Cowering Corporations and Gross Government

In order to appease the left, corporations are supposed to support fighting the fictitious climate catastrophe and similar environmental causes.  They are supposed to have quotas on their board of directors and in their management for women and minorities.  Quotas, giving preference to people for race or sex, incite strife when the most qualified are passed over for those with racial or gender qualifications.

A corporation's environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) "score" is used to attract "woke" investors, a concept that has nothing to do with generating a profit for shareholders and the growth of the company.

Most large corporations are amoral, timid, and easily bullied.  They are eager to jump on the ESG bandwagon lest they be accused of being racists or despoilers of the environment.  At times this becomes comedic.  Big oil companies eagerly tout their programs to reduce CO2 emissions even though their business is selling fuel that releases vast amounts of CO2 when it is burned.  Fortunately, adding CO2 to the atmosphere is a good thing.  It greens the Earth.

The left loves the long parade of phony environmental catastrophes over the last seventy years.  The environmental villain is usually capitalism, evil corporations, or new technology.  The idea that Marxism will fix environmental problems fails an empirical test, given that Marxist regimes are environmental nightmares, China being the most recent example.

The Italian communist and Marxist theoretician Antonio Gramsci clearly recognized that the route to power would be to infiltrate society's institutions.  In the U.S., infiltration of the universities and the media is well along.  The dominant media companies are owned by large corporations.

To gain political power, the left has a long history of exploiting society's existing tensions and manufacturing new ones, weakening social cohesion.  The left is quick to embrace ideas that are socially destructive.  Defunding the police is a good example.  Their narrative appeals to potential converts.  Society's faults are magnified, and the program of the left is held out as a solution to correct those faults.

The supporters of the left are not poverty-stricken proletarians, but people doing OK who think it is someone else's fault that they aren't doing better.  Such people are receptive to the idea that society needs to be reorganized.  The legions of Marxist college professors are perfect examples of people who think they deserve to be much more important than they are.  In the Democrat party, there is a substantial number of outright Marxist legislators, led by Bernie Sanders, known for spending his honeymoon in the Soviet Union.

The left foments chaos and social collapse because that adds more faults to society.  Common criminals are treated nicely by the left.  They are depicted as victims of capitalism rather than as bad persons.  In the Soviet Union, common criminals were treated far better than political prisoners.  Declining to prosecute petty thieves and releasing offenders without bail by leftist district attorneys is part of the program to create chaos and encourage social collapse.

Corporations have a long history of complicity with socially destabilizing leftist ideas.  Big companies don't have morals; they have sales and profits.  Moral preachments by big companies are aimed at shielding them from criticism and protecting profits.  Corporations are supposed to be bastions of capitalism, but their actions are counter to the economic system that makes their existence possible.

Big companies eagerly give money to Marxist organizations and organizations promoting racial division.  Company executives cower when confronted by hate-filled leftist ideology.  These companies are accomplices in promoting cancel culture, which threatens and intimidates people who protest the leftist agenda.  They fire employees who decline the COVID vaccine, even when not under a legal obligation to do so.

Big companies are mostly morally rootless and often complicit in furthering the goals of the Chinese communists or similar evil actors.  They cling to ESG because they think it gives them moral substance.  ESG diverts attention from things that the companies would rather didn't attract attention.  Being complicit with evil is seen as a P.R. problem, and building a solar farm is a method of purchasing an indulgence.

Occasionally, the CEO of a big company has a clear moral compass.  Lee Raymond was CEO of the oil company Exxon from 1993 to 2005.  Raymond was an outspoken critic of the global warming scare.  He was not afraid to say what he knew was true.

The Biden administration has engaged in reckless policies such as throwing the southern border wide open to illegal aliens and attacking the moral authority of the police.  Its handling of COVID is notable for trying to scare and inconvenience the population by such measures as closing schools and threatening workers with losing their jobs for not accepting dubious vaccines.

Fear of the government is an essential part of the leftist program.  The Biden administration uses the FBI to intimidate parents who dare to protest the teaching of racist doctrines in their schools.

The treatment of January 6 trespassers, featuring indefinite solitary confinement for a political offense, is strikingly similar to the treatment of political dissidents in the Soviet Union.  Leftist ideologues preaching against imagined injustice are completely indifferent to injustice and cruelty against their political opponents.  Neither does the left care that "cruel and unusual punishments" are prohibited by the Constitution.

The American creed, espoused by American leaders from Thomas Jefferson to Martin Luther King, promotes individualism and individual rights.  It is what makes the U.S. different from European welfare states.  The left says America is a sham, controlled by special interests.  According to the left, Bernie Sanders has a solution superior to the program promoted by the founders or by Martin Luther King.  Bernie's program is on display in China and in big cities governed by democrats.

Fortunately, all is not lost.  The American creed is deeply embedded in the American psyche.  The program of encouraging illegal immigration by the Democrats was based on the assumption that this would bring in new democrat voters and please existing Hispanic voters.  But polls show that the program has backfired and has greatly increased Republican support among Hispanics.  Demonizing the police as the real criminals has increased crime and upset the voters.

Rather than backing off when confronted by pending electoral disaster, the left seems to be doubling down.  This is the response of fanatics, not the response of politicians.  Confronted by legislative defeats, the left has now adopted electoral reform as its top priority.  The purpose of the "reform" is to make it easier to fix elections.  As Stalin allegedly said, it is not the voters that matter, but the people who count the votes.

Actively working to subvert democracy is a stunning rejection of everything that is American.  The leftists are the real illegal aliens, not the opportunists pouring across the southern border.

Image: geralt via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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