We'll Have a Red Christmas with China

The ChiComs are wishing you a red (cocaine) Christmas, and Joe Biden is providing the elves.

America is awash in dangerous, illegal drugs, particularly meth and fentanyl.  Overdose deaths are hitting new highs every year, and for some age groups, overdose is a major cause of death.  The volume and sophistication of illegal drugs are unprecedented. 

Biden's open border policy has made smuggling drugs into America dramatically easier.  The Mexican cartels control the U.S. border.  If they can smuggle a million illegals (Biden's elves) into Texas in one year, what's a few hundred pounds, or tons, of illegal drugs?

Why have drugs increased so dramatically?  What's new?

On Fox News Channel's America's Newsroom, Arizona attorney general Mark Brnovich said, "The precursor drugs are coming in from China.  China's doing this intentionally, I believe, to undermine our country and to undermine values."

While Mr. Brnovich is exactly right, he doesn't go nearly far enough in blaming the ChiComs.

There is nothing new in the ChiComs using drugs to attack America and their enemies.  Actually, it's very old.  Since at least 1928, Mao Zedong used opium to attack his enemies.  Since at least the 1950s, Mao attacked America and the West with an ever-expanding array of red Christmas candy, now including fentanyl and meth.

Providing illegal, dangerous drugs is a ChiCom strength, and consuming them is an American weakness.  As a result, the ChiComs' drug war on America is almost the perfect asymmetric strategy for the following reasons.

Illegal drugs destroy people and heavily burden their societies, weakening the U.S. in the short term and the long term.

Drug addiction, and drug-related crime, are not only physically damaging but are also psychologically demoralizing — an important component of asymmetric warfare.

Drug-users are often young, military-age people — exactly the ones needed to provide a credible military deterrence or a strong industrial base. 

Illegal drugs are highly profitable generators of untraceable cash.  They also involve third-party criminal partners (Mexican cartels) as middleman fall guys, creating plausible deniability.

Drug money can be used to corrupt financial institutions, courts, and entire governments, further weakening society and morale.

Illegal drugs provide excellent blackmail opportunities.  Watch the Hunter Biden videos.

Finally, drug abuse shows the moral inferiority of the degenerate American society.  The Chinese remember the British and the Opium Wars.  They have a unique understanding of what drugs can do to people and to a society.  The ChiComs offer a desirable alternative. 

All of these benefits make illegal drugs a perfect asymmetric warfare tool.

Sound far-fetched?  Here is Chairman Mao, as quoted in Joseph Douglas's seminal work Red Cocaine: The Drugging of America and the West.  In 1928, Mao Zedong began growing opium on a grand scale to obtain hard currency and "drugging the white region," where white was ideological, meaning not "red" communist. 

Mao's strategy was simple.  The State would "use drugs to soften a target area," particularly the West.  Mao considered the ChiComs using drugs against imperialists as just a Second Opium War.

An example of the ChiComs using drugs as an asymmetric weapon occurred in 1970 in Vietnam.  Douglas wrote in Red Cocaine:

The drug challenge was brought out of the closet in 1970, immediately following the "secret" bombing of Viet Long sanctuaries in Cambodia in April-May that year.  China respond with a stern warning which Henry Kissinger analyzed in person.  He then advised the President as follows: "The Chinese have issued a statement, in effect saying that they wouldn't do anything."

But, with effect from June 1970, heroin of almost pure quality for sale at below wholesale prices began showing up outside the gates of every US installation in Southeast Asia. As General Lewis Walt explained:

In June 1970, immediately after our Cambodian incursion, South Vietnam was flooded with heroin of remarkable purity — 94 to 97 percent — which sold at the ridiculous low price of first $1 and then $2 a vial.  If profit-motived criminals were in charge of the operation, the price made no sense at all — because no GI's that wanted to get high would have batted an eyelash at paying $5, or even $10. The same amount of heroin in New York would have cost $250.

A massive increase in drug addiction resulted.  Military overdose death increased from 2 per month to 60.  The U.S. Air Force lost more people to drugs in 1970–1971 than to combat.  From Douglas: "The impact on morale, readiness, and support for the war at home was devastating."

The passages above perfectly illustrate the use of asymmetric warfare.  They also show that the highest levels of the U.S. government were fully aware of the ChiComs' use of drugs against Americans.  So what did our leaders do?  They rewarded the ChiComs for killing our sons and daughters.

Anyone remember the infamous Golden Triangle?  That was the area of Southeast Asia that was supplying massive amounts of heroin to the world.  Until 1970, the CIA, no stranger to the drug business, drew the Golden Triangle to include Yunnan Province, China.  Amazingly, while our troops were under a major Chinese drug attack, Nixon was actively courting improved relations with the ChiComs.  As a result, in 1970, the White House redrew the Golden Triangle map to exclude China.  Efforts to confront the Chinese were not pursued with any serious interest.  Drug and P.R. problem solved.

Not much has changed, except the sophistication, volume, and prices of the ChiComs' drug attack on America.  And the body count.

One thing that has changed is that China has become the mass manufacturer to the world.  We know that China provides the precursor chemicals to the Mexican drug cartels, and, coincidentally, the volume explodes dramatically — almost as if someone taught the cartels how to mass manufacture drugs for America.  I wonder who!

Coincidentally, the recent drug explosion increased dramatically when a strong U.S. president started standing up to China.  Now, with our weak President Biden, the border is porous.  With Soros-funded Democrat politicians and prosecutors, our courts and jails are also porous. 

So where does that leave us?  The ChiComs attack us with impunity.  Our president and the Democrats' policies all result in more drugs.  Our politicians sell out to China and get rich.  Our citizens die in despair.

Asymmetric warfare really works.  Now apply that model to the ChiCom Wuhan Virus and the world getting addicted to "COVID vaccines."

As you open your "made in China" presents this holiday season, please pause to remember all the victims of the ChiComs' red cocaine Christmas.  And the elves who brought it.

And Taiwan: If the price of fentanyl drops below wholesale costs, be very, very worried.

Image: tookapic via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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