Republicans Can Be Just as Woke as Democrats

When Dr. Richard/Rachel Levine was named four-star rear admiral to the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps in October most liberals recognized Levine as the “first-ever female four-star admiral” in the USPHS Commissioned Corps. Oh really? Maybe for those who put identity over biology, but for everyone else the first woman had yet to earn that prestigious title.

Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., had his Twitter account locked for tweeting what many Americans believe: “The title of the first female four-star officer gets taken by a man.”

Using his personal Twitter account to continue the discussion, Banks wrote:

Calling someone that was born and lived as a man for 54 years the first “female” four-star officer is an insult to every little girl who dreams of breaking glass ceilings one day.

Matt Margolis of PJ Media and the website he writes for have yet to have their Twitter accounts restored since adamantly calling Levine a man. Writing on Nov. 9, Margolis shared:

It’s not enough for a man to call himself a woman. The rest of us are expected to participate in that delusion. They think their right to believe what they want trumps our right to believe the facts.

Think about the absurdity of what happened: The 64-year-old Levine who has lived 54 years as a man and only 10 years as a woman is now recognized by Democrats as the “first woman” four-star rear admiral in the Public Health Corps.

Before you roll your eyes and mumble that this is Democrat wokeness, consider that some Republicans play the woke game just like the Democrats they frequently denounce.

Just recently, Ronna McDaniel, who is Chair of the Republican National Committee, announced that the RNC is launching an LGBT Pride Coalition. This is the same RNC that did so little in the days and weeks following the 2020 presidential election when there were (and still are) credible claims of election fraud.

The California Federation of Republican Women (CFRW), with more than 130 clubs throughout the state, beat McDaniel to the trans game. CFRW bylaws hold that primary members must be Republican women and that men are welcomed only as associate members. Last year, though, CFRW ignored its bylaws and allowed a transgender person (male-to-female) to become a member. This means the CFRW executive board, without membership approval, ruled that “woman” is determined by identity and not biology.

Then a CFRW club voted him/her president and it made the local news.

Then the supposed conservative Republican Congressman Darrell Issa installed him/her as president.

Image: Swearing in by Darrell Issa. Facebook page.

Immediately, MassResistance activists in the club, as well as surrounding CFRW clubs, started sharing and protesting how the organization’s leadership had rejected its own bylaws. They and others wondered why they should elect Republicans with an eye to smaller government, lower taxes, strong military, right-to-life, pro-Second Amendment, adherence to the U.S. Constitution, and all the other GOP talking points if the Republicans are going to vote and act like Democrats?

As yourself how much you’ll care about GOP talking points in these situations?

  • When your daughter walks into a woman’s restroom and finds a boy in a dress standing there, are you worried about lower taxes?
  • When your kids or grandkids go to the public library and there’s Drag Queen Story Time, are you focused on a strong military?
  • When your wife and daughter are sitting in a women’s sauna and the person next to them has a beard, are you concerned about smaller government?
  • When your daughter is active in sports and hopes to earn a college scholarship until she loses competitions to a trans female, are you thinking about deregulation?

Biology of Identity?

Visit any CFRW club website or attend any club meeting and there’s a celebration of women!

The California Federation of Republican Women, which was founded in 1925, is chartered under the auspices of the National Federation of Republican women. With clubs in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, each state federation designs its own bylaws but can’t conflict with NFRW bylaws.

When membership bylaws were written, no one considered that the definition should state “biological” woman. But we live in bizarre times where Facebook offers 58 gender options and your USA international passport can now show an “X” for gender. It seems people can change their sexual identity the way they can change their hair color.

“You’re out of order!”

Some members at the organization’s October 2021 convention in Rancho Mirage pushed back against the CFRW executive board’s unilateral decision that “woman” should be based on identity rather than biology. To that end, they attempted to bring an emergency bylaw amendment to the floor.

Yet each time someone came to the microphone, leadership cut off the mic and angrily told the member that she was out of order. Finally, one woman walked away from the turned-off microphone and yelled into the cavernous conference room about what was happening.

Some members were learning about this issue for the first time. Others had known but thought they were the only ones who felt it was wrong. A few had complained to the executive board and were called transphobic.

Days later, some members shared their concerns, stressing this is not about any one individual. “I don’t want to hurt any person’s feelings but why wasn’t this stopped early on?” asked several long-time members. Another said, “We’re all angry, disappointed, and disgusted.”

One confided, “My personal belief is that only biological women should be members of this organization. However, if the majority voted otherwise, I would accept that decision. But let the membership vote!”

Several were annoyed that “conservative” Congressman Darrell Issa went along with the woke parade. “Republicans like Issa are exactly what is wrong with the Republican Party,” claimed one frustrated member adding, “Why should I volunteer my time to elect woke Republicans?”

Many repeatedly pointed out that the California Federation of Republican Women is an outstanding organization that has helped elect Republicans up and down the state. “Not an easy feat in blue California,” said one member. “I hope this issue doesn’t hurt the Federation, but it can’t be ignored,” chimed another.

After Levine was named rear admiral, Tucker Carlson, who has the highest-rated cable news show said:

Just this week the Biden administration declared that a biological man who wears a dress is now a female admiral. And then they sent that brave four-star female admiral out to deliver a speech that read like something out of D-Day documentary.

Eventually, the Federation must let its members decide if the definition of woman should be based on identity or biology. As more members learn about the situation and what happened at the convention, perhaps they might conclude that it’s the California Federation of Republican Women leadership that is out of order.

If you believe that only biological women should be members of the National/California Federation of Republican Women, let the leadership know:

Susan Blair, President of California Federation of Republican Women

Ann Shockett, President of National Federation of Republican Women

Sydnee Pearl Michaels is a pseudonym.

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