Say ‘Uncle’?

“I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees” – Euripides

Have you had enough? We can make all of the discomforts go away quickly.  By discomfort, I’m referring to all of the asinine hoops that you must jump through to live a normal American life in the age of Covid.  The masking, the handwashing, the social distancing, the lockdowns, the fear; you can make them all go away.  Just say, “Uncle!”

When you were a kid, the idiom “say uncle” was synonymous with tapping out of an uncomfortable situation by capitulating to the demands of your captor.  Often implemented by an older sibling or friend by twisting your arm behind your back, saying “uncle” is an act of submission that demonstrates being brought under compliance.  This is what your current captors demand of you.

In what manner can you say “uncle”?  Get your boosters.  Get your vaccine passports. Adopt the ethos of the state.  Display your allegiance at every opportunity.  Put a frame around your social media profile picture.  Consider a bumper sticker.  Get a tattoo!  Don’t fight the man, rep the man! #TeamPfizer.  #BelieveTheScience

Now you’re just being ridiculous.  These are practical measures that we can all take for a better tomorrow.” This is the kind of response that I often receive when I make assertions like the above.  “The sooner we comply, the sooner this is all over with”, I am told.  I can’t take any responses of this variety seriously at this point.  Some folks just aren’t paying attention.

I’m fairly well entrenched in the medical community.  I have been for the last 20 years, between work and relocating for my wife’s career.  I break bread with other medical families.  We communicate regularly across messaging and social media.  I know a good segment of the populace who made accommodations in their lives to try and maintain a status quo.  Whether it was complying with mandates to keep their job with an employer who clearly doesn’t value their contribution to the organization, or complying to keep a lifestyle of jet-setting around the globe, many have been lied to.

Just this week the world was treated to a few international stories from the first world and the draconian measures employed in the name of a global pandemic.  Australia made headlines when 3 folks scaled the fence and escaped their mandatory covid quarantine camp and a manhunt ensued.  Hard criminals those quarantine inmates!

In Canada, a fully vaccinated traveler detailed her experience returning from a trip to Egypt where she and her companion were swabbed on exit and entry, and then immediately put into a quarantined hotel for two weeks upon their return, even though they were covid negative.  They noted their inability to leave their hotel room, get room service, accept visitors, etc.  All meals and beverages are provided on a schedule, including no cups in the room to drink water from the faucet.

In Germany, the unvaccinated are now officially on lockdown.  In Austria, they’re completely locked down but were gracious enough to permit the sale of Christmas trees. In Italy, they’ve adopted the strictest measures in Europe with a nationwide vaccine passport and made vaccination mandatory for employment.  In Israel, you must be up to date on your boosters to keep your vaccine passport current and valid.  These aren’t some third-world dictatorships, these are first-world democracies.

I tell my peers every chance I get that the accommodations you make now are not the end and you’re naive if you think that they are. What started out as fifteen days to flatten the curve, turned into two years of lockdowns, masking, mandated vaccinations, and now vaccine passports. These passports won’t be going away with Covid, Covid is just the beginning.

Just this week the US House of Representatives passed funding for a national vaccine database so that they can keep you updated on your vaccine status.  Don’t think that this is merely a convenience for you.  Several years ago, an organization called ID2020 was established by global power brokers. They set out to implement global digital ID.  They told us that vaccines were their opportunity to get their foot in the door.  They sold this idea as a convenience to the third world so that they can keep children in the African bush up to date on their vaccine status. That was truly the pressing issue of the African bush, and now it’s the pressing issue for the whole world.

The greatest difference between most of the first world and the United States is 1. Our Constitution, 2. Private firearms ownership that protects the Constitution.  Don’t think for a moment that had we relinquished our firearms to the state like many of our peers that we wouldn’t look exactly like our neighbors to the North, or Europe, or Australia at this point.  I’ve said it in prior pieces and I will reiterate here, the time for normalcy bias has passed.  Draw your line in the sand now, because you’re not far from having it tested.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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