Getting Through the Next Six Months of COVID

As we finish 18 months of COVID-19 pandemic, what will we see in the next six months? There will be a massive push to get everyone vaccinated with more battles and punishments for noncompliance. Government, public health authorities, the media, and big pharma will lead the charge.  Experimental vaccination will be pushed because those in power can feel their narrative of fear slipping away and they don't have much time left to push the vaccines. People are beginning to realize that COVID-19 is not extremely dangerous to the healthy below age 70. Cases and deaths are going down in spite of attempts to inflate cases with faulty tests and inflate deaths with a faulty definition of who dies from COVID-19. More people are understanding that Dr. Fauci was involved with the creation of the virus in Wuhan and is not telling the truth. Many states are doing better with no lockdowns, masking, or vaccine mandates. The understanding is growing that the experimental vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission of the now prevalent Delta variant.  Breakthrough infections and possible vaccine injury are now showing that even the fully vaccinated can be hospitalized and die. Sweden, England, and Israel report that the vaccinated have more serious illness and death. The vaccinated who thought getting their two shots would be the end of it, are realizing they will be fired from their job if they don't take booster #3, #4, #5, etc. People are beginning to realize that mRNA vaccine safety is not as good as they were told. If children are vaccinated (not a good idea) it is likely there will be more vaccine injuries than any prevention of illness and death from COVID-19. Information is coming out about safe ways to treat COVID-19 early and thus avoid hospitalization with Ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies.

Our country needs a change in strategy to get through the next six months regarding COVID-19 measures. It is obvious now that more vaccination will not end COVID-19 and is not necessary to get us to herd immunity. More vaccination into the pandemic will lead to more variants and endless boosters that have not worked well and have side effects. The shift that needs to be made is away from universal vaccination as the only answer and toward early treatment.  COVID-19 will become endemic (sporadic cases without massive spikes) and both the unvaccinated and vaccinated need to be ready to treat those cases. Unfortunately, our public health authorities, the mainstream media, the medical community, and the pharmaceutical companies are not going to lead this change. We, the people, must lead this change.

So how to survive the winter of 2021-22? Remember, I am a doctor, but I am not your doctor. All these recommendations must be taken to your doctor for actual treatment. Do not treat yourself at home based only on what I say!

If you have already had a COVID-19 infection you do not have to worry. Studies from Israel show it is very unlikely you could catch COVID-19 again.

I would not get the vaccine as there are some observational studies that say you might be at more risk for side effects from the vaccine and you are protected from COVID-19 anyway -- your natural immunity is the best defense.

If you are not vaccinated for whatever reason, you can be ready to treat yourself at home especially if you are at high risk.

If you are fully vaccinated (whatever that means now), please don't be complacent and believe you are protected completely. Look at the studies cited above and be ready to treat yourself at home.  Please investigate the side effects that are being seen with the vaccines currently, before you take more boosters.

Those who choose to treat at home must get their medicine before they get sick. There can be long waits now for oral medications that, unfortunately, are not readily available in the United States.

Consider these protocols from Frontline Critical Care Alliance :

1) Have a conversation with your primary care doctor about treatment of COVID-19. If you were ill with COVID-19, would he/she treat you with Ivermectin?

There are over 60 studies on the website showing that Ivermectin works and is the favored early treatment right now. If they would not, then I would find a way to get this medication in your house before you get ill. America's Frontline doctors and Dr. Stella Emmanuel can help you with a phone visit and mail order pharmacy. Frontline Critical Care Alliance has a list of doctors in your area that prescribe Ivermectin. Vladamir Zelenko has treatment and prevention protocols on his website. Ivermectin is available over the counter in many countries. If you know someone traveling or living overseas, they may be able to get it for you. Again, take this only under a doctor's care and supervision. If you decide not to take this oral treatment early, then call your doctor when you get ill with COVID-19 and get monoclonal antibody IV for treatment. This outpatient IV treatment can reduce your symptoms and chances of being in the hospital with very few side effects. Treatment is not with Ivermectin alone but can include:

2)  Make sure your Vitamin D level is good before you get ill. Several studies show Vitamin D can help your immune system fight off COVID-19.

Your doctor can check this level with a blood test.  Vitamin D 5,000 units a day for a week if you get ill.           

3) Vitamin C 1,000-2,000 mg daily for a week when ill

4) Aspirin 325 mg a day provided no other contraindications (talk with your doctor) when ill

5) Melatonin 10 mg at bedtime (may make you drowsy) for a week when ill

6) Zinc 100 mg a day for a week when ill

7) Anti-viral mouthwash from provodine-iodine or others

8) Quercetin 250 mg a.m. and p.m. (may interact with Ivermectin check with your doctor). Full protocols on

Other second and third-line medications can be used under a doctor’s care.

Take charge of your medical care and don't walk in fear of COVID-19!

Despite what you have heard from the "experts," COVID-19 is treatable early in the disease course.

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