The State of the Union is: Dumb

I was reading a Breitbart piece about the State of the Union, all about President Biden "plunging both America and the world into chaos."

And I thought, yeah, the State of the Union is "Dumb."

I mean, ask yourself. Supposing you had been watching the last game of the season on your wall-sized 4K TV. As the U.S. White Oppressors straggled off the field after a disastrous 0 and 10 season what would you think about Coach Biden?

You would groan: this guy is as dumb as a post.

But obviously, it's not just Biden. It was the Dem hierarchs that flipped the switch for Biden in March 2020 when it looked like Bernie Sanders might win the nomination; it was Chuck and Nancy that decided to give the far-left agenda a run in Congress in 2021.

Really, after printing $4 trillion at the Fed in 2020, to gun the economy with a huge handout in early 2021: what were the Bidenoids thinking? Answer: they were dumb.

The whole thing came into focus for me last week after reading a piece by Curtis Yarvin where he rated the Canadian truckers a zero on revolutionary effectiveness.

What? But the truckers weren't mounting a revolution; they just wanted to tell the government that its COVID mandates were driving them crazy. To put it in 18th-century prose, they were “petitioning the government for a redress of grievances,” not staging a revolution. And the response of the Canadian ruling class, Justin Trudeau, NPC, was to call the truckers racist-sexist-homophobes and freeze their bank accounts.

Hey, Canuck ruling class, how did that turn out? I think this meme says it all:

"Congratulations to the Brave RCMP on their Victory at the Battle of the Bouncy Castle."

Plus a bit of a cock-up on the bank-run front, dummies. Eh?

I just had a bit of a brainwave on COVID politics. Obviously, COVID was an opportunity to unite the nation and defeat the dreaded virus. Only, in the U.S., the ruling class was out of power, because Trump, and decided to use COVID to divide the country.

(Frankly, my advice to the ruling class would have been to support Trump during COVID, let him win in 2020, and then blame him for everything that went wrong in the COVID recovery, have a blockbuster midterm in 2022 and then surge to victory in 2024 and spend trillions on Build Back Better and demolish the GOP and the country with a supercharged Green New Deal. Oh well.)

But in Canada, Justin Trudeau was the ruling class already in power. So all he needed to do was unite the country, blame everything on the virus, and become a national hero leading the nation to inevitable victory. No need to divide the country and create an enemy: the enemy is COVID, full stop. Hey, you truckers feeling a bit exhausted? No problem, here's a bouncy castle for your kids to play on while you rest.

But Trudeau didn't do that, and I suspect the reason is that in Canada you echo whatever the Dems are doing in the U.S. Because you don't know any better; because you are dumb. Of course, if something goes wrong it must be the fault of the racist-sexist-homophobes.

Yes, of course you need an enemy. There is no politics without an enemy. But the wise leader chooses an enemy that unites the most people in his fiefdom against the dreaded enemy.

OMG: I'm listening to Donald Trump at CPAC and he says "our leaders are dumb."

We are so used to leaders that are dumb and don’t have a clue that we forget that once we had a leader like Alexander Hamilton.

At age 20 he organized an artillery company in New York City.

From age 21 to 25 he was the chief of staff to George Washington and was probably the main reason why the revolutionary war succeeded.

At age 26 he led a regiment in the battle of Yorktown that won the revolutionary war.

At age 29 he built a thriving law practice in New York City, advised some merchants on setting up a bank, and then wrote a few articles on how the bank should run.

At age 32 he addressed the Constitutional Convention with his plan for a strong federal government and then wrote most of the Federalist Papers.

At age 33 he managed to convince New York State to ratify the proposed constitution.

At age 34 he became the first Secretary of the Treasury, assumed the war debt of the states, created the nation's first central bank, and ignited an economic boom.

Read all about it in Martha Brockenbrough’s Alexander Hamilton: Revolutionary.

How come today’s rulers are so dumb? I’ll tell you: because they can afford to be dumb.

Hamilton was the “bastard brat of a Scotch pedlar.” He couldn't afford to be dumb.

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