Hatred For The Unvaxxed Comes From A Place Of Emotion, Not Reason

When COVID-braving Dennis Prager said he contracted it purposely in order “to be taken care of by therapeutics,” the public outcry was more life-threatening than the virus. He must be made to pay for any treatment he gets. He should be denied a hospital bed. Another conservative talk show host spreads his disease.

Every story speaks of a mini plague and every ending is a blameworthy death. Is fear driving the paranoia? What’s to hate in one who makes a choice and takes the consequences, and is content to let others do so? And why is it doctors who seem more prone to arousal? The unvaccinated are despised with incomprehensible ardor.

Take Dr. Clive Shkedy, whose brother died from or with COVID. Dr. Shkedy certainly deserves condolences because losing a brother is a terrible loss. However, because Dr. Shkedy decided to create a video lashing out at others, he cannot hide from critiques about his words. Grief is not a defense to error or irrationality.

When the video starts, Shkedy’s manner is sedate, his words deliberate, and his voice controlled.

“I have no political agenda or investments in any vaccine-making company. But I, as a physician, have an obligation to try and help people and save people’s lives.”

He spends a minute or two explaining why the vaccines are so low risk (although what he really does is reveal the unreasonably high risk The Pill poses for young women). He then reels off Israeli stats for the J & J vaccine. Blood clots.

Did he ever consult the VAERS numbers for America? There, you find 17,128 vaccine-related deaths; 2,631 miscarriages; 8,408 heart attacks; 10,304 Myocarditis; 83,412 hospitalizations, etc. Yes, the stats come with a precaution: causality is not proven.

Speaking of causality, how many recorded COVID deaths were not, in fact, attributable to COVID, thereby exaggerating its lethality? For example, Santa Clara County in California has admitted that it overstated its COVID deaths by 22 percent.

Soon, Shkedy grows vindictive. A beloved brother had not been vaccinated. Shkedy is beside himself. His words, manner, and voice would curdle milk. The doctor is bent on reprisal. For the passing of that reckless precious brother who wouldn’t get jabbed, the unvaxxed are going to bear the brunt.

If you’re not getting vaccinated, he says, you’re like someone who drinks and drives. Perhaps you’ll get away with it. Perhaps you won’t kill yourself or others on the road. Perhaps you will. The unvaxxed should have to sign a directive: no vaccination, no incubation, no medicine.

Ten thousand guilt-ridden and scape-goating hatreds could be eating up the grieving doctor.

Spot the anomalies.

One: “I have no agenda.” The doctor gives two examples of absent agendas: a political agenda and a profit motive agenda. He omits the obvious and often the strongest motive of all, a personal agenda. Visibly and verbally, Shkedy is crusading.

Two: A physician! He must have good knowledge of treatments and medications. From a global Covid Summit of physicians in Rome in September 2021, one of the declarations read as follows:

...[T]housands of physicians are being prevented from providing treatment to their patients, as a result of barriers put up by pharmacies, hospitals, and public health agencies, rendering the vast majority of healthcare providers helpless to protect their patients in the face of (Covid). Physicians are now advising their patients to simply go home, allowing the virus to replicate, and return when their (Covid) worsens, resulting in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary patient deaths due to failure-to-treat.

Currently, large numbers of physicians are preventing others from giving patients potentially life-saving treatments. It is no longer possible to trust the medical establishment or to assume that it knows or is willing to do what’s best. Out there, an inter-medic war rages over whether or not to save human life.

Three: Shkedy leaves us in the dark about the time frame leading to his brother’s death. Is it possible he died suddenly? No time for treatment—can it be? What period elapsed between the first symptoms and hospitalization? Once in the hospital, what period elapsed before the condition turned critical?

Four: We can assume that a physician had read up on therapeutics for treating COVID before the life-threatening point. Shkedy must be familiar with, although he’s surely dismissive of, case studies and peer review articles.

Five: Did Shkedy consider putting his brother on therapeutics? And did he discuss treatments with him? If not, we have a double tragedy on our hands. It could be that tragedy is not the word for holding back a potential lifesaver such as ivermectin, etc. Certainly, the summit of physicians quoted above hinted at manslaughter for withholding treatment. In his short video, Shkedy withholds critical information about his brother’s case.

Ultimately, given all that’s missing from Shkedy’s statement, we are left to fall back on conjecture, with some cruelty. But then he was cruel to the unvaxxed. Could it be that he had twinges of guilt for not doing enough to save his brother? Guilt would help to explain his vendetta-laden video.

Shkedy equated being unvaxxed with driving under the influence of alcohol. So then: the unvaxxed are (a) criminals, (b) a mortal danger to society, and (c) as likely to kill the innocent as a drunk driver.

A mind so contaminated by guilt and warped by grief begs to be understood. Shall we give it a try?

(a) Doc Clive’s message would seem to be, get a criminal record or get vaxxed. He wants everyone to surrender the upper arm for puncturing, as a cow surrenders its flank to the hot iron of the owner’s brand. A healthy adult with natural anti-bodies or a cherubic child—it makes no difference. Surrender the body to a treatment of questionable benefit and one, moreover, that could be very harmful.

(b) Get vaxxed, for our own good, but also for the greater good of society. The vaxxed, we’re told, remain scared of COVID. The vaccine failed to fulfill its first promise to immunize. All must therefore get jabbed, again and again and again. All must expect the vaccine to fail to immunize, as it failed the already vaxxed. Get three shots to satisfy that nebulous concoction, the “greater good”? Well, no. For every life saved, the vaccination has been taking nine lives. (No cats intended.)

(c) Shkedy believes that the unvaxxed are as likely to hurt people as a drunk driver. Nope. The average efficacy of Pfizer, Moderna, and J & J vaccines leaves people just as likely (99% likely) to contract COVID as they were before they got vaxxed. (Link above.) Surely, in that case, innocents will still be hurt by those who caved to the blackmail and got vaxxed.

The analogy of drunk driving is wrong on a different count. A drunk driver is definitely more likely to hurt people than had he not been drinking.

A final thought: Was a factor in not trying therapeutics before the brother became critical that it was not on the government-approved list for treating COVID?

Pleading, ‘where is the science’ is futile. The camp of the vaxxed don’t want science, they want compliance. If not compliant you are complicit, a domestic terrorist, an undesirable.

Steve Apfel is an economist and costing specialist, but most of all a prolific author of fiction and non-fiction. His blog, ‘Balaam’s curse,’ is followed in more than 15 countries.

Image: Clive Shkedy. YouTube screen grab.

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