Kyle Rittenhouse and our Liberal Friends

It is probable that Mark Twain did not say that “it’s not the things you know, but the things you know that ain’t so.” But this First Annual Rittenhouse Week sure gave us a bunch of doozies on the Fake News Front. I think I enjoyed most of all the Independent’s tweet that assumed that the three men shot by Rittenhouse were black. Russia Today is on the job.

We now know that our liberal friends, in general, did not know that Rittenhouse shot only white guys, that Rittenhouse was not exactly “crossing state lines,” because his father, his friends and his job were all in Kenosha. And so on. Bless their hearts.

But our liberals are right that Rittenhouse was a vigilante. Earth to liberals: when you defund the police, or have the police stand down in a riot, what you get is vigilantes. This is a primate male instinctive defensive behavior that goes all the way back to chimps. See this story about vigilantes in South Africa, dear liberals, if you want a real punch in the gut about what happens when the police go AWOL.

By the way, did you notice, Alec Baldwin and Mr. Prosecutor, that all photos of Rittenhouse with a gun show his trigger finger flat along the trigger assembly and not curled against the trigger? Somebody taught him that in gun-safety class. Now, I was a glider pilot, back in the day, and I know that you have to practice emergencies, so that when a real emergency occurs you just act on instinct -- the trained instinct that saves your life. Given his extraordinary instinctive performance defending himself I’d say some adult male sent Kyle Rittenhouse to firearms boot camp, grades 1, 2, and 3.

I have read a number of conservatives calling Rittenhouse “a fool.” But whatabout this from the NY Post’s Miranda Devine:

He had a job as a lifeguard in Kenosha and worked a shift on Aug. 25 before helping clean graffiti left by rioters at a local school. There, he and his friend were invited to join other adults who had been asked by the owners of a used car lot in Kenosha to guard the property after 100 cars had been torched the previous night, when police abandoned the town to rioters.

Do you see what this means? It means that Rittenhouse on August 25 was helping other people in the community. He then was asked to join a group of adults protecting a used car lot. Guess what: that is what we expect young single males to do, including go fight our wars for us.

But enough about Kyle Rittenhouse. Let’s talk about our liberal friends.

I listened to Scott Adams talk about how liberals, confronted with the truth, will now start to change their minds.

No, Scott, that’s not how any religion -- or Woke Religion -- works. What happens When Prophecy Fails is that the cult amps it up for a while and then, slowly, the members drift away.

In our case, where the cult is welded to the ruling class as its state religion, we will see a falling away of the vote, maybe as soon as 2022. We will know when the ideology and its cult is dead when Democrats stop playing the race card and accusing young teenagers of being “white supremacists.”

They will stop playing the race card and making accusations of white supremacy only after these pejoratives start losing them elections, big time.

Let me repeat myself, to make it real clear. “Laptop whites” at Facebook will stop censoring anti-ruling-class content as “disinformation” when the Democrats have lost a couple of big elections, big time. Nice liberal ladies will remove their #WeBelieve yard-signs when Democrats have lost a couple of big elections, big time. Headline Democrats like President Biden and Vice-President Harris will stop talking about “white supremacists” when Democrats have lost a couple of big elections, big time.

Now let’s review Charles Murray’s Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010. The top 25 percent, the laptop whites, are doing fine with great careers and merger marriages. The middle 45 percent, the Rittenhouse kids, are doing so-so, what with all the stepparents and all. In the bottom 30 percent, including the victims of the drug epidemic, the men don’t work much and the women don’t marry much.

Here’s a short history of laptop-white oppression. Back before there were laptops they told the workers: vote for us and we’ll help you screw the evil capitalists. Result: white working class is dying of despair. Then they told women: we’ll give you the vote and you can snub your nose at the patriarchs. Result: feminists are today marginalized as “TERFs.” Then they told blacks: vote for us and we’ll lead you to the Promised Land. Result: blacks are mired in dysfunction and squalor.

Hey LGBTs. You’re up next.

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Image: Derek Johnson

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