My Religious Objection to the Cult of COVID

I have sincere, deep-rooted religious, moral, and ethical objections to the notion of being compelled to take any of the experimental drugs known as "COVID-19 vaccines" (I put that in quotes because the definition of "vaccine" had to be changed last year for them to qualify as such.)  I would point out, at the outset, that it is widely recognized that religion includes not just observance and practice, but also belief.  Beliefs that are sincerely held about what is right or wrong are intrinsic to the individual, not to any organized religion, mainstream or otherwise.  To hold religious beliefs does not even require belief in God.  That said, there is nothing to my views that is outside of a mainstream understanding of religion, morality, or ethics.

I am a Jew.  I, therefore, believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the Truth of my God and obligations to Him, as were revealed to my ancestors at Sinai.

One of the most fundamental of the religious laws I must follow is to believe in my one God and to not accept idolatry, or anything that represents a false idol, or that I otherwise know to be false.  I am compelled by my Creator to choose the Truth over the lie.

Over the centuries, my people have dealt with various degrees of oppression every generation and have periodically been offered the "choice" of accepting false gods of various stripes or death or torture to death.  Conversion or death.  Conversion would be the death of who I am as a person.  I didn't think that that could happen in the United States, but I have been proven wrong.

I have come to understand that these "vaccines" are false gods.  They have been proven not to be safe; they have proven not to be effective.  The rationale for taking them has been revealed to be false, rendering the notion that there is a public health rationale for their forced administration to be absurd.  Even the CDC now admits that they don't stop infection or transmission.  They don't work.  Yet they press on with the dogma that vaccines must be taken.  For their own sake.  Because the vaccines represent good. This is faith, not reason.  This is Scientism, not science.

The whole rest of the Cult of COVID is analogous to a religion, whose precepts, dogmas, and practices I know to be false.  We are compelled to wear face coverings. Face coverings have never worked as a public health measure against a respiratory disease.  That was known before 2020, and all studies since have reiterated that.  They are, rather, a sign of submission to the cult.  The mark of a true believer, or of someone who has submitted to the coercion.

There are high priests whose pronouncements must be followed to the letter.  The bureaucrats who run the NIH, the CDC, and the FDA.  Only these elect can tell us what Science says, and which messages are permissible.  Their contradictions and moved goalposts are not to be questioned or you will be demonized as a heretic.

Scientists and free thinkers are cast out, and in modern terms, de-platformed or canceled as heretics, for questioning their narrative. Anyone who goes against the cult's dogma is by definition a quack, even if weeks to months later what they have been pointing out breaks through due to its self-evident truth.  Heretics are demonized and literally excluded from society where the cult has taken hold, as in cities like New York and Los Angeles, where medical segregation is practiced with modern-day "Jim COVID" laws preventing the unvaccinated from going to restaurants, to museums, and so on.

We have public officials - in America! - like Governor Hochul of NY, who pronounced that God wants you to get vaccinated and that there can be no religious objection to vaccination because the recognized religious leaders have said it's ok.  Religions whose leadership commands their flock to submit to the supreme god of the cult of COVID are allowed recognition; all others are deemed legitimate.

They invented the notion of asymptomatic spread (much like Fauci did during the AIDS epidemic when he terrified the country by pushing the notion that you could get AIDS from merely living with the infected) to justify all of the other nonsensical countermeasures and lockdowns, that are nothing more than sacrifices to the COVID gods, that have no functional benefit to stopping an alleged pandemic.  They demonize the unvaccinated as carriers of disease, much like 80 years ago in Europe when state science determined that my ancestors were a public health threat for being carriers of disease and had to be cast out.

There is a whole system of minutiae developed over how to live your life to avoid the evil of COVID, the absurdities of which are part of the point.  The notion that when you are standing in a restaurant you must wear your mask, but if you're sitting down, it is safe to remove it.  Arbitrary notions of "social distancing."  The bizarre practices I have seen organizations insist on, as their members demonstrate their zeal in building on the dogma to demonstrate their virtue.

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