The Pick of the Left's Litter

The cascade of unforced domestic and international policy errors of the current administration, each more damaging to our economic well-being and national security than any fabricated misstep of the Trump presidency, has not dissuaded most Republican senators from allowing radical ideologues to assume positions of power. Juxtapose that to the mistreatment of Trump nominees, when Democrats flashed a middle finger across the aisle at those who had previously anointed the way for Obama’s cabinet picks.

In the catbird seat, Biden seems more a cat’s paw president, a career politician who upended mathematics and political history by winning more votes than voters after a bumbling basement campaign that sparked little public interest.  He has brought both sympathy and worrisome attention to the cognitive plight of the elderly.  Reflexively, he rubber-stamps executive orders that appear out of nowhere and level a wrecking ball at the American economy.  Without White House meddling, the legacy economy would have sailed out of the COVID storm.  Instead, the concurrence of inoculation mandates, supply gridlock, needless energy dependency, putting the unvaxxed labor force on the breadline, and government alms that encourage unemployment in a favorable job market papered over with Help Wanted signs, all have the economy circling the drain.

Biden is most troublesome when he wanders away from the teleprompter and the country.  Recently, he jetted off to Glasgow with an entourage of 13 cabinet members and hundreds of staffers.  Along the way, he took a convoy of gas guzzlers to the See of Rome to charm the papacy with his devoutness to climate change. Biden was blessed to feast on the Lord’s host, a sure sign that Marxist kinship trumps the sanctity of life and values expected of all good Catholics.

Kamala Harris is an ersatz figure who can wax a southern twang faster than jiggy Hilary on ebonics.  With poll numbers so dismal that benefactors abandoned her 2020 presidential campaign in its nascent stage, she was still plucked from a last place finish to fill shoes a mere heartbeat away from the Oval Office.  Team Biden suffers chronic agita as she shirks one after another of her appointed duties.  Her efforts as border czar have been as productive as a no-show union job in a Jersey port. Canned public appearances and ad hoc pressers end up as front-page gaffes and she has become political deadweight for hosting White House functions for fugitive Texas state Democrats who abandoned their sworn duties, stoking anti-Semitism, and offering giddy remarks with offputting references to slavery over migrants rushing the border.  Recently beamed up as the new chair of the National Space Council, a scripted public service announcement using a group of child actors simply highlighted her condescending and aloof character.

A majority of Senate Republicans voted aye for Pete Buttigieg.  In so doing, they saddled us with a transportation chief who believes his right to paid family leave ranks above his oath of office and responsibility to manage a supply chain disaster of the administration’s own making.  Other than possessing a valid Indiana driver’s license, Mayor Pete’s only dealings with transportation involved ridding South Bend of one-way streets.  What little else he understands about highways, bridges, trucks, ships, and planes is unimportant to a White House obsessed with Marxist notions of equity, ridding the fruited plains of fossil fuels, throwing up wind farms, solar panels, and shell-gaming infrastructure funds into green pet projects.  As maritime cargoes continue to spoil and rust offshore, the bonnie lad joined Biden in Glasgow, throwing his lot in with the climate fascistas.

Aly Mayorkas has bewildered all by prioritizing homeland security assets to root out a chimera of white bogeymen while outright rejecting a border crisis in plain view.  When the regime media finally turned an embarrassing light on the unvetted, unvaccinated, and often sick migrants huddled under the Del Rio Bridge, Mayorkas immediately emptied the makeshift encampment, distributing worthless notices to report and offering free bus rides and flights to the American heartland.  Before moving on, he took a swipe at his own mounted Border agents, further demoralizing the force by gaslighting adroit horseback skills as the racist horsewhipping of Haitians.

Just off Independence Avenue sits a health secretary with no standing in the profession.  Not to worry, as California’s former top cop, Xavier Becerra is closely counseled on policy by Dr. Rachel Levine, who holds a Gender X passport and the new flag rank of trans-admiral.  As a prior state commish, Levine spirited her mother away to a hotel before sending hospitalized COVID patients into Pennsylvania nursing homes.  The policy, replicated by neighboring governors Cuomo and Murphy, brought thousands in custodial care too soon to meet their Maker.

Merrick Garland is an attorney general wittingly leading a broken criminal justice system that wields a truncheon against the free speech of parents fretting over their child’s education, denies bail and inflates penalties against conservatives for misdemeanor protest offenses, and is gamed by progressives who fund city and state attorneys to ignore rioting and dismiss criminal prosecutions faster than a drive-by shooting.  Garland keeps his thumb on the law enforcement profession by giving carte blanche to an admitted black supremacist and anti-Semite with a Harvard chip on her shoulder who is working overtime at the Civil Rights Division to impose expensive, lengthy, and ineffective federal oversight on police departments.

The new head of the Bureau of Land Management, Tracy Stone-Manning, who will oversee 250 million acres of federal parks and lands, was confirmed along party lines despite perjurious testimony before Congress.  In 1989, Manning was in the FBI crosshairs as part of a plot in Idaho to spike trees with foot-long metal rods, a booby trap that turned chain saws in the hands of lumberjacks into shrapnel.  Manning escaped indictment only by turning snitch on her fellow ecoterrorists.  That inconvenient truth was spun by Democrat stalwarts to represent her heroic efforts for the prosecution.

The welfare of the national banking system may soon be in the hands of Saule Omarova, a Moscow State University graduate awarded a Vladimir Lenin academic scholarship whose thesis swooned over Russia’s economic system.  The tome did not escape the attention of Republican senators, although it was scrubbed from her vitae.  As nominee for the Comptroller of the Currency, Omarova believes that all private banking should fall within the purview of the Federal Reserve, putting the government in firm control of a free-enterprise economy.  While Republicans have come out swinging in opposition, Omarova has brushed away their criticism with woke warrior charges of McCarthyism, gender bias, and racism.

The list seems unending.  Secretary of State Tony Blinken eats hefty portions of crow and belches apologies after each dressing down from Xi Jinping’s political henchmen. He recently blundered by deep-sixing a negotiated Australian submarine contract with France.  Janet Yellen, at the helm of the Treasury, creates new monetary theory arguing that we should eliminate the debt ceiling and slacken the purse strings to binge-print away the threat of hyperinflation, putting the dollar in league with the Greek drachma and Weimar papiermark.  Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, after putting flowers in the gun barrels of America’s armed forces, is sticking to his own guns that 71 soldier deaths from COVID, or three-thousandths of one percent, is sufficient to justify the discharge or sidelining of tens of thousands of unvaccinated soldiers during a time of rising tensions with the Sino-Russian axis.

The West Wing shadows behind the Biden teleprompter are using a whole-of-government approach to attack democracy and the economic welfare of productive wage earners.  The wokeness, diversity, and ideology of the cabinet may placate the progressive wing, but their lack of job fitness is on a par with useful idiots expected to surrender their departmental authorities to the whims of unlawful executive actions destructive to the American way of life.

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