The Left’s Orwellian Newspeak: the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Delusion

Anyone who is familiar with the Dystopian (and alarmingly relevant) novel “1984” by George Orwell is familiar with the concept of ”Newspeak.”  In short, “Newspeak” is the language that the citizens of the autocratic future superstate “Oceania” speak, and it basically works by drastically reducing the number of words in an individual’s vocabulary or in the dictionary that the state deems “unnecessary.”  Of course, the real purpose of “Newspeak” is to eliminate words that might cause an individual to think about ideas contrary to the state’s agenda and authority and in turn act on those thoughts and undermine the power of the state or even overthrow it.  If words like “revolution” or “freedom” or “rights” don’t exist, then no one knows what the concepts behind them mean and no one is the wiser that they can have any of them, and the state still has loyal subjects. 

Well, the left has been engaging in their own kind of “Newspeak” by trying to eliminate words like “meritocracy” and “win,” “fail,” “superiority,” “earned,” and “liberty.”  The left wants to supplant these American concepts with a new form of tyranny: “equity,” “diversity,” and “inclusion.”

You will hear these three words uttered almost anywhere you go today.  You hear left-wing media pundits and talking heads bloviate endlessly about these ideas on television.  You hear major national and international corporations put out slogans like, “we are seeking to strengthen our business through equity, diversity, and inclusion.”  You see references to these three buzzwords incorporated into almost every syllabus, curriculum, in the mission statement of almost every college and university now, and you hear radicals scream endlessly about it through bullhorns on streets corners. 

Hell, the college I am attending right now, Rutgers University of New Brunswick, even has an Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, whose mission statement reads, ”More than just words: We are called to integrate the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion into all aspects of our university.” 

Of course, conservatives know that this is all bull, but these three words seem to be a kind of spell that has gripped the nation and has polluted major institutions, from large businesses, to classrooms, and even to the text of legislation and bills passed through Congress, just look at Biden’s free crack pipe scheme.  The person we call our president is preparing to waste $30 million in taxpayer dollars to “advance racial equity,” by giving away free crack pipes to drug-abusing degenerates in the slums.

Many have become obsessed with these toxic concepts (whose toxicity I will explain shortly) and seem to have become fixated on them.  I wonder, however, how many people who are concerned about “equity” actually know what it is.  It seems a lot of average people are confusing “equity” with “equality.”  Merriam-Webster dictionary defines equity as, fairness and justice in the way people are treated.”  This is where the confusion comes in for many: when the left uses the word “equity,” they do not mean equity in the traditional sense as described by the dictionary.  No, for the left, “equity” means “equality,” or the same outcomes for all.  When the left talks about “leveling the playing field,” they do not mean make it so that all individuals in a given scenario have an equal opportunity to achieve their goals, they mean they want all individuals to have equal outcomes.  Thus, a meritocracy allows everyone the same chance to succeed or fail and does not intervene when the latter looks more likely. 

As long as everyone has a chance, all is right.  However, in an “equity” based system, the left wants to force everyone to have the same exact outcome, regardless of how much effort or dedication they put into achieving the outcome they have.  In a meritocracy, competition is key and this competition drives people to do their best in order to one-up their competitors and to maximize the time and effort they exert to achieve these goals.  In an “equitable” situation, everyone is given the same outcome ahead of time and no one is allowed to exceed the constraints they were put in, which is why “equity,” which is really inequity in its worst and truest form, is so toxic. 

Imagine if your child was the fastest runner on the track team and would’ve gotten a gold medal, but the coach stepped in and gave gold medals to all the runners on the team, all the way down to the slowest because he didn’t want anyone to feel “left out.”  Wait, that is already happening, and it is the product of toxic notions like “equity.”  Thus, if everyone is dragged down to the same level (and it will be dragged down instead of raised up because that is how Marxist notions of equity work), then no one can advance and everyone is miserable and poor.  In the United States, a medical doctor, on average, makes $240,525 per year, while a fast-food worker, on average, makes $24,703 per year.  Now, can you imagine if we paid doctors, who save peoples’ lives every day and cure their illnesses or replace whole body parts, the same amount that we pay guys who flip hamburgers for a living? That would be obscene.  I can’t begin to imagine what the looks on the faces of the front-line doctors and nurses who manned hospitals during the COVID pandemic would be if the hospital they worked for announced they were going to get paid as much as the guy who made their lunch for them that day.  But, to the left, that twisted logic is “equity.” 

The left’s concept of “equity” doesn’t stop with economics, they want to apply it to everything from college admissions and hiring practices (with anti-white policies like “affirmative action” that should be illegal) to women in combat (who are not physically capable of doing the things required of their male counterparts most of the time), and they will deliberately lower standards in order to achieve “equity.” 

How about “inclusion,” and “diversity”?  Well, if that’s what all parties involved want, then I guess it’s fine.  However, the left doesn’t care about what individuals in a group want, they only care about their agenda, and their agenda is diversity and inclusion, which they will get at all costs.  If natural diversity and inclusion does not happen because of individual or group differences, and neither group seems receptive to the notions of being amongst each other in a specific scenario or situation, then the left feels compelled to force “diversity” and “inclusion” down everyone’s throat until their once harmonious group of like-minded people with similar interests looks like a photograph of the United Nations general assembly. 

These concepts are why so many colleges and some high schools are trying to force girls into STEM (science, technology engineering, and math) programs, and it is why Biden is specifically picking a black woman as a Supreme Court nominee.  The three buzzwords of the left are a sign of things to come if we aren’t careful, that is, the erasure of merit and true diversity (of thought) from the American vocabulary, and the institution of government-approved words like “equity,” “diversity,” and “inclusion,” instead, just as Orwell predicted.

Image: Branch of the National Union of Journalists (BNUJ), via Wikimedia Commons // public domain

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