The Real Intersectional Struggle: Civilization against Savagery

The political left uses the term "intersectionality" to depict all members of advanced and largely Westernized societies as oppressors and all non-white people and residents of third-world countries as oppressees.  Slaves in the antebellum United States, black Americans under Jim Crow laws, and Palestinians are now one and the same.  Zionism is racism, Israel equals Simon Legree, and Black Lives Matter rallies feature Palestinian flags along with anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hate speech.  "Israel, we know you, you murder children, too."  BLM supporter Marc Lamont Hill added that the group supports dismantling Israel.  The Movement for Black Lives, meanwhile, depicted Israel as an "apartheid state" and accused it of genocide.

BLM  leader Patrisse Cullors, while speaking in her capacity as a co-founder of BLM as opposed to on her own behalf, called to "end the imperialist project that's called Israel."  The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance includes in its definition of anti-Semitism, "Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor."  Black Lives Matter therefore appears to fit the IHRA definition of an anti-Semitic organization.

There is indeed an intersectional struggle in this world.  It is not a struggle between Caucasians and non-Caucasian people; Palestinian Arabs are Caucasians.  Rashida Tlaib is no more a person "of color" than I am, and I am a Caucasian.  Hamas, al-Qaeda, Hezb'allah, and ISIS terrorists are almost universally Caucasians.  Nor is it a struggle between technologically advanced nations and backward ones; the technologically advanced Nazis were among the most depraved violent savages in this planet's history.

The struggle is between peaceful, civilized people of all races and violent savages of all races, and free people of all races against despots of all races.

Savage Is as Savage Does

The left will immediately depict the phrase "violent savages" as racist, so we will use Belgium's King Leopold II (a white European) to exemplify yet another one.  As depicted in Percival Wren's Beau Geste, the villain "[Colour-Sergeant] Lejaune had been dismissed from the Belgian Congo service for brutalities and atrocities exceeding even the limit fixed by good King Leopold's merry men."  There is a photo of a father looking at the hand and foot of his five-year-old daughter after King Leopold's violent (Caucasian) savages cut them off, presumably because the father didn't harvest enough rubber.  Lejaune appears as Sergeant Major Dagineau, played by Telly Savalas, in the 1966 movie.

Kurtz, the villain in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, was as Caucasian as they come.  Conrad, who had been in the Belgian Congo, may have even gotten some ideas from the conduct of "good King Leopold's merry men."  Spanish conquistadors also were Caucasians, and their behavior in Central and South America was particularly violent and savage.  The same went for Caucasian European, American, and Arab slave traders who kidnapped black people for sale to plantations around the world.  Savage is as savage does, and it comes in every conceivable skin color.

The Nazis were proud to be not only Caucasian, but Aryan and depicted Slavic and Semitic Caucasians along with black people as inferior races.  Nazi savages caused the deaths of roughly forty million people, including ten percent of their own country's population.  Joseph Stalin and his communists were simply another version of the same thing.  Mao Zedong's communist savages committed democide (mass murder by a government) of civilized Asians during the Cultural Revolution, and the same government holds power today.  It's illegal to glorify Hitler in modern Germany, but Communist China abounds with larger-than-life portraits of Chairman Mao.

Civilization Versus Savagery, Liberty Versus Despotism

Now that we have seen clearly that civilized people and savages can both be of any race, let's look at who falls into these categories today.  Israel has equal rights for people of all races and religions, women, and LGBT people.  "Palestinian civil society" treats as second-class citizens, or even worse, Jews, Christians, and peaceful Muslims who do not share its violent and depraved ideology.  The same goes for women and LGBT people.  It is telling that the left's deep concern, as expressed on campuses around the nation, for women and LGBT people ends where Hamas-infested Gaza begins.  Perhaps LGBT people in solidarity with "Palestine" should organize a gay pride event in Gaza and let us know how it works out for them when (if) they come back.  They will not experience any trouble in Tel Aviv.

Taiwan is a civilized nation while the Chinese communists (ChiComs for short) oppress their people, treat Muslim Uyghurs even worse, and threaten neighboring countries with violence.  The Chinese communists, who actually get a Freedom House negative score for political rights, differ little from Nazis except for their possession of nuclear warheads and hypersonic rather than V2 missiles.  I didn't even know before I researched this article that a country could get a score of less than zero from Freedom House.  The ChiComs must have worked overtime to earn this dubious achievement.

It is, by the way, very important to say "Chinese communists" or "ChiComs" rather than "Chinese."  Taiwanese, Hong Kong Chinese, Chinese-Americans, and more than a billion mainland Chinese with the misfortune to live under ChiCom rule do not share the Beijing government's oppressive and expansionist agenda.  Iran's savage and violent theocratic rulers, meanwhile, oppress and murder those whom they deem to be the wrong kinds of Muslims, including Bahá'ís, Sunnis, and peaceful Shiites.  Women are second-class citizens, while LGBT people get hanged from cranes.  It is noteworthy, by the way, that BLM is not saying their names.

It is past time that the world's free civilized people of all races link arms and join together against the world's violent savages and despots of all races.  This means that civilized people will line up with black Americans against white supremacist savages, and also with law-abiding people of all races against looters and rioters of all races.  A BLM looting spree is simply a re-enactment of the Nazis' Night of the Broken Glass, with police being ordered to stand down and not intervene.  The only real difference between today's loot-a-thons and Kristallnacht is that people of all races are on both the giving and receiving ends.  Caucasians are well represented among the looters, and black Americans as well as people of all religions are among the lootees.  Civilized people will also line up not only with Israel, but also with Taiwan, Hong Kong, Iranian dissidents, and Palestinian Arabs who want nothing more than to live in peace with their neighbors and build rather than destroy.

Civis Americanus is the pen name of a contributor who remembers the lessons of history, and wants to ensure that our country never needs to learn those lessons again the hard way.  The author is remaining anonymous due to the likely prospect of being subjected to "cancel culture" for exposing the Big Lie behind Black Lives Matter.

Image: tomaszmichalkania via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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