This Democrat Criminal Prosecution System is Deeply Immoral

One certain sign that a country has gone off the rails is when the governing power systematically imposes a criminal prosecution that is prepared to change laws and conditions to favor the criminals over law-abiding citizens and create an atmosphere that leaves them defenseless.

This frightening phenomenon is occurring throughout America, mainly in Democratic states and cities. It is happening so often that it represents a deliberate policy to fundamentally change the American legal system that leaves ordinary citizens defenseless under law.

In Massachusetts, prosecutors can seize your money and hold it indefinitely even if people are not accused of a crime. 

Rachel Rollins is Biden’s nominee to be the next U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts. while serving as District Attorney for Suffolk County, where she declined to prosecute certain dangerous crimes and pushed for ‘reallocating' police funding.

Rollins was candid that she came into the job as an activist not as a constitutional lawyer. She wrote, “If you want to change the legal system you should become a prosecutor because you have the power to determine changes and what crimes to prosecute.”

In other words, they decide which crimes not to prosecute.  This may be fine if a prosecutor applies reason and restraint, as Senator Ted Cruz argues, but, increasingly, this is not always the case in Democrat America.

Cruz claims that the dangerous reality of a burgeoning Democrat legal system is buried in an anonymous document entitled ‘Appendix C. SCDAO declination and diversion policy.’

It lists fifteen charges that should be declined or dismissed pre-arraignment. In other words, not worthy to be brought to trial. And there lies the rub. The prosecutor is saying. I am the law, and I am not just deciding what cases to prosecute but, more sinisterly, I am deciding what cases not to bring to court. Just throw them out. I am not interested I hearing these cases.

What possibly could these cases be under the watchful eye of a prosecutor such as activist Rachel Rollins. Here are the cases. You decide.

Trespass. Do you want the laws of trespass removed from the law books of your community? The top prosecutor for the State of Massachusetts wants to remove the laws of trespass from its statute books. Trespass will no longer be against the law. It will no longer be illegal for someone to enter your house or property without your permission. I wonder what would have happened in Washington DC on January 6 when a large number of peaceful protesters decided to enter Congress to speak to their representatives. Trespass is the only legal charge Democrat politicians can find to throw at angry voters. Does Rollin's law apply to them, or only to criminals?

Shoplifting. We have all seen endless videos of looters barging into stores and walking out with bags full of free stuff. This will no longer constitute a criminal activity. It is amazing to see that you can enter a store in America and the cost of every item is zero. This isn't good for store owners but what does this tell you about a society in which others take off shelves for free and that person is protected by your law officials while you feel like a sucker for paying for them? What does that tell you about a society gone wrong?

Under Rachel Rollins, larceny is not a crime. Neither is disorderly conduct and disturbing the police. Receiving stolen goods will not be a crime in Massachusetts under Rollins. So the person who walks into a store, or a home, and walks out with all sorts of stuff and gives them to his fence to sell, all this is not illegal and not punishable because those we consider criminal will not be arrested, charged, or brought to court.

What world are they creating in America? It is one that favors the criminal and leaves the citizen defenseless.

It goes on. Driving with a suspended license might seem a mild offense. You get suspended over some minor incident and sneak out to buy groceries near your home. Nu!Nu!  But what is the main reason for the driving suspension law? Drunk driving. So now, under prosecutors like Rollins, it’s open season for drunk drivers. Expect more folk, including kids to be murdered by Rollins drunk drivers. 

Breaking and entering will not be a crime. Someone can break into your house without fear of arrest. Add to this larceny and, under prosecutors like Rollins, you are legally defenseless. The dregs of society can do what they want, even in your own home or business, and literally get away scot-free.

They can even threaten you for that too is not a legal offense unless, of course, if you are a protesting parent at a school board meeting angry at the indoctrination or rape of your young child in her school in which case you are a domestic terrorist, extremist, or white racist, for scaring a board member with your rage. 

Even if your property has been broken into and burgled and you call for police help, do not be surprised if the police don’t arrive. Under Rollins, resisting arrest is not a crime so why should the police bother to respond to your call? 

For criminals, this will be the standard non-criminal way of dealing with the police. That is, if you will still have police in Massachusetts.

This is what Rollins said about defunding the police. “I think we give the police far too much. We can reimagine and reallocate funding.” 

In other words, under Democrat-appointed prosecutors there will be no police. They put criminals and their interests above those of law-abiding citizens.

The same media that described the BLM/ANTIFA 2020 mob violence that destroyed private and federal property and attacked and killed people across America as “peaceful protesters” were baying for the blood of a Kenosha teenager.

In Salt Lake City, they hounded an anonymous Craig Shepherd for sending $10 for Rittenhouse’s legal defense.

In Virginia, police sergeant William Kelly, a father of three and a wife suffering from cancer, was fired from his job without a pension for sending $25 to Rittenhouse’s defense.

This is where America is heading. Kyle Rittenhouse is a metaphor for innocent Americans against both the criminal mob and the new anti-citizen criminal justice system. 

This 17-year-old volunteered to protect someone's property and ended up shooting people about to kill him. Even the prosecution's star witness, a man who had been shot by the teenager, admitted, “Yes, I had a loaded gun and I was running at him.”

Even with that statement, he expected Rittenhouse to be jailed, but Rittenhouse was fortunate to have an old school judge, and not someone like Rollins. However, Judge Bruce Schroeder is a dying breed. They are being replaced with people in the mold of Rollins and District Attorneys like LA’s George Gascon with sweeping radical ideas.

As author and potential political candidate J.D. Vance said of Rittenhouse, “It was not a trial. It was child abuse. It was an indictment of a system that bullied and humiliated a teenager who defended himself.”

In America. There is no equal justice under the law. They attacked Trump on fake Russian collusion charges while the real Russian collusion was being practiced by the DNC and Clinton under the knowing and watchful eye of Obama. Trump acolytes, Roger Stone and General Flynn, were dragged out of their homes in the middle of the night and indicted on untruthful charges while Hillary Clinton, James Comey and even General Milley get away with offenses that may reach the level of treason. 

Michael Flynn in 2016 (Gage Skidome CC BY 2.0 license

In America, if you have the wrong politics, whether you are a president, a parent, or a teenager, the justice system will come after you with a vengeance.  

In America, there are a bunch of power-hungry leftists who are using the criminal system as a weapon against their political rivals and the people. 

American citizens need to tell the truth in greater numbers. They need to go toe to toe with enforcers who lie as they favor criminals and killers over law-abiding citizens under siege. 

This is the morality of Israel. It should become yours, America, before you lose your country.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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