The Vaccine Passport Pathway to a Social Credit System

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Simply put the vaccine programs are really population control programs, because by pushing vaccines the elites are pushing vaccine passports which are the first step to creating digital ID numbers on a software platform where every subject's personal information will eventually end up.  Control of information means control of the subjects.

The real-life model for this is the Chinese social credit system. This system is, through the totalitarian perspective, a brilliant combination of national digital identification numbers combined with high surveillance technology all controlled by advanced artificial intelligence.  Each Chinese subject is branded with a digital number and the surveillance state can follow his employment, medical, criminal, and schooling records, his online browsing records, his voiced political views, and even the places he visits through GPS positioning technology. 

If the subject so much as jaywalks across a street, it will likely be picked up by one of the millions of surveillance cameras installed in Chinese cities and run through face recognition software.  All this data is then combined and processed and the subject is given a "social credit score" which is then used to dole out rewards and punishments.  Score too low and the subject can be denied access to train and air travel. Score even lower and the subject can be denied a good job, good housing, access to credit, or even access to dating apps so the poor devil might even have a hard time finding a date.[i]

This software-controlled system of meting out incentives and disincentives made possible by modern digital technology has given political authorities a degree of social control over large populations never before seen in human history.  Because Western elites are fully aware that their post-World War II strategy of promising ever-expanding government benefits is not a sustainable way of holding onto permanent power, they are desperate to come up with other means of continuing their lordship over the masses.  This explains why they are pushing vaccines and vaccine mandates because the vaccine passport software will be designed to eventually accept all the data relevant to each citizen and once achieved, warns the Chinese defector Li-Meng Yan, the elites will have the vital tool necessary to implement a Chinese style social credit system.[ii]

No citizen can be exempt from this system which is why the estimated 146 million naturally immune[iii] are told to get vaccinated even though their immunity is far superior to that produced by vaccines, and why children have to be vaccinated even though they are 6 times more likely develop serious heart problems from the vaccines than to be hospitalized for Covid.[iv]  While the Covid vaccine policies of Western governments make no medical sense, they make perfect political sense once one understands the existential economic crisis Western power elites know they are facing.

An important but scarcely discussed part of this emerging population management system is the gaining of control over the bank accounts of the citizenry.  Central banks around the world including the Federal Reserve are rushing to produce their own versions of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).  This is not some far-off futuristic plan as most CBDC currencies will be ready for deployment in three to four years.  China claims it will have a digital yuan rollout in time for the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing.[v] The United States may work its digital dollar through existing banks which are quasi-government agencies anyway, but some, like  Biden's Controller of the Currency nominee  Saule Omarova, advocate abolishing all private bank accounts and have those accounts all lodged in and managed by the Federal Reserve.[vi] 

This system will eventually require abolishing anonymous paper money and abolishing privacy-protecting cryptocurrencies as China has already done.[vii]  The reason why governments including Western governments are so keen on this idea is because, with the help of artificial intelligence software, they will be able to monitor every single transaction of every single bank account holder.  CBCBs can and will undoubtedly also be used as an efficient way to reward good behavior and punish bad behavior as defined by those in power.

The elites can achieve this because CBDCs will be fully programmable, which means that those at the top can program the currency to force people to buy certain items such as fake meat to reduce global warming or to prohibit digital dollars from being used to contribute to critics of the government such as alternative news sites which currently are the only news sources challenging the government-approved narratives of the large corporate media. 

If the dream of the WEF is correct and most workers will be replaced by software-driven robots, then governments will have to create subsistence Universal Basic Income programs for the under- and unemployed, and those marginal people will be easily terrified at the prospect of getting any portion of their government subsidies reduced, even for innocent acts like contributing $5 digital dollars to a group that criticizes the government.  The larger the number of people either partially or fully dependent upon government subsidies, the easier it will be to control them through programmed CBDC adjustments which will act as automatic preprogrammed fines for a whole array of prohibited behaviors.  Modern technology has made life much easier for elites inclined toward totalitarian control over their populations, and of all the tools available in the modern totalitarian tool bag, CBCDs will be among the most potent.

For those who are aware or at least suspect that Western elites are up to something quite drastic, it is fortunate indeed that the available vaccines have turned out to be duds because this strips the elites of their main rationale for vaccine mandates.  The vaccines quite possibly offer some temporary symptom suppression for those willing to take the jab, but they are ineffective at preventing the vaccinated from either catching Covid or transmitting it.  So without the moral imperative to "protect others" by taking the vaccine, government authorities are deprived of their main argument for vaccine mandates.  Indeed, Robert Malone, a key figure in the development of mRNA vaccines, argues the opposite moral case -- that the vaccinated are more likely to be Covid  "super spreaders"  because if they catch Covid but have suppressed symptoms, they are the ones who are more likely to go out into the community and unknowingly spread the virus to others.[viii]  So because the vaccines have turned out to be much less than what the drug companies and the elites hoped for, those who oppose vaccine mandates now command the moral high ground.

Without vaccine mandates, elites are helpless to achieve their goal of universal digital IDs and the power that can be built up with them.  We know from the history of war that some battles can be lost and the war still won.  We also know that there are certain strategic battles that have to be won or the war will be lost.  In this war of self-interested Western elites against their own people, it is absolutely imperative that the battle against vaccine mandates and vaccine passports be won.  For those who actually appreciate the value of liberty and the idea of personal human rights that the wealthy and powerful are obliged to respect, the battle against vaccine mandates and passports is their strategic pass of Thermopylae where they will have no choice but to stand firm and stop the aggressors.   Otherwise, those who value human liberty today will have to concede that their grandchildren are destined to encounter the digital version of the same demand  constantly heard in 1930s Germany: "Your papers please."

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