We Must Make America Our Own

Back in 2020 Joe Biden said he was running to save the world from Climate Change and Systemic Racism. How’s that coming along Joey? What? Can’t hear you down in the basement! What? You’re too busy saving the world from Putin? O-Kay.

Climate Change is the way the global elite proves to you that they are saving you from a fate worse than death. Fighting Climate Change gives their lives meaning, like Maurice Strong, the Canadian who went from oilman to environmental wacko and founder of the UN Environment Programme and saving the world.

Systemic Racism is the way that our nation’s elite deals with the fact that its rule of the last 100 years has Made Things Worse: for the white working class, for blacks, and for women -- gays and transgenders next up. But that can’t be true. It just can’t!  So everything our elite is doing today, from de-policing our neighborhoods to de-grading our schools, to automatic bail for everyone except armed insurrectionists, is about convincing themselves that it’s all the fault of the enemy, malevolent white supremacists. And It’s Not Our Fault.

I don’t know about you but I consider Climate Change a recipe for economic disaster and I consider Systemic Racism a crime against humanity.

But how do we make it stop?

The simple answer is: we can’t, because We the People don’t get a voice. I just read a piece quoting our noble Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen saying -- even now -- that we are not doing enough on fighting Climate Change. See? The usual suspects are still repeating the Climate Change narrative as though nothing had happened and we aren’t in the middle of a serious energy crisis because of the convergence of Russia-Ukraine and the German Energiewende. And you don’t get to disrupt Yellen’s narrative because you aren’t a student at Yale Law School with an unlimited Protest Pass from teacher. Hey even Jim Geraghty at National Review is into climate change, because cracking building foundations in the melting permafrost in Russia.

But if the Climate does Change, I vote for Elon Musk -- using his unrealized gains from SpaceX -- rather than Maurice Strong and his adepts to show us how to adapt to a changed world. What? President Biden wants to tax billionaire unrealized gains?

And we don’t get a voice on Systemic Racism. Don’t you dare say a word against the highly-qualified Kentanji Brown Jackson, because you are not a biologist. Don’t you dare sympathize with police trying to arrest drugged-out criminals, because you are not a police violence specialist. Don’t you dare kick the homeless out of our parks and sidewalks, because you are not a marginalized people expert. Don’t you dare kick disruptive kids out of school; you don’t understand their lived experience.

Right now, the British opinion site UnHerd.com is writing about “The Fall of Seattle” and how the police are totally demoralized and “longtime small businesses [are] closing their doors for good or leaving our city.” But I live in liberal North Seattle and the Biden-Harris signs are still out, the BLM signs are still out, the #WeBelieve signs are still out and tech-dads are taking their 18-month-olds out on the sidewalk for a first look at the neighborhood and nice liberal ladies are still voting Democrat. You think Seattle liberals will ever vote for change? Did the blacks ever stop voting Democrat as the city of Detroit descended into Hell?

In other words, neither the “over” or the “under” in the Democrats’ political coalition can imagine a world outside the narrative. And it doesn’t matter what the narrative is. One year it’s civil rights. Another year it’s women’s rights. This year it’s trans rights and it’s “don’t say gay” if you don’t toe the line. So we just have to work around them. Even though we aren’t allowed a voice.

We want a better America. It’s an America where ordinary middle-class values are at the center: work, marriage, family, children, and a home of your own. Oh, you can be a noble activist if you want, or get creative with sex if you must, but don’t expect us to celebrate you and put you on a pedestal.

And you can be a helpless victim, if that’s your thing. But remember that almost every immigrant group that came to America came from a bad place. Almost everyone started out as a second-class citizen, sneered at for their lack of skills, their dirty habits, and above all, their difference. Then they just sucked it in, and made America their own. You could too.

That’s the point about America. It’s up to each of us to make it our own.

Whatever stupidity our educated elite gets up to next week.

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, usgovernmentspending.com. Also get his American Manifesto and his Road to the Middle Class.

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