Jussie's Just the Black Hillary

Jussie Smollett and Hillary Clinton have a lot in common.  They both faked crimes in order to achieve personal glory.  They continue to cause unnecessary and bitter division by refusing to take any responsibility for their actions.  And neither of them is nearly as talented in their respective professions as each believes.  

It's a surreal thing to watch people who walk through life with such little regard for truth or virtue that they manage to seem even more haughty and spiteful when their lies are occasionally called out.  Here's Jussie, convicted of orchestrating a "hate crime" against himself, and his nose is high in the air, as if he is absolutely shocked that most Americans refuse to buy into his preposterous tale of victimhood.  And there's Hillary, with a chardonnay in one hand and a five-year-old never used "victory" speech in the other, still fantasizing that the Russians kept her from ascending to the White House as our first female president, even though most Americans now fully understand that she and her campaign fabricated the Russia Hoax out of whole cloth.  

I do not like lies.  I have found that even the smallest, best-intentioned ones have a tendency to roll along, gathering momentum, until they smack you from behind when you least expect it.  For the Jussies and Hillarys of the world, though, lies are just as valuable as truths — perhaps more valuable because they allow people of little talent and less substance to feign ability and project greatness, even when that greatness exists solely in their imaginations.

But there is something particularly evil in people who cannot be shamed when the lies they tell are exposed.  There is a darkness that attaches to the souls of those who not only refuse to admit their falsehoods or ask for forgiveness but also turn their fury at having been uncovered as frauds against those who dared to notice.  That kind of person finds kinship only in others of ignoble spirit.  And, when you consider that many of Hillary's confidants have been known liars and sexual abusers (her husband Bill, Harvey Weinstein, and Jeffrey Epstein among them), and that Jussie's fabulous fake crime won the immediate backing of known liars and race-hustlers Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Al Sharpton, and Joe Biden, this seems clear: "Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed."  These people live in darkness.

It's not as if the lies told by Juss and Hill were tiny untruths, either.  Quite the contrary — they posed significant risks to the country's stability and have created tremendous harm to the country's future, even after being exposed. 

Since 2016, Hillary's disinformation campaign to frame President Trump as a Russian agent working against the interests of the United States not only threatened to depose him from office in the equivalent of an Intelligence Community coup d'état, but also threatened to sink the nation into the type of factious chaos that could have easily provided the casus belli for a hot civil war.  Even before Trump's election in 2016, his supporters understood that the Establishment Class was conspiring to prevent or overturn his election.  They knew from day one that Hillary, Obama, the FBI, and the corporate media were in cahoots to spin outrageous tales that nobody with common sense believed.  And had a less capable or more easily cowed man been in office, their efforts to oust the duly elected president through calumny and propaganda would have worked.  Had his voters been forced to see their votes overturned through such treachery, I think the effect would have been indistinguishable from what followed Confederate batteries opening fire on Fort Sumter.   

I have always believed that, regardless of the Intelligence Community's use of the Russia Collusion Hoax to create evidentiary predicates providing legal cover for spying on Donald Trump and his campaign, the disinformation operation would never have been pushed so hard by Hillary had she not been caught holding national security secrets on a personal and unsecured home server which was kept in her bathroom and which had been accessed by foreign adversaries on several documented occasions.  Remember, Donald Trump was the candidate she and her political supporters most wanted to face in the general election because they colossally underestimated his appeal to the American people.  From her standpoint, faking an espionage scandal to frame her opponent was less about winning the election and more about marginalizing the seriousness of her own crimes.  So, at one level, Americans were forced to endure years of Russia Hoax disinformation from both their government and its propagandistic press allies because Hillary failed to respect even the most rudimentary duties incumbent upon someone entrusted with the nation's secrets.  She pushed a lie so dangerous that it could have led to the outbreak of civil war because she could not be honest about her own betrayals.  One lie begat the next, and she has never cared how much harm those lies would cause.  Everything has been for her glory.

Likewise, in the middle of a Black Lives Matter and Antifa campaign across America to burn cities to the ground should even the appearance of racial animus be suspected in cases involving the deaths or injuries of non-white Americans, Jussie Smollett concocted a staged incident to portray white, MAGA-loving Trump-supporters as part of a modern-day lynch mob.  Why?  To increase his fame and Hollywood prospects?  To enable Kamala Harris and Cory Booker to go on ad nauseam about their farcically anachronistic anti-lynching bill while they ran for president?  So that Michelle Obama would invite Jussie back to the White House?  Or because he psychopathically cast himself as the star and hero of a new reality television show that would run without end on the propaganda news outlets for which he was clearly auditioning?  

What's the worst that could happen?  Oh, who knows?  Maybe some innocent white people get killed in retaliatory racial attacks.  Or maybe anybody with a red ball cap gets bashed on the head with no warning.  Or maybe, just as Hillary nearly succeeded in triggering, Jussie's lies provoke all-out civil war and racial bloodshed.  Obama's rhetorical war on cops managed to drastically increase the incidence of police officer assassinations across the United States, a shocking reality mostly ignored to this day.  Who knows what kind of national conflagration a fake "attempted lynching" amplified by the mendacious messaging of Hollywood and ambitious politicians could have achieved?  But for a little luck and Jussie's poor acting abilities, America might still be on fire today.  

To risk death and national division for personal vanity is a sin too serious for punishment in this world alone.  And because Jussie and Hillary will probably never be forced to fully pay for their crimes here anyway, their tabs will surely follow them wherever they may go.  One thing is certain, though: because these two cannot tell the truth and are addicted to spreading lies, they will never find their way out of the darkness.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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