Can the Democrats Undermine the Midterms?

In late January, President Biden told a national TV audience that he was not prepared to say that the coming midterm elections would be legitimate. This startling admission was quickly walked back, but it shone a white-hot spotlight on Democrat efforts in Congress to federalize elections. The 2022 election promises to be one of significant change in the dynamic in Washington D.C. despite the efforts of Democrats to do more than just cast doubts on the election's integrity.

The Democrats have a demonstrated history of trying to make elections as one-sided as possible and thus enthrone themselves for perpetuity as they have done in cities throughout the country. The Democrats and their allies in Big Tech and the media regularly work to make this happen by subverting election integrity laws like requiring an ID, pushing for unregulated and unmonitored mail-in voting, providing support for one-sided ballot harvesting initiatives, repealing or fighting laws intended to allow states to revise voter rolls, and pouring enormous sums of money into Democrat districts to pay for election officials and ballot drop boxes. The Democrats and their allies make no secret that they intend to use these efforts to cement their place in government because they tell us. You only need to look at the Molly Ball Time Magazine article of February 4, 2021 or writings of the lawyer Mark Elias, arguably the Democrats’ most effective litigant against election integrity laws, in his article "Four Pillars to Safeguard Vote by Mail" to see this. Or perhaps turn on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC at any time of the day or night or peruse the pages of the Washington Post, New York Times, or LA Times to see how the Democrats’ media allies beat the drum of “disenfranchisement” to speak openly about using the power of government to suppress the Rights of Americans and silence Republicans.

Congress' efforts to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights and the Freedom to Vote Acts are really thinly veiled efforts by the Democrats to give them the one-party rule they so desperately desire.  Among other things, these acts are particularly nefarious in the way they use the potential for voter disenfranchisement, which they have yet to demonstrate, to resurrect oversight of elections and meddling in election laws in Red states that have not been necessary for 30 or more years. Thankfully, these travesties are stalled in Congress.

The frustration Democrats must be feeling because two members of their own party will not support their efforts to impose one-party rule will only increase in the coming months. Voter sentiment is surging against the Biden Administration and its mishandling of, well, everything. Americans are sick and tired of woke and socialist policies and the actions of big tech and academia that support them. They are increasingly frustrated with a domineering and tyrannical, unaccountable administrative state. And the anger and frustration over COVID mandates and restrictions pushed by Democrats is reaching a boiling point. So, what can we expect from the Democrats in the coming months to prevent the collapse of their initiatives?

I believe the Democrats are going to begin to behave even more erratically than they have been, much like a fish out of water thrashes about fighting for its life, gasping for air. They will pull out all the stops to undermine the coming election and we can expect to hear an increase in the screeching, irrational wail of "racism," "fascism," "terrorism," “white supremacy” and accusations that Republicans are opposed to Democracy, the Civil Rights Act, and the Voting Rights Act. They will accuse Republicans of the very things that Democrats are trying to achieve through their lawsuits and passage of their voting rights acts in a demonstration of projection on a massive scale designed to stoke fear in the voting public. 

But there is one more thing I believe we can expect, and it will represent the very height of dissembling and lying on the part of the Democrats who see their majority and support for their inane policies evaporating.  Specifically, Congress' January 6 Commission will release a report accusing key Republicans, including current officeholders and members of the Trump administration, of crimes and will even go so far as to brand some as treasonous. The report will be full of dubious examples that they claim will demonstrate conclusively that what happened on January 6 was an insurrection and that elected Republicans and members of the Trump administration are guilty of sedition and treason. These statements will completely ignore the role of the Capitol Police, the FBI and other organizations that include Mayor Muriel Bowser's office and Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office. It will ignore accusations that they have tampered with evidence and denied access to exculpating information. It will be malfeasance of the highest order.

The focus will be entirely on branding specific Republican officeholders and all Republicans in general as white supremacists supporting an insurrection against a duly elected president. There will be immediate motions pushed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to remove select Republicans from their committee assignments. The Capitol Police and Sergeant at Arms will be told to deny elected officials access to the Capitol and their offices. A great cry will go out to big tech to censor and deplatform Republicans or all stripes. Financial institutions will be told to scrutinize the transactions of anyone associated with the Republican party or having contributed to it in the past. Given the inability to pass their sham voting rights acts, all normal congressional business will cease, and investigative committees will convene to remove so-called seditionists in the Capitol that threaten the very foundation of Democracy. Directives will fly like rockets from the Speaker and Majority leaders’ offices that will demand that Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice begin to prosecute the so-called insurrectionists and seditionists. The major networks will all engage to perpetuate the false narrative and voices of sanity will be drowned out unless you happen to listen to Fox News, watch Joe Rogan, read Substack or visit the pages of American Thinker, among others.

The level of invective and vituperation directed at Republicans will eclipse the hysteria at the height of Trump Derangement Syndrome. It will be ugly. It will be incessant. And it will all be a lie. I will also predict that most Americans will not be swayed by the frenzy of madness the Democrats will fabricate to undermine their inexorable fate in the midterm elections. Americans have lived through five years of claims by Democrats that have all proven to be lies: the Russia Hoax, the masking and vaccine lies, the Russian bounties on American soldiers lie, and many, many others. Americans no longer believe the media, as can be seen by the collapse in ratings at CNN and MSNBC, and have no faith in the government institutions we used to believe had Americans’ best interests at heart.

In the end, Americans will reject the Democrats’ false narratives in a resounding way, but the Democrats and their media and big tech allies will put us all through months of misery as they attempt once again to undermine our elections in their quest to enthrone themselves as tyrants.

Robert LaBella is a retired corporate executive of the small business he founded serving the DoD and Intelligence community and is passionate about America’s Founding Principles. You can find him on GETTR.

Image: Pixabay

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