The Political Class Is Working To Make Americans Expendable

The Expendables isn’t just a movie anymore. It is fast becoming the American way of life under the most callous and dictatorial Presidential administration this nation has ever seen.

On Wednesday, November 3, US House Representatives Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Luis Gohmert attempted a welfare check on the January 6 prisoners in the D.C. jail in which they are being held. They were turned away.

The US Marshals, however, when they conducted a surprise inspection of the jail in which the 1/6 prisoners were being held, were able to obtain admission. They found the conditions so deplorable that 400 pretrial detainees were transferred to another facility. The January 6 prisoners were not among them. They continue to languish under brutal conditions. Why weren’t they moved with the other detainees? To ask the question is to answer it.

Meanwhile, due to the despicable COVID vaccine mandate, thousands if not tens of thousands of first responders who exhausted themselves saving countless lives during the pandemic will now be out on the streets and struggling to support their families and keep roofs over their heads. That they declined the vaccine due to natural immunity or for personal medical or religious reasons is of no consequence. “Do what we tell you or we will destroy you!” is a hell of a way to pay back those armies of heroes.

It’s no way to treat any Americans under any circumstances. Yet possibly hundreds of thousands of Americans face the same ugly fate for the crime of noncompliance with this totalitarian mandate.

Meanwhile, over in Afghanistan, the State Department confirmed that four hundred American citizens, possibly more, are trapped inside the terrorist hellhole state the Biden Administration itself created through the single most devastating act to America since the 9/11 attacks. If you are wondering about their fate, you have good reason.

A search on the State Department website for “Afghanistan” leads to a page announcing that, on November 9 at 1:30 pm, there will be an Afghan Resettlement Stakeholders Town Hall...whatever that means. So far, the true American citizen stakeholders in all this haven’t fared so well. My search results indicate that the last State Department briefing held on the status of American citizens held in Afghanistan was on September 27.

It all looks very grim. But the news isn’t all bad, depending on who you are. The hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens that have crossed our Southern border are not required to be vaccinated at all before they spread out all across the American wild. Unlike American citizens, illegals are encouraged but not compelled under duress.

Members of Congress and their staffers, of course, are exempt from the mandate, as per the Orwellian-named Safer Federal Workforce Task Force. If you are ultraviolent Antifa Flying Squad Blackshirts, no worries compared to the 1/6 detainees. Your charges, even up to felony assault of a federal law officer, will be dropped before you ever see the inside of a courtroom. Also, unlike the 1/6 detainees who have been detained without bond, Antifa and BLMers have high-ranking Democrats up to the Vice President herself who will do all they can to bail you out.

If you firebombed an NYPD van or even committed murder, you have all the right people on your side. Even the FBI. It’s almost enough to lead you to believe that Antifa, like the Klan before it, is the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party. What they protest and who they attack has yet to deviate from DNC policy that I can see. Strange, no?

There are countless other Expendables such as parents doxxed, blacklisted, and fired for the audacity of challenging their school boards over anti-white racist constructs, gender insanity, and Marxist orthodoxy. Even though the National School Boards Association has rescinded its infamous ‘domestic terrorist parents’ letter, AG Garland’s FBI memo on parents is still in full effect.

Why? If you back way up and look at the overall picture here, it has all the appearances of a Stalinist purge of the non-compliant and brutal examples made of those who would challenge Democrat authority as a warning to others. This left-wing Democratic fascism is also apparent in cancel culture and the purge of American culture in exchange for one that is repugnant to most Americans, yet familiar to our immigrant citizens who have experienced it.

Big Tech and Big Media are also doing their part in full to demonize and silence any who would dare challenge the Orthodoxy. A Congressman who dares declare that DHHS Secretary Rachel Levine, a biological male for half a century, is a male isn’t safe from unpersoning on Twitter. Even comedians such as Dave Chappelle aren’t safe. Where this is all going, I have no idea, but it really looks bad.

What happened in Virginia is a huge breath of relief for parents. Under a second term of Terry McAuliffe, does anyone doubt that he would have resisted allowing undercover FBI agents to operate in the state to collect intel and prepare to arrest parents whose only concerns are their children’s education? Given that the FBI memo is still active, I have no doubt that this is happening in Democrat-run states.

How I wish that we had a proactive Republican opposition in Congress. Serving as a wall for the Democrats’ Destroy America bills (and a very weak wall as Friday’s House vote showed) is all well and good, but it’s nowhere near enough. A select handful, like Reps. Taylor-Greene and Gohmert are being proactive and getting directly involved. As to the vax mandate, Nicki Minaj has single-handedly done more to counter the fascist vax mandate than the entire GOP.

It makes me wonder. Are Republicans so quiet on the mandate because they are all receiving Vegas paydays from Pfizer?

In the meantime: Do Not Comply! Challenge any school boards trying to mess your kids up so bad they don’t even know who they are anymore (which is the idea in my humble opinion). When people have no identities or are so screwed up they don’t even recognize their own bodies, programming is far easier and resistance far less forceful.

In closing, I will make a prediction. If the Biden administration tries to force a vaccine mandate on children under duress as they have adults, they are asking for q catastrophic pushback. Voices far more influential than mine are saying the exact same thing. The adult vax mandate is poking a stick into a tiger cage. With a child vax mandate, that tiger is out.

And Republicans, do every damn thing you have to to get our citizens out of Afghanistan. Hire mercenaries if you must. State is useless. Get them out. And free the January 6 Detainees. Issue Congressional orders or obtain court orders. Sue. Get them out.

I’ll be watching. You better at least try. Or I will have no problem doing all I can to support primary challengers to as many of you feckless, cowardly, and corrupt Uniparty worms next year as humanly possible. The nation’s black mood is on my side, not yours. Words to the wise. Do your jobs!

Image: American under attack. (American map by George Hodan. Public domain. Military Missile from freeiconspng.) 

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