Dr. Peter McCullough Conducts Grand Rounds on COVID 19

See and hear a brilliant man expound on a subject that he has devoted himself to for an intense, almost two years -- like a half a million other interested persons, take a look at the Rumble video of Joe Rogan’s interview of Peter McCullough MD of Dallas Texas—put up on December 15, 2021 here.   Dr. McCullough described it as a” grand rounds” during the give and take of the interview, and it certainly was to me, a physician who has been at many grand rounds events in my 50 year career.  Grand Rounds is the Medical School or Hospital event where members of the Medical Department display their erudition and eloquence on matters of import—in the case of this interview Mr. Rogan was the Inquirer and Dr. McCullough the eager and well-prepared respondent.  Their performance was extraordinary on both sides—good penetrating pertinent questions by Rogan and satisfying answers from McCullough, backed by his command of the medical concepts and the research pertaining to the subject—COVID 19. 

Dr. McCullough is an Internist/Cardiologist of remarkable achievements; he graduated Alpha Omega Alpha from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and trained at top institutions including the University of Washington, University of Michigan, and William Beaumont Hospital.  He is the Editor-in-Chief of Reviews in Cardiovascucular Medicine, and has authored over 650 published studies in the medical literature—an academic and clinical physician who provides care, teaches, does research and reviews other physicians’ research, and has served on federal agency committees overseeing drug and clinical research. 

Most important, he treats and cares about patients and will not allow the nihilist “consensus” of the Fauci, organized medicine, and pharmaceutical combine vaccine-focused army to stand. He insists that physicians should be committed to treatment of COVID victims and not be so neglectful as to say—“no treatment, go home and come back when you really get sick and we’ll put you in the hospital and on a ventilator if you go bad.”  What they fail to say is that at that point you may be as much an income source as a really sick victim, but your chances of survival have degraded significantly.  McCullough has won the 2021 Humanitarian Physician of the Year award from Priority Health for his steadfast commitment to compassionate care of COVID-19 victims.

More important for this interview by Rogan, Dr. McCullough has treated COVID 19 patients from the beginning of the epidemic, not like so many TV and drug company shills, government agency “experts” who claim expertise but have no hands-on experience.  For example, in testimony before a Senate committee, attempting to refute Dr. McCullough’s testimony supporting early treatments, Dr. Jha of Brown University Medical School admitted he had never treated a COVID patient even though he condemned Dr. McCullough’s testimony advocating early treatment.

The federal agency Troika of Fauci, Brix and Redfield also have no actual clinical experience in treating COVID 19 or doing research on treatment of COVID; they just opine on their ill-founded and unprecedented lockdowns/school closings/social distancing/masks as though they represent the “consensus” and then they adhere to the “magical” vaccines that are not vaccines but new and experimental genomic protein stimulation experimental drugs with no studies to assure efficacy and safety. 

Dr. McCullough is one of the remarkable physicians who has stepped forward to expose Tony (I am the Science) Fauci and other government malfeasants in this 2-year COVID 19 virus debacle. McCullough is a founder and current president of the CardioRenal Society of America and is consider a leader in academic medicine who has always advocated that doctors work in teams and has emphasized the lack of teamwork by our public health officials on national TV.

Dr. McCullough is an advocate of ambulatory treatment (before it gets bad) of COVID 19 and published articles advocating treatment with monoclonal antibodies, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as well as other adjunctive treatments that are intended to prevent hospitalization of COVID 19 victims.  He and others have achieved excellent results with their protocols.

The Rogan interview was thorough, and Rogan played devil’s advocate on a number of issues, but Rogan also is an intelligent interviewer and very effective because he remembers who the expert is and who is the inquiring journalist.  I was impressed by his performance—short, insightful questions and good follow up questions for clarification.

In such an excellent situation Dr. McCullough thoroughly and insightfully, with good medical research references, made his case that the federal agency and organized healthcare and professional opposition to early treatment was malfeasance—motivated by financial and other factors that were driven by Vaccine Maker interests.  His disgust with the nihilistic approach of mainstream medicine and the aggressive censorship of early treatment and even late treatment was apparent and he backed his position with evidence a plenty. 

The 2-hour 45-minute interview had the following highlights:

  • The early wrong-headed decision to push unprecedented lockdowns, school closings and masking when the initial information on the virus did not support such mitigation
  • Coincidental failure to properly address the high-risk populations
  • Suppression of early studies by Eastern Virginia and Henry Ford Medical system advocating early treatment protocols
  • Aggressive censorship of early treatment research and advocacy and condemnation of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin on the basis of bad studies
  •  Later failure to promote monoclonal antibodies that were clearly efficacious
  • Politically motivated nihilistic “consensus” that was clearly malfeasance
  • Promotion of vaccines that were “experimental” and had uneven and troubling results in studies of efficacy and safety
  • Denial of the clear and sensible truth that natural immunity was superior to the genomic experimental stimulant
  • Persecution and censorship of those who advocated more than nihilism in ambulatory treatment
  • Adoption of mass vaccination, mass testing of even asymptomatic persons, testing with tests that were unreliable in order to stir up a panic and fear
  • Persistent advocacy of masks and isolation when research results did not support the policies
  • Failure after the vaccines came out to properly assess the efficacy and risks resulting in unusual and previously never-seen rates of failure, on the efficacy side and harm and even death on the risk side
  • Persistent promotion of vaccines and then boosters as the magic bullet even after the vaccine failures were piling up
  • Refusal to pay attention to other countries’ successes with outpatient ambulatory prophylaxis and treatment protocols
  • Throughout the pandemic, widespread misuse of positive tests (case counts)  as a metric rather than hospitalizations and deaths, and failure to properly report cause of deaths and age related morbidity and mortality, all unrestrained forms of panic porn promoted by government agencies and the media

Dr. McCullough spends a significant time explaining the problem of the ethics of experimental treatments like the COVID genomic treatment, the rates of injury and the some of the problems that are now well known—sudden deaths, blood clotting events that cause injuries, myocarditis, immune deficiency problems.  Mr. Rogan did a very good vetting of the issues—including pressing hard on the question of rates of adverse events in a mass vaccination scenario.  Dr. McCullough was in his element and provided excellent evidence and references on the problem of the adverse vaccine events when measured against the risk of the disease in some age groups or even the risk of the disease in the setting of adequate treatments instead of nihilism.

The high rate of asymptomatic cases and the rate of infectivity of the asymptomatic carriers were also vetted very well to debunk the scare tactics being employed by vaccine pushers.  On the other hand, the high rate of infectivity in the vaccinated population, the so-called “breakthrough” infections, was discussed and the reasons such a counterintuitive event would occur—the super spreader vaccinated person who is free to roam school or the workplace while in the incipient phase of COVID-19.

Because Mr. Rogan is a curious man and a good interviewer, the long interview rolls along so that the viewer is not bored and Dr. McCullough's insights are put on display under Mr. Rogan’s inquest—so I can recommend you take the time—COVID is, after all, the signal event of the past decade or more, going all the way back to 9-11.

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