Accidentally, CNN Is Correct About Kamala Harris Critiques

Dear Readers: Please be prepared to call an ambulance as I dare to touch the third rail of American political journalism.

Believe it or not, CNN is actually correct. Racism and sexism are the foundation of the recent criticism of Kamala Harris. Early in his campaign, Biden announced he would name an African-American woman as his running mate. Therefore, Harris now holds her position solely because of two things: she is African-American (really part Jamaican) and she is a woman. That is the perfect example of racism and sexism.

The Leftists would like us to forget how Harris got her job.

Three years ago, Kamala Harris was a virtual political unknown outside of California. She admits she got her start in politics by sleeping with married Democrat California politicians. On the “Left Coast,” when you’re Willie Brown’s braunschweiger bun, everyone with political aspirations bows down to you. As California Attorney General, her claim to political fame was the large number of marijuana growers she jailed. It makes you wonder about the intelligence of someone who would proudly admit that to the potheads in the People’s Republic of California.

Harris was one of 29 candidates in the 2020 Democrat party presidential primary. As an example of how unknown she was, she polled behind Andrew Yang and Tom Steyer. Not to say Yang and Steyer were unknowns, but have either of their names popped up in dinner conversation recently?

Harris knew the first Democrat party debate was her only opportunity to gain notoriety. She rocketed to the top by accusing Joe Biden of being a racist. Biden learned his lines for the second debate and pushed Harris back into obscurity.

Harris gave us an early Christmas present by withdrawing from the primary on December 3, 2019. In political circles, it’s considered bad form not even to make it to the 2020 calendar in any 2020 election. She was running fourth in her own home state of California when she dropped out. One reporter on her campaign bus joked that everyone in the first nine pages of the Poughkeepsie, New York, telephone directory had more name recognition and favorable ratings than Kamala did!

Image: Kamala Harris (edited in befunky). YouTube screen grab.

But then, in July 2020, Biden decided to wake up his sleepy candidacy by promising a Black woman as his vice-presidential candidate. Even though Biden himself injected racism and sexism into the campaign, the Democrats and media both decided it was “good” racism and sexism, so they welcomed the commitment. But Democrat officials in DC were thrown into a tailspin by Biden’s unanticipated promise.

Former Obama national security advisor Susan Rice was initially the front runner but details began to leak that Rice convinced the Obamas to endorse the Hillary campaign team’s fictional Trump Russia Collusion Story. Rice was also remembered as the person who lied to America on five national TV news programs when blaming the Benghazi murders on a bad homemade movie. She became politically radioactive.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms was considered, but she had less television exposure outside Georgia than a TV station test pattern. Speaking of Georgia, “I-really-am-the-governor” Stacy Abrams had her bags packed…but the call never came.

Representative Cori Bush was considered, but her incitement of the fallacious “Hands up--Don’t Shoot” riots in Ferguson, Missouri, made AOC and the rest of The Squad look like Reagan Republicans by comparison.

It’s important to remember that, in modern politics, voters and political professionals often do not choose their favorite candidate. They choose the “least-worst” candidate. After eliminating all the other first-tier choices, Team Biden was left with Harris. There were many more qualified candidates, but none of them were both Black and female. The bottom line was Harris was the least-worst Black female candidate.

Post-election, Harris became invisible. Her only real job was calling the White House every morning and asking, “Is Joe fogging the mirror today?”

But as the public began to recognize Biden was screwing up everything he touched, Democrat DC power brokers knew they had to focus the public’s severe negative reactions somewhere else. They proceeded to put Kamala Harris in charge of the Southern border problem. Any reporter’s question regarding the border was answered, “Call Kamala.” Reporters called. Kamala never answered.

As the entire country continued to suffer disaster after disaster, it became obvious Biden could never fulfill his four-year term. That created a huge new problem.

It was always quietly assumed Harris would be eased out of the 2024 presidential nomination. Her constant giggling in response to questions, looking like a female Forrest Gump in the staged educational space symposium with child actors, and sounding like a female Inspector Clouseau at the Paris climate conference confirmed that assumption.

Back home, Biden’s countless stumbling and mumbling mind wanderings reminded everyone he would never complete his first term! At that point, DC Democrats realized a certain document called the Constitution required Kamala’s move into the Oval Office as Joe was wheeled out.

With this public presidential fiasco continuing, and confirmed by the Virginia gubernatorial election, the Democrats had to blame something other than themselves for the problem.

So of course, in their latest borborigmic spin, the Democrat party house organs such as the Washington Post, New York Times, and the collective MSM all proclaimed every criticism of Kamala was caused by racism and sexism.

I want to send a congratulatory telegram to the publishers, editors, and anchors at the mainstream media. For the first time in decades, they got it right. Biden’s racism and sexism are the foundation of any criticism of Kamala. No one thinks Kamala Harris was the most qualified vice-presidential candidate in 2020. Few think she was qualified at all, but Biden’s personal proclamation that the vice president must be a Black woman injected racism and sexism into the 2020 campaign. Americans are left to suffer for another 3 ¼ years.

Ed Sherdlu is the pen name of a former CBS television network reporter.  He uses a pen name because his mother would be so embarrassed to know that Ed's 12-Step Journalism Recovery Program was a failure.

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