It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Administration!

Witnessing events as the currently installed regime does its best to manage the mess it’s made, I’m reminded of the 1963 movie, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World,” which employed an ensemble cast of actors and comedians who were household names (Spencer Tracy, Jonathan Winters, Ethel Merman, and Sid Caesar, to name a few) who were on a quest for buried treasure, each competing with one another to find it first.

In my mind, that movie title aptly describes just about everything the current occupant of the Oval Office and his installed regime have done for over a year now, and they aren’t slowing down. Exceeding expectations for failure at every step, with every single scheme, and while facing real-world challenges that come to every president and his administration, the man and his minions have increasingly demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of cause-and-effect, logical outcomes, and the sound governance of our citizens.

How else could it be explained? Do they want us all dead, poor, or spiritually broken? C’mon, man!

The mad-cap antics and slapstick comedy of the movie makes for great entertainment, but most Americans with a sound, rational, and reasoning intellect understand that there’s nothing funny here. The regime’s incompetence will not end well for us. Some who are witnessing this folly and tyranny are demanding we remain free.

Inflation is at the top of the administration’s madness. It is bad and getting worse, and every honest economist knows it despite the gaslighting attempts to say it doesn’t matter, it’s temporary, or it’s a sign of a “strong” economy.

It was all so predictable! These simple economic principles were once taught in high school and must be taught in every college Economics 101 course: increase the demand of goods or services, and the price for those goods or services increases; increase the supply of goods or commodities, and their value decreases.

Herein lies the current state of our economy and money supply. As people return to work or receive government stimulus, they have discretionary money. Demand increases, and prices rise. The double-whammy is that with all the multiple trillions of dollars spent over the course of the past two years due to the COVID pandemic, the inflated money supply is decreasing the value of the dollar, so each dollar is worth less and buys fewer goods and services, all of which now cost more.

The result: the rate of inflation for the past two months has been record-setting, unseen in 40 years. Where is the “living wage” crowd now that inflation is outpacing and robbing everyone of their increased earnings?

What is Joe’s answer? No doubt vetted by the same “government experts” who are “surprised” by the data every month, Joe says the government is going to spend more money to help Americans who are suffering (suffering, that is, because the government has already spent so much money). But mind your manners and be grateful, ‘cause Joe sent you some money from “his stash.”

Image: Palm trees in Queensland by Kgbo. CC BY-SA 4.0. Montage by Andrea Widburg.

It’s madness because those who are suffering most will suffer more. Even if it remains unspoken, the Misery Index will spread and roll along like another movie monster, “The Blob,” and the horror will swallow all but the most insulated.

It cannot be overemphasized that anyone who has spent 50 years in government will always and only see that government is the solution to every problem… which of course, the government created in the first place. Remember Ronald Reagan: “Government is the problem.”

The 1920s were known as “The Roaring Twenties” because of the booming economy and widespread prosperity. Exactly one hundred years later, I fear we are now entering what will be known as America’s Lost Decade because the Wuhan China COVID pandemic has given every “government expert” an excuse to declare that a government solution is the only solution, and each expert’s solution is to keep digging us into a massive financial hole.

Next, we must consider the complete bamboozle that describes the United States-Mexico border.

The “Remain in Mexico” policy was working, with fewer people showing up at the border because they could not be certain they would be allowed in. That changed as soon as the media/activist/globalist cabal declared Biden the winner of the 2020 election and installed him in the Oval Office. The borders, as expected, were flung wide open and those who were waiting for entry into America gladly displayed their fealty to the new regime with “Biden” emblazoned across the front of their new t-shirts.

No members of this unprecedented flood of illegal immigrants have faced any consequences for their unlawful entry into the United States. And please, do not confuse “permitted” with lawful. Instead, they are flown and bussed across the country to take up residence, yet in what manner of residence or shelter in the cold of winter, the media remain silent, neither venturing a guess nor reporting facts.

Thus, a wave of untested and unvaccinated illegal immigrants spreads across America. Our citizens slowly and painfully try to emerge from COVID mandates, only to encounter the medical tyranny of mandated vaccines, mandated masks, and government-limited preventative medicines and efficacious therapies. These mandates, of course, are not imposed on illegal immigrants. Oh no! That would not be compassionate.

The flood of illegal immigrants is not a victimless crime. The drug cartels perpetrate all manner of evil upon the masses, and the illegal drugs pour across the border as well.

In more lawlessness, the fruits of the backlash over the murder of George Floyd and the “defund the police” outcry have ripened and are dropping off the vine. As predicted, when the police aren’t policing, the criminals fill the void and crime has increased. Compounding the problem, when local district attorneys do not prosecute a wide variety of crimes, we get—wait for it—more crime!

The latest chapter of mad-cap hilarity is the recent announcement that the government would be supplying “safe smoking kits” to drug addicts. The comedy ensued as we watched how fast the White House and its loyal propaganda ministers could turn tail, deny the reporting, and run. Since the reports became public, the White House has pushed back to deny the “safe smoking” kits will include crack pipes and the reporting remains murky. Despite White House denials, reports persist that this is happening.

Who are they going to blame when drug addiction increases and people die?

For those who, like the truckers in Canada, dare to call out the government for their tyranny, overreach, and ruinous policies, don’t think a peaceful protest will go unnoticed. While Freedom-loving citizens in free countries exercise their rights to address their grievances with their elected governments, those who serve at the will of the people respond with the power of the police state.

They are no longer in hiding, and they are showing us exactly who they are.

We must remain resolute against the radical leftists who are now running the government. We cannot fail to let Americans know the scope and magnitude of the fraud that has been perpetrated; we must be willing to engage our family, friends, and neighbors and be American apologists, making a rational, reasoned argument for America, free markets, and individual freedoms. We must be bold, say what we believe, and explain why we believe it.

America’s ideals of equality and liberty will lead us away from a calamitous future. Shore up the defenses. Vote accordingly.

Jeff M. Lewis is a Christian, a husband and father, a Veteran, and a small-business owner who resides with his family in South Texas.

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