Ukraine Won't Fix Inflation or an Addled President

Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine!  Oh my, the political Establishment hasn't been this wound up to rush into war since...wait...that's right, the United States has been at war non-stop for nearly a century now.  No worries, though — Joe Biden will see America through the dark days ahead.  The wandering lumpkin of witless proportions will stare down Russia and win! — mostly because he can no longer blink on his own without remedial assistance.  

It's no wonder why our pretend president's handlers allow him to slobber out a few public words only in the middle of the afternoon (before shuffling away without taking questions from reporters), when the few available viewers are too busy watching reruns of Matlock to notice.  When Biden's ghostly corpse is dragged out before cameras to fulfill some sad proof of life, his imbecilic attempts to "speak softly and carry a big stick" drool down his chin.

If whoever is really running the White House actually cared about Ukraine's territorial sovereignty, carting out Dementia Joe for these cringe-worthy infomercials would be strictly forbidden.  Seeing Biden momentarily Adderall-ed up from his narcolepsy to defend the "free world" must make Vladimir Putin wonder why he should concern himself only with reacquiring former Soviet republics and Warsaw Pact member states when the whole of Europe is his for the taking.  How can the United States project strength when it is telegraphing mindless infirmity?  Nurse Jill, please collect your patient before he inadvertently triggers World War III.

Ah, but starting World War III may just be the goal.  Our dopey, dozy infomercialer-in-chief rallied Americans to battle (in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon) with this pronouncement: "If Russia decides to invade, that will also have consequences here at home — but the American people understand that defending democracy and liberty is never without cost. ... I will not pretend this will be painless."  By "pain," he means skyrocketing gas prices at the pump.  

Pay no attention to the Democrats' Green New Fail policies that have rendered the United States dependent on the oil resources of foreign dictators and precipitated an inflation crisis unseen for forty years.  Pay no attention to the fact that Biden's energy catastrophes (or accomplishments for those rooting against Middle America) have already cost the average American household over a thousand additional dollars in 2021 — before the real pain at grocery stores and gas stations unfolds.  All these high prices leaving food and basic necessities unaffordable aren't the predictable results of Democrats' infrastructure mismanagement and economic destruction.  Endlessly printing and spending money while shutting down domestic oil and gas production and forcing shipping, trucking, and logistics companies to follow absurd "green" edicts handed down by Marxist bureaucrats intent on micromanaging the economy have nothing to do with spiking prices and shortages.  Of course not!

Everything wrong in America is the fault of...the Russians — yeah, that's the ticket! — just as they were responsible for stealing the 2016 election for Trump, delivering Brexit, sowing doubts about COVID-1984 among the populace, and spreading "disinformation" suggesting that our mad king is somehow not the most popular president in American history.  Obama used to mock Russia as an insignificant third-world country; now Russia somehow manages to orchestrate every perceived setback suffered by the globalist Marxist State.  Just when the "Great Reset" is within reach — bam! — Putin strikes again.  Talk about putting the boo in boogeyman!  "Third-world" pariah states sure do make the august saviors of "precious democracies" look weak, don't they?  Darn Russia for that, too!

It may look as if the Biden regime regularly bullies its citizens, betrays its friends, and coddles its enemies (Sorry, Israel and Hong Kong — the Iran-appeasers and China-enablers are back in power.), but neither Biden nor the Democrats should be blamed!  No, the fault lies entirely with foreign enemies hell-bent on attacking far-flung places Americans can't identify on a map but for which they will soon be expected to die on principle (not the sons and daughters of the ruling "elite," mind you, but the same poor Americans, disproportionately from the South and Midwest, that D.C.'s Uniparty always sends off as sacrificial distractions to its gross incompetence, avarice, malice, and deceit).  

Remember, friends, patriotism is vulgar and right-wing, until it can be pulled out like an old vintage bottle of Château Lafite Rothschild and uncorked by Washington's chickenhawks to drunkenly steel their nerves to send the children of less privileged Americans to die in the name of causes for which they have neither the guts nor the honor to die themselves.  (Oh, whom am I kidding?  D.C. hardly needs to be inebriated to giddily send Americans off to war.)

Biden's teleprompter exclaiming that Americans must "defend" Ukraine's borders at whatever cost for the preservation of "democracy" while America's unguarded southern border is being flooded with millions of illegal aliens sounded a lot like Reichsführer Fauci informing Americans that the only "scientific" way for a "vaccinated" and masked up city-dweller to survive COVID is for rural folk to "vaccinate" and mask up, too.  If masks and vaccines work, why the forced medical tyranny?  If Ukraine's border must be preserved for "democracy" to endure, then hello, we already have a gaping "democracy" problem invading our southern defenses.  And if Ukraine's "liberty" is worth protecting from marauding tyrants, then surely Americans' liberty from COVID-1984 medical tyranny is worth securing first.  Before we volunteer to die for the territorial integrity of Old Europe, let's at least spend some blood and treasure fixing the fence holes supposedly protecting the place we call home and patching up the bullet holes pockmarking a tattered Constitution used as target practice and left for dead by the same ruling class eager to confiscate our guns.  Or is it too much to ask our government to pay a "cost" to defend Americans' rights and liberties before ordinary Americans pay a "cost" to defend Ukraine's "sacred honor"?  

An honest observer might take a look at this absurd argument for war and conclude that the real game now being played is nothing more than another domestic iteration of distract, distract, distract!  Distract from a collapsing economy.  Distract from the federal government's unconscionable border policies wreaking havoc on the nation.  Distract from growing proof that Obama's intelligence agencies and Hillary's Democrat Party conspired to surveil, sabotage, and overthrow President Trump from office.  Distract from the COVID-1984 lies that were told in order to squash Americans' rights and liberties while handing Western governments unprecedented powers over every individual's life.  If people are angry, and blame must be leveled, then...oh, look, a squirrel!

I am so sick of these wag-the-dog extravagances that invariably burble up from the bowels of the Deep State every time a Democrat is in trouble.  Bill Clinton couldn't keep his hands to himself, so we had to go fight in the Balkans to keep Americans distracted from the reality that they had an accused rapist wielding power in the White House.  Hillary Clinton housed national security communications on an unsecured private email server accessed by foreign operatives, and in an effort to distract Americans from her criminal culpability (among many other reasons), her campaign constructed the Russia Hoax out of whole cloth.  Now nursing home patient Joe Biden — the most popularly "elected" president in American history — is suffering some of the worst polling after a single year in office, and once again the national security Deep State has jumped into action to distract on his behalf.

Everyday Americans are hurting from Biden's socialist policies, and every day they hear nothing but Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine!

Image: Trey Ratcliff via Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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