Wreck It, then Build It Back Better

In a 1940s school in New York City . . .

In the margin notes to an assignment I had turned in on my interests and hobbies, a high school teacher indicated her pleasure and approval of my interests in music, art, and “philosophizing” but added a concern for what seemed to her a possible “asocial” inclination. It was her way, I suspected, of saying (in the lingo of the time) that I was not sufficiently “rounded.” At a later date that might have been thought of as being something of a “nerd.” But what mattered was the unanswered question of what and by whose criteria were we to be “rounded” in order to become acceptable and successful members of adult society?

Did this teacher, whose warm heart and keen mind I very much appreciated, believe that one’s innate character, if not one’s particular interests, needed to be altered in order to make it a better fit for society? I could not know, of course, but it was plain to me that sanding my character down to the requisite “roundness, given the possibility, went counter to being true to myself, an attitude and an effort worth maintaining for the benefit of others, as well as oneself.

This anecdote from my school days is not meant to be about me but about a too-heavy hand in “molding” children into what is “acceptable.” My teacher may or may not have been treading the shady ground between indoctrinating children and guiding them, a distinction headed for extinction after 1960. But it must be said that wanting “to be like everybody else” opens wide the door to pirates of goods, minds, and souls that rob people of their quality of life.  

It must also be said that the ideal of “the well rounded personality” must never devolve to the abandonment of one’s true nature, a stance that not only violates the truth about ourselves but provides opportunities for dishonest “reformers” to make school a laboratory for changes to society that do not necessarily have the best interest of people in mind.

The ways in which children can be turned away from truth are to some extent familiar to anyone who has been alert to the changes in our society that don’t measure up to reason, common sense, or basic morality and that point to a conspiracy that has been called theory but whose reality stares us all in the face today.

The plan to dismantle America began over a century ago with a “slippery slope” plan for a progressive slide toward the collectivist regime we see emerging in America.

I may be forgiven for suggesting that orienting young children to be “like everybody else” – the groupthink mentality – was a good way to get them onto that needed “slippery slope” away from their roots, their true selves, their best interests, and onto the path of “making the world better.”

According to the original “progressive educators,” school children were to be “molded” into acceptable adults by deliberately dumbing them down in order to make them compliant members subjects of the state. This essentially Marxist goal stifles originality, freedom of action, freedom of thought, freedom of religion, freedom to live most effectively and creatively. Did these freedoms mean zilch to these activists for total control over everyone? Did it mean zilch that humanity may need to be ditched in the process? Have today’s Marxists let go of their obsession to rule the world, even if it means wrecking it first?

The plan to change America from a democratic republic to a collectivist regime was inserted into the public schools by stealth. My high school principal sounded the alarm regarding the 1935 “sneak attack” on New York City’s public schools by activists with Marxist ambitions. It was their time, according to plan, for introducing into the public schools a slippery slope – down from basic knowledge, down from diligence and virtue, down from individual initiative – down the Marxist slope of “progress” toward a “new world order.”

The steady stream of changes in America without precedent or sensible justification are too much like deliberate attempts to dismantle America for no legitimate reason except to pull it off its foundation and harm it. It’s a pattern that points to the “enemies within” for which oaths of office and military service include in their declarations of fealty – the domestic enemies of America that hide in the shadows and are collectively known as the Deep State. The results of their manipulations to dismantle America have never escaped the attention of alert Americans and the fact that America has gotten worse, not better, over the past century confirms the suspicion of deliberate malfeasance by dishonest members of government and the many duped or bought to carry out the so-called “conspiracy theory” regarding the destruction of freedom, morality, civility, and general smarts that Americans have enjoyed since the American Revolution and the founding of this creative and vibrant nation, at a countless cost in sacrifice and treasure.

And so, dear reader, it is not time to Build Back Better? – time for a Great Reset to make the whole world forget what is normal and what is best for people?

My long view of things tells me that when school-age children are guided by anti-American ideologues instead of by men and women who truly love children, value their innate differences, and encourage them to be the best they can be in whatever natural talents they possess, their future has been stolen. And it is painfully obvious to me that a century of “progressive change” at the hands of Marxist change agents has taken America to its darkest moment in history. Although red flags aplenty have been waved during the last many decades, there has been no righteous protesting by ALL Americans. It must not be the final mistake of We the People.

If you can accept what is happening to this country, if you can believe that what you see is normal, if you can believe that it is justifiable to live as we have been living during a “pandemic” less deadly than many in history – one that causes “medical authorities” to destroy our humanity − then you have joined the march toward a hell-on-earth beyond any in history.

For globalists, to whom “one-size-fits-all” is an article of faith, people must accept the wreckage of civilization and accept a “new normal” that reduces everyone to a slave of masters that have no sense of the value of human beings. So noncompliant people must be neutralized, by all means, because it would be a catastrophe if the plan for a Globalist World Command – a dream of tyrants like Hitler and Stalin – met with unmanageable opposition!

How much misery and destruction must there be before Build Back Better/Great Reset magnates get wise to the idiocy of their master plan and join humanity instead of seek to terminate it?

Anthony J. DeBlasi is a veteran and life-long defender of western culture.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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