The Disturbing And Shocking Plan To Replace Kamala Harris

Viewing America from outside the country adds a semi-neutral perspective on news and events. I’ve been told there’s value in hearing an outside viewpoint about people more intimately tied to the emotional maelstrom of unfolding events. Conversely, I find it helpful to receive information from people in the know, which adds to the volume and depth of my research. When it comes to Kamala Harris’s floundering, I’ve been hearing shocking gossip.

I received this gossip directly from a Washington insider. It will be difficult to confirm until it happens, if it happens. I hesitated before sharing it with you. I still have doubts over the wisdom of writing about it, but it points to cogs currently in motion behind closed doors.

On November 18, CNN published an article entitled Exasperation and Dysfunction: Inside Kamala Harris’s frustrating start as vice president.” The article speaks about “a rocky relationship with some parts of the White House.” It refers to “signs of disloyalty” from the vice president. This could have to do with Harris’s views on Biden’s almost daily faux pas or the fact that Harris has failed to do what is required of her, with the border crisis as one glaring example.

The suspicion of an impasse between the Biden and Harris camps came to the fore with gossip/information I received last week.

The bad blood between them stems from Jill Biden, wife of the President, who, I heard, hates Kamala Harris. It goes back to when Harris accused Biden of being a racist during the televised Democrat presidential debates.

That hurt for two reasons. Biden has a troubling past over race issues based on his incriminating comments throughout the years and his close friendships with Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd. Given the racial climate of left-wing politics, Jill Biden knew this could have seriously damaged her husband’s chances of reaching the White House, a goal she was as determined to achieve as her husband.

Jill Biden also knew that Harris had intimately attached herself to the radical wing of the Democrat Party and that this could have swung the decision against her husband, particularly if her husband’s past became a major issue.

In the end, Harris was never a major contender. The establishment insiders worked to keep her low in the polls and, eventually, she dropped out of the race.

Image: Kamala Harris (edited in befunky). YouTube Screen grab.

Even then, when names were being selected to be Biden’s running mate, establishment insiders favored Amy Klobuchar but were persuaded that picking Kamala Harris as potential VP had a more successful PR ring to it. With Biden as their president, they had to raise the ante to beat Trump and Pence. They surrendered their bias and chose Harris.

But now, as things have soured between the two camps, they are looking at Biden’s mental deterioration and lack of stamina and are running scared that Biden may soon have to resign as president, in which case Kamala Harris will walk into the Oval Office.

One of the things that scares them as much as it does the Republicans is that President Harris would promote a member of the Squad to become the next House leader, replacing a probably retiring Nancy Pelosi.

So, behind the scenes, the cabal is plotting a succession acceptable to them. It begins with the premise that Harris must go before Biden does.

Two names were mulled over. They see Pete Buttigieg as a malleable young figurehead, figurehead being the operative word. The movers and shakers wanted someone in the Oval Office, like Biden, who will do their bidding over policies and budgets. However, Buttigieg is too much of a lightweight. He just proved himself to be a failure as Transport Secretary. He spent over two months at home feeding the baby as hundreds of freighters and tankers were unable to offload their cargo because thousands of truck drivers went missing.

The other name that is a constant is Hillary Clinton. This is probably due to Hillary Clinton constantly pushing herself for the job. The problem with Hillary Clinton is that, although they consider she’d be a capable vice president, would she be able to beat Donald Trump in 2024 should The Donald decide to take his title back? The answer is no.

The answer is clear, the problem is solved, according to my source, by selecting Michelle Obama. Money, the machinery of power, the media will be behind her.

The reason she could not be persuaded to run for President in 2020 was that she was afraid of being defeated. That problem is solved if she is eased into power in stages. First, she will be called upon to fill the vice-presidential vacancy a departing Kamala Harris would leave. And then, probably before the 2022 mid-term elections, Biden will be asked to step down gracefully by those pulling the strings, and by Jill Biden as well, to allow Michelle Obama to become the caretaker president leading up to 2024.

This will, they hope, swing the polling in their favor for the Primaries.

Race and gender will be an even louder drumbeat leading up to 2024 with Michelle Obama in the White House. By 2024, the propaganda will be so loud that it will be considered treasonous for the people to vote against a Black, female president in 2024.

Democrats will ensure that race will remain the front and center issue in American society. This is the scenario that is being plotted behind closed doors in Washington DC.

Barry Shaw is the international public diplomacy director at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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