The Progressives’ Reverse Midas Touch in Education

Every 3 years, an international assessment of the academic performance of 15-year-old students in the academic fields of reading, science, and mathematics, known as the Program for International Student assessment (PISA) is administered.  79 countries around the world participate in the assessments, most of them developed, economically prosperous first world or developing second world nations. 

As of the latest PISA assessment in 2018, the United States churned out some alarming results.  Of the 79 countries, the average score (of reading, writing, and math) for the United States was 495, which put us at a ranking of 25th internationally.  For Mathematics, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (the organization that administers the assessments) data, the United States ranked 37th internationally, for science, we ranked 18th internationally, and for reading, we ranked 13th internationally.  Thus, for all 3 assessments, we didn’t even break the top 10 in terms of student achievement in 2018. 

We are better than this, we have been better than this, and, if we reclaim the public education system from the Marxists, cretins and left-wing airheads running it currently, we will be better than this.  Now, many may wonder: what are the root causes of these dismal results? 

The answer is: there are several causal factors. The fact that American children do not go to school year-round and have a 3-month gap in their education during the summer does not help, and neither does the fact that most inner-city schools have dismal performances, which negatively impacts the overall scoring in the United States. 

However, the American educational system has suffered devastating blows to in the past few years through the depredations of the left.  Left wing Marxists have systematically destroyed the public education system in America within half a decade.  It was a Blitzkrieg unparalleled since World War II and Americans are still reeling from its effects. 

An aunt, who is a teacher at a local vocational school, reports that her school has instituted an official policy that the teachers are not allowed to give any of their students a grade below 50%, even if they look at the teacher in the face and blatantly refuse to do the work.  To add insult to injury, the students are allowed to literally refuse to do 2 tests per marking period and pass the class

This comes on the heels of former communist agitator and dictator of New York City Bill de Blasio’s announcement late last year that he is going to phase out Gifted and Talented programs in the city’s public elementary schools, and Boston’s decision to suspend advanced learning program’s for its 4th, 5th, and 6th graders

They and a number of other Democrat politicians in urban hell holes around the country have claimed that Gifted and Talented program produce “inequity” in education and give whites and Asians and “unfair advantage” over other low income students “of color.”  Bear in mind that these bottom feeding scum don’t realize (or ignore) that by getting rid of these programs they are perpetuating a new cycle of true inequity for children whose intellectual abilities and academic performance far exceed that of their peers.  They will now be deprived of the resources they need to perform their best and live up to their full potential, because regular classrooms and the standard curriculum are not sufficient for intellectually advanced students.

But the left hasn’t just ruined G/T programs in public schools, they have ruined everything from mathematics (remember those who bloviated about “racist” math) to science to language arts to history and everything in between.  The left that ironically claims to be “pro-science” and claims that we are “science deniers” quite literally reject and deny the very fundamental, basic facts of biology and anatomy. They tell children that there are more than two genders (some of the most intensely stupid say 76 genders, including “Apache Helicopter” and household pets like cats and dogs).  Or that there are no biological differences between males and females and even that men can get pregnant, causing Charles Darwin to roll over in his grave so hard that he almost fell out of his casket. 

The left is teaching children now that they can literally become the opposite of their biological gender just by wishing it and saying it.  Just take, for instance, the Chicago Public School system, which is now telling their teachers during training sessions nonsense like, “the concepts of sex and gender are actually not rooted in biology.  Instead, they are socially constructed, which means they have been created and enforced by people in society,” and instructed teachers not to tell the parents of a child who is claiming to be the opposite gender and use different “pronouns.”  Chicago schools are even requiring the teaching of LGBT History in history classes. 

If you thought that it couldn’t get worse than that, buckle up, because a California mom also reported that teachers at her daughter’s school tried to manipulate her into “switching” genders, and not telling her parents about it. 

But the left hasn’t stopped at science, they have ruined history and language arts too.  The toxic plague of Critical Race Theory has now moved out of the college lecture hall and into the American public school system and has infected the minds of countless children by this point.  As of July 2020, 4,500 public schools nationwide report having incorporated the debunked, false, and pseudo-intellectual lies of, “the 1619 project,” a series of articles written for the New York Times in 2019 whose central claim is that America was founded in 1619, the year the first slave was brought to America, instead of 1776, and that racism has been a fundamental part of American history, into their history curricula.

In language arts classes, children in grade school, all the way down to kindergarten, are now being given or allowed to read books with titles like, ”Woke baby,” “A is for Activist,” and “Not my idea,” which basically compares white people to the devil.  All of these contain fundamental elements of Critical Race theory.

While they are busy implementing this Marxist propaganda and leftist garbage in America’s public schools, they are simultaneously pushing to ban classics like “Huckleberry Finn” from being read in high school classrooms because it uses the N-word.  It seems as if the only part of government-run education that the progressive reverse Midas touch has not ruined is physical education.  Oh, wait, no, I forgot: boys and girls are now allowed to use each other’s locker rooms under the guise of “transgenderism.”

 Now, if you have smoke billowing out of your ears and you can feel your blood pressure rising, there is something you can do to prevent your future child, your child, or your grandchild from having to be educated in the septic tank that is the public school system: pull them out of government schools.  If voting the school board at your local public school out of office doesn’t work, then the best option would probably be to send your child to one of the nearly 7,500 charter schools around the country if possible.  Or, if you can afford it, send them to private school, where you can ensure, they are getting a real education and not being indoctrinated into Marxist dogma by Big Brother. 

The reverse Midas touch of the left has turned public schools into a wasteland, and it’s time to get your kids out.


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