A Senate Hearing and a Swimming Pool Give the Truth Its Due

It had to come to this. On Tuesday, March 22, 2022, Senator Marsha Blackburn asked a simple question of Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, “What is a woman?”

Blackburn: “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?”

Jackson: “Can I provide a definition?”

Blackburn: “Uh huh. Yeah.”

Jackson: “I can’t.

Blackburn: “You can’t?”

Jackson: “Not in this context. I’m not a biologist.”

If Tuesday’s exchange served any purpose in the culture wars, it is that it provided a moment of clarity for all to see. The New York Times  could not ignore it, cover it up, or shape the story until after the news was already out. Big Tech could not ban it, censor it or declare it hate speech because the official proceedings of the Senate hearing were happening in real time before millions. As much as they would have liked, they could not hide this.

A nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States refused to venture a definition for the word ‘woman,’ one of the most basic facts in all of humanity.

Prescient conservative thinkers for years have pointed to a pattern on the Left of changing the language to create a post-truth world.

Truth is Killed in Increments

Marriage is love, and love can be between a man and a man, or a woman and a woman. Therefore, people of the same sex can and should be married. Conservatives broadly took this issue sitting down.

But that wasn’t enough. Not only did you have to tolerate such unions, but you had to endorse them through the force of law. Just ask Jack Phillips, the owner of the Masterpiece Cake Shop.

Soon after same-sex marriage became the law of the land, the never-satisfied Left moved to its next issue in the long campaign to deconstruct America as we know it.

Like the same-sex marriage issue, it started by making a case that the most staunch conservatives tend to accept. That transgender people should be given basic human respect.  Insofar as they are equal to all people in society, they deserve the same protections of the Constitution as everyone else.

Of course, the Left had bigger plans. Not only are you to respect someone else’s choice, but you are to embrace it, endorse it, and make yourself subservient to it.

You are to call them by pronouns of their choosing, whatever they may be on a given day, even if all rules of logic and grammar must be totally disregarded.

You are to allow men into women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, despite the fact that they may be in the presence of minors, simply because they claim to be women. If the same men were in the same rooms with minors, exposing themselves as we now know they do, and they did not identify as women, they’d be charged with multiple crimes.

And, of course, you are to allow men to compete with women in women’s sports as though there is no difference.

A Bad Week for Dishonesty

During the same news cycle as the Senate hearings on the Supreme Court nominee, a swimmer named Lia Thomas, who up until this year competed as a man, competed in the NCAA women’s swimming championships. Thomas won the 500-meter freestyle event handily. After competing all season in the women’s division for the University of Pennsylvania, the victory in the championships put Thomas in a more uncomfortable spotlight -- the same spotlight Judge Jackson found herself in when questioned by Senator Blackburn.

The truth revealed itself in spite of what Thomas did or said, or what the media said, or what governing bodies said. A swimsuit did the talking. Women’s swimsuits leave little to the imagination.

Saving face and creating the appearance of parity in subsequent races, Thomas’s performances were uncharacteristically sub-par.

A Battle Between Reality and Those Who Define it for Others

These two events, the Judge Jackson Senate proceeding and the Lia Thomas NCAA women’s swimming championship, laid bare the glaring hypocrisy, the inconsistency and the double-standards of the Left’s campaign against truth.

To be sure, the culture battle right now is not between the Left and the Right, but rather, between those who recognize and try to work with reality as it is, and those who allow others to tell them what reality is, and then they adhere to that.

It’s not like the Left’s enablers actually believe what they say they believe. They just know there is a huge price to pay for speaking truth, endorsing truth, and saying you believe basic human truths over the Left’s current bastardization and deconstruction of reality.

The female swimmers who came in behind Lia Thomas knew that they would get cancelled and have their swimming careers, and perhaps future prospects, snuffed out if they publicly stated that Lia Thomas does not meet the definition of a woman.

Judge Jackson knows that as the nominee to be “the first Black woman to sit on (the) Supreme Court” she cannot publicly define what a ‘woman’ is, as critical as this is to the job description, for fear that the base on the Left itself would turn on her.

In a one-week period, the Left’s campaign to destroy reality met a brick wall at high velocity.

On March 23rd, a day after the now famous Blackburn-Jackson exchange, poet Joseph Massey may have had some of this in mind when he tweeted, “A word is not a bauble you can just melt down and pour into whatever mold suits your ideological agenda. There are objective truths and meaning is essential to life, but there are people deeply offended by reality.”

The Left is finding that there are many more people who are offended by dishonesty, and they may now have been pushed to the point where they have no choice but to stand up against it.

Image: H2rty

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