Black Lives Matter: Tracking $60 Million in Unaccounted Donations

Social justice warriors appear to know when a house of cards is ready to collapse.

Top executives are fleeing the most famous “social cause” network, now that more than one attorney general has come knocking on their door with inquiries about “unaccounted funds” at the non-profit: Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Inc. (BLMGNF). It’s difficult to know who is in charge, but the organization recently received a demand for an accounting of the more than $60 million collected in 2020, according to a letter from the Department of Justice in California. Other liberal states would soon follow.

Among those who were warned they would be “held personally liable” for the unaccounted donations are the founders and top three executives, Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi (all no longer with the foundation). An attempt was made at damage control with the public announcement of two newly recruited candidates -- Makani Themba and Monifa Bandele -- to replace the former executives. The announcement turned out to be premature, owing to the fact that Themba and Bandele never actually stepped into the executive roles, according to the Daily Mail. They were unable to arrive at “the terms of their employment.”

Founder Patrisse Cullors became one of the first red flags to garner national headlines exposing her $3.2 million real estate portfolio. She amassed four private residences and the “self-trained” Marxist never mentioned how these material holdings match up to her communist doctrine of “…each according to his needs.”

Apparently, Cullors’ real estate holdings represent a paltry sum in comparison to BLM’s transfer of funds to “worthy causes” dating back to 2019: The group has funneled millions of dollars to “other” non-profits, in which those dollars appear to go through a revolving door. A case in point: Reform LA Jails received $1.4 million in which those funds found their way into the pockets of Cullors and her wife, Janaya Khan, for consulting fees ($205,000); and other BLM associates and friends to receive payouts include Christman Bowers, treasurer of BLLM PAC ($270,000); Asha Bandelle, who co-wrote Cullors’ memoir ($211,000); and Damon Turner, founder of Trap Heals LCC and father of Cullor’s child ($86,000), according to the Daily Mail.

The money trail grows murkier with Cullors’ transfer of funds to her activist wife, Janaya Khan. Ms. Khan runs her own social action charity, M4BJ, in Canada, which received BLM funds and recently purchased a $6.3 million Victorian mansion in Toronto for a multi-use social and arts center.

Attorney General Rob Bonta in Sacramento is acutely aware of the controversy swirling around the group’s lack of financial transparency and has issued a “delinquency notice” demanding copies of the organization’s Form 990 required for filing with the IRS for 2020. The group has 60 days to respond to the notice issued on January 31.

The days of indiscriminate spending are certainly over for the top brass at the flagship organization. This would include a luxurious $26,000 stay for “meetings” at a five-star Malibu resort, Calamigos Guest Ranch and Beach Resort, and use of the adjacent owned Malibu Conference Center. Such luxurious taste led one television commentator, Megyn Kelly, to comment that BLM “must stand for Babes Lounging in Malibu,”  leading some to deduce that self-proclaimed socialists know how to live -- even if it’s on the backs of their donors.

Money that had come pouring into BLMGF is now a thing of the past. The group is “prohibited” from collecting funds and must “immediately cease” collection activities, according to a letter issued from the State of Washington. Any violation of the order would result in a $2,000 fine per donation.

If that weren’t bad enough, BLMGNF was labeled an “illegal enterprise” by Indiana attorney general Todd Rokita. He didn't mince words, saying that there is a clear pattern of misconduct at the organization. “I see patterns that scams (typically) take on: failure to provide board members, failure to provide even executive directors, and failure to make your (financial) filings available.” 

In the meantime, attorneys general in various states where BLMGNF remains out of compliance may find it difficult to deliver notices of action in those states (i.e. California, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, and the State of Washington). The group provided the wrong address on previous tax forms submitted to the IRS, where the occupant of the listed building claimed to be receiving numerous in-person inquiries.

Perhaps the mail could be forwarded to one of Cullors’ several residences or the Victorian mansion in Toronto, which was on the receiving end of BLM funds.

Image: Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Inc.

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