Do another six million Jews have to die before the benign West awakens from its torpor?

The battle that Israel is currently engaged in against Iran has been referred to as “the war between wars.”

This is a misnomer. Israel is currently engaged in a war against Iran and has been for several years. This war is mainly fought in Syria, sometimes in Gaza or Lebanon, and sometimes even inside Iran.  On the other side, Iran prefers to fight against Israel indirectly through their numerous proxies. They prefer that Lebanese or Palestinians die rather than Iranians.

Wars sometime are fought openly on the battlefield, military force against military force. But often they are fought with local and regional battles, or even covert operations. The current Iran-Israel war is conducted by the latter scenario. 

Let’s not kid ourselves, this is a war against Iran’s ultimate goals: to gain regional hegemony, under the threat of a nuclear umbrella, and strike out for global Islamic domination. And, the use of a nuclear device to eradicate Israel as a force persuader against the West.

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From an Israeli perspective, the aims of the war are clear. To prevent Iran from obtaining their twofold goal.  

Anyone who thinks that Iran will stop at the nuclear threshold, the breakout point before possessing the bomb, is delusional. No nation would go to the measures undertaken by Iran to simply stop at the brink. One doesn’t build massive underground facilities with the most sophisticated and upgraded centrifuges, protected by powerful surface to air missile systems for a civilian project. 

They may try to persuade others that they have no intention of going the final mile, but Israel stands alone in not being deceived.  

Therefore, everything that Israel is alleged to have done so far can be construed as a string of preventative battles in order to set back the Iranian timetable and persuade or coerce a naïve world to deal with Iran with a forceful diplomatic response. 

As of the end of 2021, this has not happened.  As Israel watches and plans, the world waffles.

In the past, and more intensely throughout 2021, Israel has allegedly carried out hundreds of raids, mainly in Syria but also in Iran and Gaza, to destroy the import of increasingly powerful and precise missiles that Iran has delivered to Israel’s enemies, Hezb’allah and Hamas, both Iranian proxies. 

In the event that Israel is forced to strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, , as it was forced to do in Iraq and in Syria (and this could come in 2022), Iran is expected to order their heavily armed proxies to come to the defense of Islam from across Israel’s three borders to the north, east, and south, and open furious fire into Israel with everything at their disposal. 

Unlike Hamas, Hezb’allah has been more restrained in firing rockets into Israel. Instead, it preferred to build up its stockpile of Iranian military weaponry until the time that Tehran gives them the order to open a blitzkrieg against the Jewish State.  

Israel estimates that Hezb’allah possesses up to 160,000 missiles of various strengths stored mainly underground silos, houses, schools and mosques in southern Lebanon.

In the May 2021 rocket bombardment initiated by Hamas in Gaza, during one weekend period over 800 missiles were aimed at Israeli cities. Fortunately, the Iron Dome missile defense shield intercepted most of the rockets aimed accurately at civilian centers.

 However, in any blitzkrieg initiated by Hezb’allah, it is estimated that they will be capable of firing 3,000 rockets a day for a week or more into Israel. 

Critically, Iran-supplied Hezb’allah missiles will be more powerful and more precise than Hamas rockets and no amount of Iron Dome systems currently available to the IDF will be able to prevent widespread destruction to cities like Haifa and to sensitive Israeli infrastructure and strategic facilities.  Even without a nuclear bomb, the loss of life in Israel will be devastating. 

This is a Doomsday scenario for Israel which will, of necessity, call for an immediate and intensive assault on thousands of intelligence-known Hezb’allah targets deliberately embedded in civilian neighborhoods in Lebanon as well as Hamas targets.

It will make past responses to Hamas rocket violence look like child’s play.

Again, Iran won’t care. If Israel targets anything in their country, it will exclusively be their nuclear facilities. And they know, and anticipate, that when they give their command to both Hezb’allah and Hamas to commence a doomsday blitzkrieg against Israel, hundreds, maybe thousands of civilians will be killed on both sides. But it will be Israel that will be blamed for the resulting loss of life. This is the way it always is for Israel. We are the target and we get the blame for responding “disproportionately.”

Such a scenario plays into the hands of the Mad Mullahs of Tehran because a naïve, often malevolent, world has never appreciated the odds that Israel has had to face since Day One of our existence.  The international diplomatic community goes along with all the fallacies aimed at Israel at the United Nations and in the International Criminal Court.

So it will be when the war between wars reaches its ultimate conclusion and the international community have failed to rein in the Ayatollahs led by a man they let off the hook for crimes against humanity.

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi headed the Death Commission in Iran. He murdered tens of thousands of his own people and avoided justice and punishment. A man like Raisi will have no compunction about wiping another six million Jews off the map. 

This is what happens when the West goes soft on mass murderers. Six million Jews had to be slaughtered before justice was wrought on the perpetrators. 

Do another six million Jews have to die before the benign West awakens from its torpor?

Barry Shaw, Senior Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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