In 2022, the Democrats' Biggest Enemy is Voter Revulsion

Democrats haven’t grasped this yet, but it’s too late for them.  The die is cast.  An electoral bloodbath awaits next year, akin to or surpassing what happened to their party in 2010.  

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s and the Squad’s anti-American leftist politics drive their party, and that’s beginning to register at a gut level with voters.  What voters – critically, that big, pivotal segment known as independents – now feel is revulsion for Democrats in not just one way but many.  The intensity of that revulsion is bound to grow in the coming months.

How do we know that?  In the first 10 months of the Biden presidency, we went from a functioning country recovering from needless Covid lockdowns to a nation suddenly skidding downhill.  Do we believe that we haven’t seen the worst of Biden’s inept governance and congressional Democrat incompetence, extremism, and corruption?  2021 will only prove a prelude.     

Democrats are ensnared in hubris and have boxed themselves into corners.  Ideological corners.  Policy corners.  Governance corners.  Interest group corners.  Cultural corners.  Integrity and corruption corners.  An unabated lust for power dominates their appetites.      

Starting on January 20 – shortly after Biden was sworn in and began robotically signing executive orders – voters witnessed failure after failure, with energy costs and inflation climbing; supply chains bogging down; an evaporating southern border and floods of illegals; needless defeat and retreat in Afghanistan; a draconian vax mandate; urban homicides and crime exploding; cancel culture employed as a threat and cudgel; boondoggle spending and proposals by a Democrat Congress; parents branded “domestic terrorists” by the U.S. attorney general; and, as Thomas Lifson pointed out, the spreading realization that Democrats hid Biden in his Delaware basement in 2020 because he really is decrepit and daft. 

The moderation and bringing Americans together trope that Biden mouthed was a come-on, part of a confidence racket to persuade suburbanites – particularly suburban women – that there’d be no significant departures from Trump’s generally solid policies and governance – except his handling of Covid, which, claimed Biden’s ventriloquists, Trump failed to defeat.  Biden averred that he’d shepherd the country out of the “dark winter” of Covid back into the light.

Instead, Biden and Democrats pimped fear and have diligently tried to force compliance with mask and vax mandates – after Biden publicly foreswore both.  Reality and science were eschewed – the latter twisted and subordinated to serve Democrats’ political ends.  Natural immunity is given short shrift, if at all.  Biden made unquestioning obedience and threats of job loss and ostracization cornerstones of his Covid policy – a policy his administration is still pressing stubbornly. 

In reaction, tens of thousands of Americans are quitting or boycotting their jobs, further putting strains on systems – including healthcare and public safety – and the economy. 

With each passing day, “battling” Covid for public health’s sake appears for what it is: a shabby pretext.  Democrats’ impulse – on full display – is authoritarianism on the way to modern totalitarianism… something akin to China’s evil social credit system is gestating.  Citizens are seeing this and viscerally rejecting this decidedly anti-American gambit.                               

The election contests were close in Virginia and New Jersey, you say?  Were Democrats really slapped down?  The fact is that elections in blue-trending Virginia and deep blue New Jersey had no business being close.

In New Jersey, Phil Murphy’s bullying governance, his misfeasance in consigning Covid-sick seniors to nursing homes, resulting in the deaths of thousands of seniors, and shuttering his state’s economy made him damaged goods.  If Murphy holds on to the governorship, it’s by the skin of his teeth – thanks to Democrat votes trickling in conveniently late.

Had Murphy governed closer to how sensible red state governors ran affairs would his job have been even remotely imperiled?

Terry McAuliffe’s missteps have been broadly publicized.  Suffice it to say, McAuliffe assumed that his nomination was tantamount to election, failed to check his mouth, and, most tellingly, mulishly stuck by teachers’ unions and school boards in the face of mounting parent backlash to toxic Critical Race Theory and parent outrage at two sexual assaults at public schools.  One by a boy in a skirt raping a girl in a school restroom.  Initially, both assaults were denied by the Loudoun County school superintendent.  The illusion of “gender fluidity” mattered more to the woke or cowed superintendent than the brutal reality of rape.  Sane Virginians rebelled.       

As Marley’s ghost was chained to his sins, Democrats – McAuliffe being the exemplar – are chained to special interests and militant “gimmie” voter blocs. 

Finally, McAuliffe had no choice.  Had he sided with Virginia parents over teachers’ unions and extremist school boards, he risked blowing up important parts of his coalition.  So, he stayed true to his coalition and lost.  Other Democrat candidates should take note, but won’t can’t.  Expect more poison pill choices for Democrat candidates in other states next year.                    

For Democrats, 2022 will boil down to attempting damage control, up and down ballots.  But there aren’t enough months in the year and hours in a day to execute a volte-face that persuades voters that Democrats aren’t who they’ve revealed themselves to be.  The masks dropped this year, and voters in blue states in off-year elections responded with disgust.  Then there’s the near-epic Biden incompetence and failure mentioned earlier that needs factoring in.  Imagine the blowback coming in purplish and light red and blue jurisdictions next autumn? 

Rest assured, Democrats and the left are implacable.  While they’ve sown the seeds of their own destruction, they’re still a dangerous force, and patriots can’t let down their guards.  In fact, efforts to defeat them must redouble.

Democrats and their coalition partners fought fiercely and cunningly in 2020 to wrest the presidency away from Donald Trump.  As their fortunes become poorer, their desperation may drive them to extremes.  For these cohorts, power isn’t just a means, it’s their god… it’s their alpha and omega.    

What Americans want is what Democrats used to claim they wanted: a nation of true equality – equality of opportunity, not result (certainly not the theft called “equity”).  Americans still believe in the ideal born with this republic that all of us should be weighed based on merit, not superficialities.  Most citizens definitely reject being pitted against one another based on skin color, race, religion, national origin, and whatever else Marxist-steeped Democrats can leverage or concoct to divide and conquer.  

What Americans desire is what Virginia voters have chosen.  This January, sworn into the commonwealth’s highest offices, will be a white man, black woman, and Hispanic man.  All Republicans, no less.  What do these three soon-to-be officeholders share in common?  A vison of America where superficialities are dismissed and our common humanity is acknowledged… where we strive to achieve a common good... where we aim to live together peacefully and productively as Americans.

We know this won’t ever be accomplished perfectly, but we aspire to do it well, thereby bequeathing to the next generation of citizens a better country.    

Equality and a common good are emphatically American ideals and darn worth working toward in this and every generation to come.  The other – the division and conflict peddled by  Democrats – is worth no more than our revulsion.

Photo credit:  Biden speaks after the G20 summit (edited by Andrea Widburg in befunky). YouTube screen grab.

J. Robert Smith can be found regularly at Gab @JRobertSmith and occasionally on Parler, again @JRobertSmith.  He also blogs at Flyover.

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