Joey 2022: The Worse the Better

Is it possible that deep inside the Joe Biden administration there is a conspiracy of cunning manipulators at the very center of the Deep State determined to completely discredit our current ruling class in every aspect of its ideology and political formula?

And is it possible that at some point during the woke trainwreck in the spring of 2024 these conspirators will suddenly reveal themselves and lead our nation to glory?

Put it this way: if some Dr. Doom had developed a nefarious plan for regime change, in what way would he have changed the events of the first year of the Biden administration?

Here is my thinking. Given that politics requires an enemy, a political leader always acts the part of the warrior leading us to victory over the enemy. Can a warrior ever admit a mistake -- or his followers? I doubt it. Instead, he keeps advancing and his followers keep following until… OMG Run for the hills! In our society that would be nice liberal ladies with #WeBelieve yard signs telling their friends that they are “so exhausted” that they Can’t Even fill out their cheat-by-mail ballots.

So, if I were leading a rebel cabal deep within the FBI Special Task Force on Armed Insurrectionism -- because where else would I be? -- I would get AOCs elected to Congress; I would crash the economy with lockdowns and vaccination mandates; I would make sure that Fed Chairman Jerome Powell kept the money spigots on full bore; I would propose multiple trillion-dollar spending packages artfully described as stimulus, infrastructure, Build Back Better; I would propose to federalize elections to make ordinary people fear for their lives; I would nod-nod-wink-wink to George Soros to elect prosecutors that had no time for prosecuting when there were homes in Florida to be bought; I would totally bungle the retreat from Afghanistan; I would kill the oil-and-gas industry stone dead and increase gas prices by 50 percent; I would call the inevitable inflation “transitory;” I would set up a January 6 Commission to transform the stupid January 6 rioters into noble victims of injustice. And, of course, I would call anyone who objected a “systemic racist.”

I mean, it’s gotta be a conspiracy, right? Our Democrat friends cannot be so dumb as to do all that stupid stuff with their eyes open.

The only other possibility is that the whole thing has been organized by a joint Sino-Russian spy ring that started a couple of years before the end of the Soviet Union. After reviewing the success of their previous program -- making baby-boomer college graduates into left-wing idiots -- the Joint Committee would have the goal of turning the entire U.S.-educated ruling class into an unwitting tool of Russian and Chinese imperialism.

Although, frankly, if I were in charge of this operation, I would not recruit the main force of influencers from post-Soviet Russian emigrés working at Microsoft and CCP kids in U.S. colleges. I would suborn high-caste South Asians -- Brahmins and other high-caste Hindus -- and put them in charge of Google and Twitter. That’s what I would do.

Meanwhile, at AP it’s all about the disappointments of the Dem AstroTurf activists:

Young people are frustrated that he hasn’t followed through on vows to combat climate change and student debt. Women are worried that his plans to expand family leave, child care and universal pre-K are stalled as abortion rights erode and schools struggle to stay open… And voters of color, like those across Biden’s political base, are furious that he hasn’t done more to protect their voting rights.

See what I mean? AP is writing exactly what the Deep State rebel cabal secretly wants them to write. But what real Dem voters want is “make it stop, Mr. President.” How about that story, AP?

So, as the political commentator Vladimir Lenin wrote: “the worse the better.” Oops, it was our own Founding Father John Adams. These worthies understand that the more the current ruling class screws up the weaker it becomes and the easier it becomes for the next regime to sweep the old regime aside and start over.

Of course, there is another possibility. God may be tipping the scales. You see, if I were God I would be thinking right now that it sure would be a shame for the wokey liberals to continue on their Path of Folly and that, maybe, a godly nudge might keep the last best hope of mankind on Earth going for a while longer.

I’d say that if things turn out all right in 2022 and 2024 it will be another proof of God’s existence.

But then, I’m biased. I love this country with all my heart and I would hate to see it dissolve into a wokey witch’s brew. And my faith is that God agrees with me.

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, Also get his American Manifesto and his Road to the Middle Class.

Image: Gage Skidmore

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