‘You Will Know Them by Their Fruits’

Sometimes it takes me a while for the impact of events to sink in. I try to tune out the talking heads with their conventional wisdom, and not rush to judgment. I believe that most Americans and I usually try to give most folks the benefit of the doubt. However, it is increasingly clear we can no longer do that.

With every issue, with every passing day, there is more news (when the news is honestly reported) that shows us exactly who these people are. They have anointed and installed themselves at the top of our government, from the Oval Office to each executive branch and its myriad government bureaucracies. They have established a clear pattern of behavior and are no longer hiding their motives or their intentions. Everything is on full display.

All of which reminds me of a quote from the Bible; the New Testament Gospel of Matthew, chapter 7:

Beware the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits.

Leftists are leftists, whether in America, the Soviet Union, Vietnam, Venezuela, Cuba, or China. They are easily identified. We are increasingly able to discern the truth about who they are, and that hat they intend to rule over us or they will crush us and burn everything down around us. There is no longer any question about it.

Canada’s “Freedom Truckers” have peacefully demonstrated against the oppressive COVID mandates. It is no secret these mandates have had a crushing effect on the economy, the supply chain, and have caused a ripple effect throughout the labor market.

So, what is a leftist dictator and wolf in sheep’s clothing to do? Well, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to be challenged on “the science” and the governance. There was no overture of concern when he invited the truckers to sit down with him and discuss the issue so that he could listen to their demands, or maybe even to make some half-baked, symbolic gestures of goodwill.

Nope. First, Trudeau ran away and hid, citing a positive test for COVID. Then he let everyone who was listening know he’s a leftist, statist dictator. He has continued to slander the movement by calling it “racist” and “fringe.” Trudeau repeatedly threatened to employ the power of the state against the truckers to disperse their demonstrations—something his police finally did on Friday.

Trudeau’s Stalinist-inspired machine has seized the money deposited in the truckers’ GoFundMe account. Canada’s version of state-controlled, propaganda ministers and Pravda media outlets have sung in collective unison to denounce the freedom movement and have made sure there is ne’er a good word uttered in favor of any of the freedoms on which they also depend.

Meanwhile, for those old enough to remember, there are clear parallels between the current uprisings of the people and the Polish Solidarity movement of the 1980s.

Ol’ Go-Along Joe stepped up to the teleprompter and weighed in on the tussle north of the border, encouraging Trudeau to use his “federal powers” to disperse the peaceful demonstrations. Knowing that, would the current occupant of the Oval Office ever do to us what Trudeau is doing to the Canadians? Will he have the courage to do that to American citizens?

Bet on it, because Go-Along Joe has been complicit with the Leftist cabal that installed him, and that steers the actions and policies coming from the White House. He apparently has no problem defying the Constitution or denying the constitutional rights promised to every American citizen.

The conservative news and information consumer must know where to look for updates, but one glaring example of the Biden administration’s statist, Stalinist, views of governance is the denial of due process to those who protested at the Capitol. Biden’s Justice Department has kept those people locked up in a manner that utterly violates the Constitution and oath of office of the President.

Image: Rotten apple by Anouar bg. CC BY-SA 4.0.

Their tactics are so repetitive and predictable it is pathetic. When citizens wear the wrong color ball cap or peacefully assemble to demand a redress of grievances before the government or demonstrate against a leftist cause or policy, one can be sure they have an effective, even devastating argument when the response from the left is “racist!” or “fascist!” or any other “-ist!” The adherents to leftist ideologies detest that they must debate and win their arguments in the arena of ideas so, instead, they use every dirty trick they can think of.

There is no longer any doubt: Leftists intend to govern by force, against the will of the people if need be and, according to leftists, we had better get accustomed to it.

Can anyone imagine how it would be if the levers of power had been in Hillary Clinton’s hands beginning January 20, 2017? We would likely still be under her tyranny. And we need not imagine or speculate any longer because, inch by inch, detail by detail, United States Attorney, now Special Counsel for the Department of Justice, John Durham is providing both a fascinating and horrifying glimpse into the scorched earth, “if I can’t have it, neither can you,” sociopathic criminality of Hillary Clinton.

She needs to start warming up: “I don’t recall;” “I do not remember.” “That was not in my purview, so I have no direct knowledge…” Better yet, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Those of us who have listened to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity (with his cast of experts, Gregg Jarrett, John Solomon, and Sara A. Carter), Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino, and every other conservative who has been reporting the truth, know well the laundry list of Hil-liar-ry Clinton’s congenital, pathological contempt for telling the truth and following the law:

  • The Clinton Global Initiative and Clinton Foundation “pay-to-play”
  • The Obama State Department, and Secretary of State Clinton’s approval of the sale of Uranium One to Russian company Rosatom, effectively giving Russia control of 20% of the U.S.’s supply of uranium (used for atomic weapons)
  • The Benghazi “it was a video” lie
  • Yes, her damn emails
  • The whole Trump-Russia collusion hoax, which cost American taxpayers about $30 million

Regularly, with every passing day, we learn more about how the COVID response was not about saving lives but about taking control of everything we do. The cost in shattered lives and dreams is immeasurable. Keep in mind that Dr. Anthony Fauci does not treat patients nor is he an epidemiologist. There have been hundreds of thousands of needless and preventable deaths because of what Dr. Fauci has forced upon us.

Had enough yet? So, what are we to do?

Recognize the evil and refuse to submit. Refuse to be subjugated, refuse to pay “tribute” to those who say they only want what is best for us, because they don’t.

Will Alexander is a former U.S. Marine who now writes for Townhall. His article from 14 February is exquisite. Here is a pull quote:

Since defending life, liberty, and property is a natural law, no manmade law on Earth has the legitimate authority to prevent free people from protecting their lives, their liberty, or their property. When government, by law, stops protecting these three, it loses legitimacy, and laws become perverted – unnatural law.

When the very laws we strive to uphold are clamping the shackles of tyranny on our wrists, what can be done?

We do what Free People must do; we resist. We find a way to defeat the evil which seeks to enslave us. Compliance and submission are no longer options.

Jeff M. Lewis is a Christian, a husband and father, a Veteran, and a small business owner who resides with his family in South Texas.

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