COVID and the Governors

There is growing speculation that with two dozen Democrat party members of the House having already announced their retirement, an undeniable opportunity exists for Republicans to seize control of both houses of Congress during the 2022 midterm elections.  It can be assumed that those Democrat party incumbents, after having defended an illegitimate President and his morally bankrupt policies, fear they will bear the blame for their party’s support of deplorable COVID lockdowns and their effort to destroy the American republic. 

The painful truth is that the Democrat party party controls almost every major social and cultural institution in the country: the mainstream and social media, every federal government agency of importance including intelligence, national security, health and the military apparatus; academic, religious and science foundations and many opinion outlets.  What they do not control is the majority of the American people.   

While control of Congress has dominated public discussion, what has not yet gained any real attention is whether blue governors will suffer election losses in retribution for their excessive COVID lockdowns, as Republicans may be expected to mount rigorous election challenges.  This scenario raises the question whether Republican candidates have the necessary mojo to square off against the Democrats, to call them out for their despotic policies and whether they are willing to challenge their own RINO incumbents.  

Since COVID was identified, the level of lockdown depended on how blue was the blue state with the assumption that blue governors were assured of re-election no matter how diligently lockdown requirements were applied.  For example, will Democrat party voters reward previously unelected and newly appointed New York State governor  Kathy Hochul’s destructive COVID escalations just as California voters rewarded Gov. Gavin Newsom for his extremism, despite his defiance of his own rules?     

If this is a sign that Democrat party governors who often introduced harsh requirements that shut down businesses and schools are electorally safe, the only conclusion is that Democrat party voters are easily snookered into obeying tyrannical authority and that they more easily accept repressive dictates from the very governors they elect to represent them. 

As COVID took hold, it was within the constitutional purview of every state’s governor to implement his own enforcement of COVID requirements and to issue an Emergency Executive Order to initiate his state’s response.  At the time,  the now discredited doctors Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, coordinator of the vice-president’s COVID Task Force, provided strategic advice on repression rather than treatment options to each governor that was in direct contradiction to President Trump’s message of ending the lockdowns and to focus on high-risk Americans. 

On the other hand, many, but not all, Republican governors remained more distrustful of government meddling in their private health decisions and dared to question CDC  ‘science’ as Dr. Scott Atlas, who served as advisor to President Trump, described in A Plague on Our House.   Hence, some of the most callous Democrat party states are experiencing a population exodus with the ‘free’ states of Florida, South Dakota, and Texas accepting the influx.

To date, thirty-six governors will be on the 2022 ballot with twenty Republican governors and sixteen Democrat party governorships up for grabs.  While the final candidate alignment is still in formation, eight incumbents are bowing out with seven being term limited.  The Hill has identified six incumbent Democrats and one Republican who are considered vulnerable in Kansas, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Maine.  

Across the map there are Republican primaries with multiple candidates vying in almost every race against a Democrat incumbent with the Rs eager to challenge the Democrat record on mandatory lockdown requirements. 

Of special interest will be replacements for Maryland governor Larry Hogan and Massachusetts governor Charles Baker, both elected as Republicans in Democrat party states who both followed the Democrat party playbook on COVID.  In addition, Colorado Democrat party governor Jared Polis declared the COVID emergency over as at least three lockdown opponents filed as candidates in the Republican primary.  

The question on election day will be whether those Democrat party governors will be held responsible for adopting more harsh measures on the population than necessary or whether those Democrat party voters, many of whom are now better informed than they were, will take the opportunity to hold one of their own accountable. 

If, in fact, the Dems are doomed to lose their collective shirts in 2022 by impressive margins, it is difficult to see how the party of Jefferson will not, based on its recent confrontational behavior, initiate some sort of full-blown crisis to disrupt any attempt to restore the country to its previous constitutional base.  Would it be outside the realm of possibility to expect Democrat/Marxists, having lost their once glowing halo with their bold hijacking of the country’s 2020 electoral process, continue their radical divisive campaign to do whatever is necessary in the interests of self-preservation of their power base?

Renee Parsons served on the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and as president of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter. She has been an elected public official in Colorado, staff in the Office of the Colorado State Public Defender, an environmental lobbyist for Friends of the Earth and a staff member of the US House of Representatives in Washington DC. She can be found at

Image: Ythlev

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