Donald Trump, the Right President at the Right Time

Of the 46 presidents of the United States, there are three that can be considered indispensable to the nation’s enduring existence as a free people;  they are George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Donald Trump. 

Washington, without whose character and leadership the nation as we know it would not have been established; Lincoln, who preserved the Union and restored American society by abolishing slavery; and Trump, who has potentially rescued the country from an irretrievable headfirst dash into a permanent one-party socialist oligarchy eventuating in an inevitable fracturing of the Union.

Donald Trump’s inclusion on this list derives not only from his political, judicial, and legislative accomplishments but the dramatically positive impact he had on the psyche of Middle America, and initiating the transformation of a feckless Republican Party into a viable and resolute opposition -- as well as the party of the average American of all races, creeds, and ethnicities.  

Trump showed a nation stuck in a 28-year morass of political mediocrity and collectivism that fearlessness, determination, and an implacable conviction in the principles of the nation’s founding would defeat the elites and left-wing dominated Democrat party, their resolve to create a socialist oligarchy.

What would the landscape and future prospects for the United States be today if Donald Trump had decided not to run and Hillary Clinton was elected as the 45th president by the average margin predicted in the polls?   

That result very likely would have meant two very closely-contested Senate seats would have been won by the Democrats giving them control of that chamber.  During the course of a Hillary Clinton presidency, the filibuster in the Senate would have been essentially eliminated.  In the House of Representatives, the Republicans would have remained in nominal control with a smaller majority, but under the leadership of a squishy Speaker Paul Ryan and 50+ other so-called “moderate” Republicans.

Hillary would have appointed three left-leaning Supreme Court Justices as well as 234 other federal district and circuit court judges. Combined with the 334 judges that Obama appointed, the Obama-Hillary Clinton presidencies would have appointed 67% of all federal district and circuit court judges as well as 5 Supreme Court Justices (resulting in a 6-3 left-wing majority).   The Judiciary would be, on a near-permanent basis, sympathetic to Obama’s determination to transform the country and the de facto rewriting of the Constitution.

The chaos and seemingly endless misfeasance in the first eleven months of the Biden presidency are a window into what would have happened in a Hillary Clinton presidency.  As she, too,  would have acquiesced to the demands of the far-left cabal to whom Barack Obama granted a permanent oversized place at the table of power.  The Democrats in Congress would be, as they are now, in the thrall of the radical left -- the enduring legacy of Barack Obama.

The economy would be in far worse shape than it is today, as it would not have had the solid foundation, thanks to Trump’s policies, to weather the Covid-19 pandemic.   Taxes would not have been lowered but dramatically increased.  The “Green New Deal” would have been enacted primarily through executive orders and regulatory enforcement costing untold trillions of dollars and causing a massive rise in energy costs and in job losses.  Thousands of pages of new regulations would have been enacted, thus destroying existing businesses as well as new business formation.  

Image: Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore (edited in befunky). CC BY-SA 2.0.

What Hillary and the Democrats could not pass in Congress, they would have done through an endless litany of executive orders and regulations.  The ability of states or Congress to overturn the Hillary Clinton executive orders would fail in a divided Congress as well as fall on deaf ears with a Judiciary dominated by the left. 

The so-called “compromise” legislation (which means Republicans giving the Democrats 80% of what they want instead of 100%) that would have been passed would have included a dramatically expanded panoply of social and welfare spending, college debt forgiveness, and modified Medicare for all.  Thus, greatly expanding the need for money creation and debt as well as triggering inflation pre-Covid-19.

In the later years of the Hillary Clinton presidency, the Second Amendment would have been attacked with a vengeance using executive orders and “compromise” legislation, secure in the knowledge that the Courts would no longer be an obstacle.

The tactic begun during the Obama presidency of fomenting societal upheaval by using race as the pretext and the Department of Justice as the cudgel in order to permanently defeat and intimidate the political opposition would have been accelerated along with legislative and regulatory changes aimed at federalizing elections to favor the Democrat party.

The despots in China and Russia as well as the Mullahs in Iran would have been further empowered, thus, placing the United States at risk of war, intimidation, and second-class status.  As with Biden, the borders would have been swung wide open to unfettered illegal immigration, resulting in upwards of 8 million new illegals during Hillary’s first term.  “Compromise” legislation would have been passed to legalize, with eventual citizenship, up to 20+ million illegals.

When it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic, Hillary and the Democrats, gullibly taking the choreographed lead from the Communist Chinese, would have imposed economically devastating and health-destroying lockdowns and unconstitutional mandates upon the entire country along with unbridled money creation and accelerated inflation.  The people and the states would have had little or no recourse in the Courts.

In order to overcome the first-term failures of a Hillary Clinton presidency, the pandemic would have been unabashedly exploited and election fraud significantly more rampant than it was in the 2020 election.  Thus, ensuring the re-election of Hillary Clinton as well as Democrat domination of both houses of Congress and a Judiciary already in leftist hands.  

The fate of the United States would be sealed as the nation would have passed the point of no return.

Instead, a brash and confident Donald Trump burst through the doors of the two-party political establishment.  By renewing and recasting many of the economic policies of Ronald Reagan and initiating an America First domestic and foreign policy he not only reversed the downward trend of the nation and stopped the left in their tracks but showed the American people with his overwhelmingly effective policies that there were viable alternatives that worked.   Further, his determined effort to recast the Republican Party as the American populist party and the Democrats as the party of the elites and radicals is succeeding at an accelerated pace.

From 1989 to 2016 the nation had been stuck in a quagmire of inadequacy and failure in its political leadership.  Thus, leaving the citizenry uncertain about the future of the country with what they perceived to be no alternative in sight.   That is until Donald Trump heeded the call to lead in rescuing the nation from the clutches of the elitist wannabe autocrats.

Nothing exemplifies the importance of the Trump presidency than the chaos, mismanagement, ignorance, and failures of the Biden administration as the American people can see for themselves the stark differences between the two administrations.   They are primed to soundly defeat the Democrats in November of 2022 and 2024.

Regardless of Donald Trump’s gruff demeanor and unorthodox governing style or whether or not he runs for president in 2024, his place in American history is secure as he was the right president at the right time.

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