We Can't All Be Traitors, Can We?

The Democrats' favorite Harvard Law luminary, Laurence Tribe (the reigning godfather of the "living, breathing Constitution" lie that has justified its being regularly rewritten willy-nilly by an oligarchy of nine) took to Twitter to casually speculate that Tucker Carlson and "the GOP's Trump wing" are committing "treason" for being more interested in Biden's runaway inflation, unprecedented illegal immigration, and North America's rising police state than the local regional squabbles of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine.  So one of the left's most esteemed scholars of constitutional law has accused Trump-supporters of being traitors to the United States for...wait for it...not sufficiently caring about the borders of an Eastern European country Putin already invaded eight years ago while Obama and Biden were first in power.  

It's amazing how easy it is to become an "enemy of the State" these days.  Showing up in D.C. on January 6 to protest the multifarious yet unexamined instances of vote fraud in the 2020 election has been propagandistically framed by the national security deep state as an "insurrection" intent on overthrowing the government.  Attending local school board meetings to voice disapproval of district mask mandates, pornographic library materials, or Critical Race Theory indoctrination has been sufficient evidence for the Department of Justice to label parents as "domestic terrorists."  Hillary consigliere Marc Elias has spent the last several months attempting to kick Republican incumbents off midterm congressional ballots by invoking part of the 14th Amendment's Civil War-related language barring from office those who have engaged in "insurrection or rebellion" against the United States.  How did the Republican congressmen engage in war against America?  By exercising their free speech and addressing hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters on January 6, of course.  Doubting election legitimacy and saying so out loud is now equivalent to taking up arms against the country!  

Free speech sure isn't very "free" when it can be so perfunctorily targeted by the State as indisputable proof that its critics are guilty of terrorism, treason, insurrection, and rebellion.  What a neat little trick Professor Tribe, the January 6 Committee, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and the Fascist Bureau of Investigation have all learned: anything you believe or say that I don't like is evidence of treason!  Seeing the world through the distorting lens of such smug megalomaniacal self-centeredness sure does make it easy to dispense with argument, disagreement, or dissent.  Surely they take hallucinogenic pride in their misguided certainty that they alone represent the "right side of history."  

No doubt the perpetrators of Kristallnacht and the mass murder that followed also saw themselves as securely on "the right side of history" while burning innocents alive and slitting throats.  Eighty-five years ago, madmen hunted down imaginary scapegoats, saw treason in dissent, and killed their political enemies in such numbers that the Polish lawyer Raphael Lemkin later introduced the word "genocide" to the world in an attempt to more accurately reflect the horrendous nature of the crimes committed against humanity.  Yet the legal potentates of the American government have either already forgotten the dreadful historical lesson that rampant accusations of political treason quickly degenerate unmercifully toward mass murder, or they remember quite well what happened and have exuberantly set us upon the same path.  

Ignorance or malevolence, then, has poisoned the federal government into embracing its ludicrous posture that at least one-half of the country's citizens represent "clear and present dangers" in the United States today.  As always, the madmen — not knowing they are mad — turn their wrath toward those brave enough to call out their madness.  All of the J6 political prisoners who have suffered in isolation for over a year and all of the freedom convoy truckers who have been promised a similar fate attest to this truth.  Challenge government's abusive civil rights violations or failures to ensure free and fair elections, and the message and messengers become "enemies of the State." 

Of course, as with any emerging authoritarian State, absurdity abounds.  Congressional Democrats (and quisling Republicans) wasted no time after President Trump's 2016 election to undermine his legitimacy with allegations that he had violated his oath of office before ever having been sworn in!  Obama blamed "fake news."  Eric Holder blamed the Electoral College.  Ethics tsars claimed that his private hotels were proof of Emoluments Clause transgressions deserving of impeachment.  Hollywood celebrities produced countless videos encouraging "faithless electors" to overturn their states' votes.  Organized women's groups that had originally planned on celebrating Hillary's inauguration instead flooded D.C. to initiate a "Me Too" hit campaign against Trump meant to render him "unfit" to hold office (that inadvertently took down the likes of Senator Al Franken, the Clintons' good friend Harvey Weinstein, and other deeply partisan Democrats).  And Democrat-aligned rioters set fires all across the city.

Were the perpetrators of all this violence and mayhem directed toward subverting a lawful election held accountable as "domestic terrorists" bent on "attacking democracy"?  Of course not.  They were celebrated by the press and, to the extent that any were actually arrested, protected by our politicized criminal justice system with leniency, understanding, and immunity.

In hindsight, all of these early efforts to overturn the 2016 election were child's play compared to the years-long Russia Collusion Hoax instigated by a Hillary-aligned Intelligence Community, Congress, and Department of Justice intent on removing Trump from office by any means necessary.  Attesting to false affidavits in FISA Court applications in order to spy on the president and his associates?  Check!  Using Clinton campaign operations and law firm cutouts to frame Trump as a Russian spy?  Check!  Covering up and manipulating Biden family quid-pro-quo crimes in Ukraine so that Congress could inexplicably turn them into impeachment-worthy offenses sinking Trump's re-election?  Check!  Flooding the 2020 election with anonymous and unsecured mail-in balloting in flagrant violation of state statutory law?  Check!

If "subverting democracy" has any meaning at all, the organized and relentless campaign to overthrow Donald Trump takes the cake.  If "treason" meant anything other than "opposition to Democrats or their bureaucratic instruments in permanent control of the federal government," then Hillary Clinton would be in prison, the FBI and CIA would be disbanded, and President Trump would be serving his second term as we speak.  Alas, totalitarianism always brings with it the death of meaning.  And even lauded legal giants such as Laurence Tribe and Merrick Garland prove that ideology alone controls their understanding of what is right and fair.  At the end of the day, anyone who dares disagree with them is likely a traitor and guilty of treason, just as those who dared to stand up to the madmen of the past were demeaned as traitors, too.

Tyranny in any generation arrives the same way: when despots succeed in imprisoning, imperiling, or executing all those with courage, they rule over the meek until the meek find strength to be meek no more.  God help us!  And may Americans watch with wide-open eyes the unfolding martial law and jackbooted thuggery in Canada and the strict police states operating these last two years in Austria, Australia, New Zealand, and Democrat-run cities.  Take heed, and find fortitude in the certainty that God helps those who help themselves.  

We were endowed by our Creator with the capacity for reason.  When we choose instead to let the unreasonable rule over us, misery reigns.  We were endowed by our Creator with the capacity for language.  When we choose instead to be voiceless, our tormentors alone are left to be heard.  We were gifted consciences that separate us from mere beasts.  When we become too weak to call out right from wrong, then the beasts among us will rule indefinitely.

Image via Pxhere.

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