Homily for a Jaded America

I was a teenager during World War II, a soldier in the Korean War, a witness to America’s mid-century social storms, and a participant in the culture war that erupted thereafter and has heated to a flash-point in the current century. It might be said that “I’ve been there and done it all” except that no mortal ever has. I will say, however, that dodging bullets of both the physical and spiritual variety has cleared away much mental rubbish from my mind and amplified my humility and gratitude toward the Creator for the life I have been granted.

The one thing I have held onto with “hoops of steel” is a faith in God, a stand erroneously deemed anti-scientific and “fanatical” by self-appointed authorities on truth regarding humanity. I add to this an unquenchable thirst for truth free of distortion injected into it for whatever reason – the kind of truth that rules over opinions and has been called objective for centuries. Objective truth was declared “obsolete” and “invalid,” however, by mental hotshots of the last century because it got in the way of changing fundamental knowledge concerning humanity. They were justified in dumping objectivity because – well, they must have been smarter than everyone who lived before them. No?

In an essay regarding subjective truth, I wrote in 1998:

A public that sways with the wind of opinion-makers – whether of Left, Right, or Muddle (misspelling intended) – is a public that is degraded by exploiters. Tragically those who most need to know don’t know that the cure for social illness begins with a clear sense of right and wrong, a sense washed out of their consciousness by teachers and “role models” who reject or dismiss God as central guide, and family as social center of human society. Their roots severed, their moral compass lost, their balance out of whack, these secularized and critically dependent subjects of government are buttered by minority special interests for membership in the fast-emerging Nanny State of America, subsidiary of Nanny World Order where, in exchange for a universal, standard package of subsistence and entertainment, you behave yourself and like it.

But just as you cannot repeal the law of gravity, you cannot root out sin from human nature. Man is not an angel; he is not a devil. He is an admixture of the two, acting between these poles in his conscience. Which of the two poles predominates is totally dependent on the health of his moral character. It takes training to acquire and exercise a healthy morality. If it doesn’t begin in childhood, the handicap proves difficult to overcome. Such training implies good parents, which in turn implies a sound tradition. Yet such vital knowledge has faded from mainstream consciousness and, alas, from mainstream homilies and sermons.

Of the lessons learned outside of classrooms, I find one of the saddest to be that there is no automatic link to truth in the human heart. Countless individuals who have been “God-driven” to commit unthinkable atrocities have powerfully exhibited the fallacy of thinking that “what is in the heart” is necessarily from God. Of the heart, one certainty is that it can turn from warm to cold.

Of the mind, the endless dithering and fighting over “points of view” and over the significance and value of “intelligence” is ample evidence of its limitations, singly or collectively, to possess a full knowledge of reality. This keeps real scientists busy, serious intellectuals humble, and an endless parade of questions coming. How, to cite some huge ones, can men and women of excelling mental capacity make terrible mistakes regarding their lives and/or the lives of others? How can people with high I.Q.s ignore the significance and impact of love, hate, anger, frustration, heroism, forgiveness – among many of the most important aspects of life – in their take on reality? It’s a subject exhaustively examined in literature for thousands of years. Claiming no special insights on the matter, I can only conclude from all I’ve seen that intelligence attaches as readily to evil as to beneficial deeds.

It has been noted by people at least as smart as our hotshots in academia, seminaries, and think tanks that the intelligent mind should see that “a wiser spirit is at work for us, a better eye than theirs, most prodigal of blessings.” [1]

This vital insight should turn every true Christian to the Alpha and the Omega of truth: I am the way and the truth and the life [John 14:6]. This divine insight has placed materialists on the defensive since the crucifixion of Christ, for it conveys a knowledge and a power greater than theirs.

It is impossible for materialists, to whom the world is made entirely of “matter,” including their brains and their hearts, to understand that truth does not take sides and is therefore not a partisan kickball, is independent of opinions, is not a toy of ruling authority Truth is demanding, at times unbearable, but for the man and woman of good will it i the means to know how best to live in a world where happiness and justice are at the mercy of money and might wherever the light of God is shut out...

. . . as in Nazi Germany (1933-1945);

. . . as in Soviet Russia (1922-1991);

. . . as in Communist China (1949 to ongoing);

. . . as in America since the heavy foot of global dictatorship was thrust inside its door during the last century.

This raises the obvious question: How could “intelligent Americans,” particularly their leaders, permit the all-too-obvious departure from their senses, year after year after year, while the enemies of America – foreign and domestic, covert and out-of-closet – enemies of men, women and children of good will, enemies of We the People, enemies of God, family, and freedom – managed to bring us to our knees?  

We could wade forever in a swamp of “reasons,” but the weight of culpability for the sorry state of America is heaviest with those in top ranks of leadership and government who, allegedly exercising their best judgment regarding the well-being of the people they lead and govern, use their intelligence, their influence, and their power to harm them. In plain language, this is treason. For too long the traitors of America have crouched in the shadows of secrecy and deception cast by state-of-the-art communications and censorship. But neither technology nor human smarts can stop the light of truth from exposing the evil in their minds, in their hearts, and in their plans.

Yes, vengeance is God’s [Deuteronomy 32:35]. But this has never been an excuse for shrinking from duty or running for the hills. This applies with triple force to today’s pastors. All men and women of God must be reminded that it has never ever been a time to turn your backs on God. Your commitment to serve Him and His people has always been prior to “serving Caesar.” Failure to defend the faith, leaving congregants in the hands of God’s enemies is, I would say, a de facto profession of evil intent and a crime against humanity. To God-loving, family-loving, freedom-loving Americans, I repeat what Archbishop Viganò has recently stated: “Do not follow those of your Pastors who have betrayed the mandate they have received from Our Lord, who impose iniquitous orders on you or who remain silent before the evidence of an unheard of crime against God and humanity.”  

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[1] William Wordsworth, “The Prelude”

Image: PXHere / Creative Commons CC0


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