimal living conditions. All for Joe Biden & Co to change the subject, after imposing upon our own dispossessed the most wretched economic conditions since the 1930s.

Equally outrageous is the preening about as our warmongers gleefully punish Russian oligarchs, while conveniently collaborating with American kleptocrats enriching themselves and their families.

We know who they are: Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and his acolytes, Joe Biden & Co, the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, John Kerry, Al Gore, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Fink of Blackrock, and the Great Reset globalist titans led by Davos’s Klaus Schwab.

These are the corrupt Western plutocrats who slash and plunder, line their own pockets, are in league with totalitarians from Latin America, to China, to Eurasia, to the Middle East, addicted to private security protected black Chevy Tahoe SUV car service, and Martha’s Vineyard/Nantucket/Hamptons compounds with bodyguards, groomed croquet lawns, sculpted terraces, and umbrella-covered boardwalks to the private beach.

Meanwhile, regular American Marys and Joes fare slightly better than medieval serfs under Democrat promises of deliverance from poverty into government-financed prosperity, but in actuality are consigned to a hopeless brutal subsistence.

All while the NBA, NBC, Disney, Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, Starbucks, Facebook, Big Pharma, manufacturers of appliances, electrical/electronic goods, and everyday staples rake in billions in blood money from collaborating with the Chinese Communist Party whose spoils are made possible by enslaving millions of Chinese people.

Major Wall Street investment bankers and corporate CEOs are then rewarded with eight-figure bonuses, and even more grotesque retirement packages by outsourcing industrial and hi-tech jobs to China, promoting open borders in the US as immigrants  -- legal and illegal from software developers to landscape laborers --  undermining jobs and wages for US inner-city citizens, and debt-ridden millennial dropouts, especially working class low wage workers, throughout the Democrat party occupied ruins right here at home.

If we have a moral obligation to fix Ukraine, punish the Russian invaders and profiteers, then under a Kantian moral categorical imperative -- where a moral response is unconditional and universal-- we must also fix American cities, rescue and offer hope to law-abiding, innocent American citizens who live here, while demanding prosecution of and reparations from the American profiteering ruling class.

 Life is tough. Disasters happen.  Not every infirmity can be remedied. The world is dualistic. Profundities and banalities coexist. Not every mess gets noticed, much less cleaned up, nor does it deserve a resolution.

Responses to catastrophic events are not always moral categorical imperatives; they are mostly contingent. A moral contingency implies a choice, a causation/consequence that can be freely selected, or by-passed.

But if rescuing Ukraine, and punishing Russia, is to be a moral imperative -- an unconditional duty -- the US warmongers are logically obliged to address the killing fields right here in American cities and towns.

Otherwise, US warmongers are deliberately forsaking their own people, and mocking their own self-righteousness by denying a moral imperative that is unconditionally universal. And so, US warmongers, and their global quislings, forfeit any claim to be a moral people, thus can never be redeemed nor forgiven.

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