Modern American Jury Suggestification

Back in the old days, America had jury nullification, which meant that juries sometimes went against the evidence and the ruling class narrative. Because they were Americans.

But today, the plebs wouldn’t dare. Things are different.

In the current race panic, juries have been remarkably helpful to the ruling-class cause. In the Derek Chauvin case, the half-white jury took no time at all in deciding that Chauvin was guilty of snuffing out the life of a helpless drugged-out black minor criminal. In the Rittenhouse case the one-black jury took its time to declare the baby-faced white teenager not-guilty. And in the Arbery case the one-black jury declared the three deplorable whites guilty of murdering a young black jogger.

But now comes Waukesha. And a no-good black defendant that allegedly mowed down a bunch of whites in a Christmas parade.

I have put Google Search to the test on “did Darrell Brooks ever have a job” and the result is that there is no mention of “job” or “employment” in the search results.

Which raises the interesting question of “just how does a violent dreadlocked African-American “aspiring rapper” like Brooks live?” Does it have anything to do with the government benefits obtained by the various baby-mamas in his life? Racist minds would like to know.

Like many things in Woke America, it is probably better not to ask. Especially if you have a job or ever expect to testify in front of a school board that likes nothing better than to arrest a couple of parents of an evening, just because.

But I am a future-oriented person. I am thinking forward to the jury selection in the Brooks case. And I say that the only just and equitable thing will be to have a one-white jury. All the rest should be dreadlocked descendants of Negro slaves, and at least four jurors should be “aspiring rappers.”

See, the way I look at it, the three juries thus far in the Year of Floyd pretty well decided the cases in ways that redounded to the benefit of the ruling class.

It would have been intolerable for the Chauvin jury to go against the unanimous opinion of all good people that Derek Chauvin monstrously killed the drugged-out petty criminal St. George Floyd.

It would have caused a white rebellion if the jury in the case of baby-faced good-kid Rittenhouse had convicted him.

It would have caused a black rebellion if the jury in the case of black jogger Ahmaud Arbery had not struck down the presumptuous White Trash that decided to take the law into their own hands.

Hey kids. How about the Brooks case? Can a jury presume to convict a helpless victim that, “papers say:”

was admitted to a mental hospital at 12 and attempted suicide numerous times in his early years after losing his grandmother and watching his father abuse his mom[?]

But can America let a man go free that allegedly diverted a criminal SUV from its satanic mission to fry the planet into a bigoted Christmas parade and killed little children -- even if those children were white?

That is why I think that justice and the arc of history require that the Brooks jury should be a jury of Brooks’ peers: dreadlocked Blacks, “aspiring rapper” blacks, and baby-mama African American females. Plus a quota white. All good people will want to know what the Lived Experience of the Brooks jury tells them about the Waukesha Christmas parade incident.

And don’t tell me that the descendants of slaves are helpless victims that should never be called upon to decide any moral issue less than the total amount of reparations due to recent immigrants from Jamaica.

If I were a functionary in Ruling Class Central, dusting my hands off after the heroic Dump Trump effort that will rank forever in the annals of righteousness right up there with the glories of the Dump Nixon Victory, I would be advising my Deep State superiors to adjust our messaging instructions to the media to signal to the Brooks jury that we need to convict Brooks without further ado -- by the way: no live TV, no prosecutors wielding AR-15s with a finger curled around the trigger -- otherwise we will stir the nice liberal ladies to start to think about the continued presence of the #WeBelieve signs in the front yard.

But will it work? Can the Deep State convince noble civil-rights activists like the Rev. Al Sharpton and lawyer Benjamin Crump to get the word out to the “aspiring rapper” community that the age-old legal doctrine “if it doesn’t fit you must acquit” must now be replaced with the novel and utterly untried notion of “bodies sicced you must convict?”

And should helpless victims, scarred by centuries of slavery, serve on a jury? Or would it be too “exhausting” for them, given their Lived Experience of endless oppression?

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