It's Not Just Illegal Aliens Our Southern Border Guards Against

Will Biden finally secure the border amid threats from China, Russia, Islamic terror, and drugs?

Back when he assumed office, President Biden essentially implemented an open borders policy.  It's been a disaster on top of his other disasters, with millions of illegal invaders flooding into the country from around the world in the middle of a pandemic.  Day by day, additional threats are emerging that illustrate that he needs to change course before it's too late.

In the words of former acting ICE director Tom Homan, Biden's border policies are "killing people."

Under President Trump last year, there was a total of 254 migrants (that) who died crossing that border — the first year under President Biden, that is more than doubled to 557. That's a 119% increase[.] ... Add to that over 100,000 overdose deaths, most of it from fentanyl that the DEA says, "come across the border." Add to that 59 CBP officers who die from COVID because Joe Biden is ignoring Title 42.

The world is getting more dangerous by the day, with bad actors from around the world gearing up to take full advantage of Biden's weakness, if not downright dementia.  The open southern border would be the perfect avenue to wreak havoc with law enforcement tasked with babysitting over border security.  Even worse, the coyotes running the smuggling operations along the border can simply distract the Border Patrol at one point to bring in far more dangerous people or contraband at another.

From the start, Biden's open border policy didn't make any sense in the context of the COVID pandemic, the existential crisis of our time according to the media and the Democrat party.  The same people who insisted that everyone wear a mask and get the latest booster and prove it with a vaccine passport didn't seem to care that millions of untested and unvaccinated people from around the world were flooding into the country.  The Biden administration even made sure to secretly disperse potential carriers of COVID to the conservative parts of the country, in some cases, using arrest warrants as ID for that extra bit of ironic outrage.

The Texas synagogue attack also reminded everyone of the threat of terrorism despite the FBI's best efforts in covering it up.  The Border Patrol has arrested terrorists at the border, despite attempts at deleting these notices.  An open southern border is an inviting prospect to any terrorists wanting to enter the country.  We were lucky in catching some of them; what about all the others?

What is going to happen in confrontations with China and Russia for worldwide dominance?  The wide-open southern border would be the first target for any ground incursion by our enemies.  We have no idea what might happen if they decide that we are too weak with Biden or Harris ostensibly at the helm.  Any marginally intelligent leader of a nation-state would see the value in securing a border in this situation.  In the case of Harris or Biden, they can't even rise to that level of competence.

Moreover, we have the ongoing threat of the fentanyl surge at the border.  Florida attorney general, Ashley Moody, recently wrote a letter to the administration:

It's no secret that President Biden's immigration policies are an unmitigated disaster, but it now appears that Biden's abdication of his duty at our southwest border is allowing criminals to smuggle even larger amounts of fentanyl and other dangerous drugs into our country — fueling the nation's deadly opioid crisis. ...

According to data available from Biden's first year in office, enough fentanyl has been seized to kill the entire U.S. population six times over — it is terrifying to imagine how much of this extremely deadly drug is being trafficked into our country undetected.

So why are they doing this?  Why have they opened the country to a devastating flood of disease, invaders, terrorists, and drugs?  Why are they trying to destroy the country from within?  The answer is simple: power.  They know they are going to lose in November, and if there were any justice, that would be the end of their party.  They know they won't be able to exploit the COVID crisis, so they need to pull another rabbit out of the hat.

If they can't get U.S. citizens to vote for them, they will just bring in a new set.  They have already telegraphed their intentions.  The New York Times made the case for everyone having a vote because, why not?  Democrats have already floated the idea of non-citizens voting in local elections.  Gavin Newsom wants to offer free health care to everyone; this will only incentivize the illegal invasion.  Kamala Harris wants to grant amnesty and the right to vote to millions.

The Democrats' other plan is to make it easy for anyone to vote in our elections.  Their Orwellian "Freedom to Vote act" would destroy the right to vote by rendering it irrelevant.  It's a multi-vectored attack on free and fair elections.  Mail-in voting, ballot-harvesting, and eliminating voter ID will make it child's play for the Democrats to cheat — a simple matter of having their cadres of illegal invaders vote for the promised free stuff paid with other people's money.

That is why they are willing to sacrifice your safety and your liberty.  They don't care that its absolute insanity to have an open border in these circumstances.  It's more important for them to maintain their power than perform their constitutional duties in protecting the states from invasion.

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history — a writer in the communications field and a longtime contributor to the NOQ report.

Image: BBC World Service via Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0.

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