Death by Politics

Let me count the ways:

No. 1: China's actions and the virus have stunned the world.  The Western world has concerned itself with the origin of the virus without even questioning what China did at the beginning.  The Chinese blocked travel from Wuhan to the rest of their country but allowed travel from Wuhan to the rest of the world, deliberately killing millions and destroying the economies of their adversaries.  They did this without firing a shot.

No. 2: The Democrats' actions were just as bad.  Even after it became known that the virus was deadly to the elderly, Democrat governors began sending infected patients into nursing homes, causing the deaths of thousands.  I will use Governors Cuomo and Murphy for examples.  Then-president Biden created mandates that would remove thousands of medical staff from our system, leaving hospitals understaffed.  This was done at the same time huge shortages of personnel were causing delays in the delivery of basic goods.  Most working Americans were being hit by new "mandated requirements."  There were no such requirements for illegal aliens (from Mexico and Afghanistan), nor for welfare or food stamp recipients.  Poor planning and the Democratic lust for power brought America another huge crop of Death by Politics.

No. 3: Joe Biden and his actions drove the latest surge of the virus.  Biden told the American people that the "unvaccinated" were the cause.  While it was true that many unvaccinated died, it was the seeding of the nation with virus-infected illegals that was a great part of the cause.  A second action of the Biden administration was discouraging the use of therapeutics and in some cases withholding the drugs themselves.  Again, many died needlessly.  More Death by Politics.

No. 4: Later mandates imposed on the country by the federal government and Democratic state officials have ruined a consequential number of businesses and families.  We will never know how many died of suicide.  Further, these governments would not acknowledge that the millions who have had the virus are immune.  They have needlessly caused the children of our country the loss of two years of schooling.  Leftist officials deliberately spread fear for political purposes, instead of adhering to rational thought.  These ego-driven practices certainly caused many needless deaths.

No. 5: The defunding of our cities' police forces and the tragic mayhem it caused have resulted in disorder nationwide and uncountable deaths.  Since the demise of George Floyd, Democrat mayors of our largest cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York have left these communities open to the most violent elements of our society.  Leftist prosecutors are also to blame.  They purposely refused to properly process dangerous criminals, allowing even murderers to go free.  Thousands of Americans have died in our streets, while Democrats yell that guns are the problem.  These deaths are the direct result of the Democratic actions.  Travel to any of our largest cities, and you are taking your life into your hands.  Mayors and local officials who participated in movements to defund the police should be charged with malfeasance in office, as these cockeyed actions surely led to Death by Politics in the thousands.

No. 6: Foreign policy actions have already led to American deaths.  When Joe Biden decided to end the war in Afghanistan, a war that had already been won by the U.S. military, he chose to informally surrender to an enemy as an incompetent exit strategy.  In doing so, he abandoned hundreds of Americans and our loyal allies to a cruel fate.  They are now in the hands of a ruthless enemy that kills for the pleasure of killing.  Biden sacrificed thirteen of our brave military and endangered the lives of thousands more on the day of our unmilitary exit.  He has shown such weakness that he has endangered the entire nation.

No. 7: President Joe Biden has purposely left our southern border defenseless.  By design or chance, he has partnered with the drug cartels.  Fentanyl is flooding into our country.  This drug, 80 to 100 times more potent than morphine, is killing thousands of our people, yet this leader allows such to continue day after day.  How much money is kicked upward to Democratic politicians by the cartels and gangs that now operate in the USA?  Another number that eludes us is the number of women and children dying in the attempt to reach the U.S.  We will probably never know.

Another unknown consequence of the open border is how many terrorists have been let into our country.  How many of us will die because of the greed and perversity of Joe Biden and the Democrats?  Death by Politics walks nightly out of our southern border, allowed in by evil men and corrupt bureaucrats who never give the harsh deaths of Hispanic children in the desert a second thought.

No. 8: The next fatal move by Biden is beginning the destruction of our power grid.  Under the guise of the Green New Deal and climate change, the president has already begun his war on fossil fuels.  You are witnessing a monumental increase in cost for gas, oil, propane, and natural gas.  We will be competing with all the electric cars that he wants for power.  Our electric grid cannot sustain our demand for heat and air-conditioning while servicing the enormous need to charge electric vehicles.

The next move by governments will be the mandates.  If you think the mandates for the virus were bad, wait 'til green mandates befall us.  The only person standing between us and destruction is Joe Manchin, the senator from West Virginia.

In most societies, care is always taken to protect the weakest of their people.  That is no longer the case in the United States.  In the last two years, the Democrats have killed more Americans than we lost in twenty years of war.  You will never be told this by our free press, who are as guilty as the politicians.

Many more Americans will die and be impoverished by these decisions.  The dismantling of the greatest economy in world history will inevitably cause Death by Politics worldwide.  Who among us will be the next victim?

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