Jan. 6 Is the USA's Own Tiananmen Square

Two symbolic events in the struggle for human freedom over oppressive government transpired last month with barely any notice from the American media.  The first was the thirty-year anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union.  The second was the Chinese Communist Party's removal of monuments commemorating the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre that occupied sacred ground on Hong Kong university campuses, including a replica of the famed "Goddess of Democracy" statue that was erected in the square just before Chinese military forces killed, kidnapped, or crippled thousands of students and workers pleading for individual liberty.  

It is a sad testament to how far the United States has fallen as a nation once synonymous with freedom that neither event caused much of a stir among the pampered princelings of D.C.  I suppose it seemed disjointed to the creatures of our swamp leviathan to celebrate victory in the Cold War over an evil empire that stifled speech, micromanaged economic relations, and disappeared its political enemies into the bowels of gulag hell when it is now also perversely engaged in shutting down free speech, squeezing domestic markets into political compliance through mandates and regulations, and tossing election protesters into dungeons where complaints of physical and psychological torture are rife and constitutional due process looks beaten if not dead.  

Likewise, how can the lords and ladies (and all their non-binary, "woke," communist-leaning comrades) ruling the American continent from their taxpayer-funded "safe spaces" rail against China's attempts to erase from history its bloody massacre of peaceful demonstrators nearly thirty-three years ago when D.C. is in the midst of an enormous propaganda campaign of its own to transform the overwhelmingly peaceful demonstrations that occurred last January 6 into an "insurrection" that somehow threatened the feds grip on total power?  China, how dare you rewrite history to turn "democracy protesters" into "domestic terrorists" at the exact same time we're trying to rewrite history by turning "democracy protesters" into "domestic terrorists" ourselves?  Have you no shame?  It is clear that when it comes to "shame," both the Chinese and American governments have already purged that word from their respective lexicons.

So here we are in America, facing the conundrum that our political "leaders" have so much in common with the Soviet and Chinese communists of thirty years ago that they are rendered speechless and left incapable of defending the moral imperative of freedom against those who work to destroy it.  You cannot celebrate "freedom" over Soviet "tyranny" when "freedom" is such a scary idea in the United States these days that it has been paved over with newfound reverence for the vagaries of "democracy," especially "democracy" that can be constructed from the printing presses of fraudulent mail-in ballots much the same way American power overseas has been constructed from the printing presses of fraudulent dollars fabricated from central bank sleight-of-hand.  (If "democracy" means printing ballots and money without the need for real elections or budgets, is it any wonder the American government has no tolerance left for freedom or constitutional rights?)  And you certainly can't memorialize the Tiananmen Square Massacre by condemning the Chinese communists' war against their own people when the whole apparatus of America's national security Deep State has been reoriented to target Trump-supporters and freedom-minded patriots.  

What could Brandon possibly say?  America will always stand with the lonely freedom fighter, the dissident, the small powerless citizen working against all odds to stand up to government corruption, tyranny, and oppression...what's that?  They're waving American flags and want to "Make America Great Again"?  So what if a majority of Americans think the election was stolen?  Criminelly, kick them in their teeth, have the FBI drag them into solitary confinement, and make sure they stay locked up until their minds are right! 

When the federal government runs on hypocrisy, it has no energy left for principle.  When it betrays its own foundations in liberty, it forsakes its status as the "leader of the free world."  And when it is silent about the terrible human catastrophes caused by communism in the not so distant past, a painful truth becomes evident: instead of successfully exporting American freedom to China and Russia over these last thirty years, it is their raw tyranny that has been imported here at home. 

Part of the tyranny that has arrived on our shores is the federal government's continued attacks on truth and its insistence on controlling the historical "narrative" in order to exert power and punish political dissent.  I know of no speech or rallying cry or protest chant that came out of the mouths of January 6 protesters last year that had anything to do with "insurrection" or "overthrowing the government" of the United States.  Yet the U.S. news media, Congress, the White House, and federal judges have all worked together to smear those present as villains and frame them as the apotheosis of John Wilkes Booth (a Democrat), Lee Harvey Oswald (a communist), and the Confederate Army (again, Democrats) combined!

In a particularly revealing illustration of the lack of justice found within the "justice system" today, prosecutors and federal judges have reprimanded defendants for having been part of some imaginary conspiracy to start a Second Civil War, even while they acknowledge that no firearms were involved (except for those brandished by Capitol Police and used to kill Ashli Babbitt) and have not brought any charges related to "insurrection," "treason," or "murder."  Defendants have been browbeaten into accepting plea deals for "crimes" that amount to little more than trespassing in "the People's House," yet all of the commentary surrounding their cases — including the partisan rants coming from federal judges eager to exact revenge upon their lowly political enemies — is clothed in the emotional verbiage of "insurrection" and "coup d'état."  

Not five years ago, a Democrat and Bernie Sanders–supporter tried to murder an entire baseball team of Republican lawmakers.  Had he succeeded, the entire balance of power in the United States would have been thrown into chaos.  Part of the motivation behind the would-be assassin's attempted mass murder of Republicans surely included the mainstream media's constant barrage of disinformation and propaganda attempting to give credence to a Russia collusion hoax perpetrated by the Clinton campaign and a complicit Obama administration that had the explosive potential to undo President Trump's election.  We are in no need of faking insurrections and coups in this country when an ordinary Democrat shooter, the FBI, and the larger Intelligence Community have taken a stab at both in just the last few years.  Add to that the most expensive citywide destruction in U.S. history arising from orchestrated arson and looting by Black Lives Matter and Antifa soldiers these last few years, and the cognitive dissonance created by excusing all of those attacks on America while fantasizing that January 6 was worse than the Civil War is enough to shatter the illusion that the federal government is anything more than a pulp mill for propaganda as brazen in its audacity as any rewriting of history coming out of communist China.  

A little over thirty years ago, freedom fighters in Europe caused the fall of the Berlin Wall, the breakup of the Soviet Union, and the disintegration of the Iron Curtain.  In China, tanks, bullets, and torture succeeded in slamming shut any door opening for freedom.  The American government seems to have learned a lesson: to maintain political power, squash your political opponents, blame them for any resulting violence, control all the history recorded for posterity, and make sure to keep the cameras off when beating and torturing dissidents.  

As China has shown, that's a winning strategy.  It is also a deeply un-American one. 

Image via Pxhere.

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