Democrat Racism Is Evil

For many years, it was common for pundits to remark, "The difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans think Democrats are wrong and misguided, while Democrats believe that Republicans are evil."  This didn't particularly bother Republicans because they saw the Democrats' charge as an absurd point of view, not to be taken too seriously.  After all, most Republicans believe in limiting the powers of government, a colorblind society that rewards hard work and merit, and traditional Judeo-Christian morality as the bedrock for guiding personal behavior.  They know that communism is evil, fought it during the Cold War, and fight it still today.  They know that the content of someone's character really is more important than the color of his skin.  They know that sin is not something to be rewarded, but rather to be discouraged.  They know, in other words, that because all humans are naturally corruptible, their faith should be placed not in man alone, but rather in the wisdom of a higher power.  

So when Democrats accused people who believe in the unremitting "battle between good and evil" of actually being evil, themselves, the insult seemed preposterous enough to be ignored.  Republicans laughed it off as evidence that Democrats take politics too seriously and that too often, the most serious Democrats are too young to have gained that wisdom available only through hard experience.  Give them time, and they'll come to their senses, as most do.  

In hindsight, it is clear that being called "evil" by Democrats was not a harmless aspersion unworthy of response.  That attack allowed them to ground hideously bad ideas in the language of morality while demonizing moral people as immoral for not complying with their new leftist religion.  If you believe that the ancient tradition of honoring the marriage between a man and a woman should be defended, then you are denounced as somehow being afraid of gays.  If you believe that race-based affirmative action policies make it impossible to build a colorblind society, then you are inexplicably called racist for choosing to ignore race.  If you argue that it makes no sense to destroy human industry under the guise of trying to "fix the climate," you are lumped in with the anti-Jewish Holocaust deniers as somehow denying science.  Republicans who work hard to keep hate from their hearts have nonetheless been whipped with public lies that they are prejudicial and ignorant human beings.  And in the wake of this propaganda offensive, as Republicans have endured the lies leveled against them, evil has shamefully gained a foothold around us once again.

After huge Republican wins in Virginia's statewide elections on Tuesday, the media disinformation specialists (who are, by and large, the only ones allowed to have big voices on corporate television's and social media's filtered news) immediately, and to no Republican's surprise, blamed the Democrats' election collapse not on the Democrats' authoritarian policies or their attacks upon parents' rights, but rather on the implacability of white racism.  Up and down the media landscape, pundits pushed "white supremacy," a term that Democrats have only recently unleashed upon the national consciousness because overt acts of actual racial hatred by whites have become increasingly difficult to find, as the engine driving Virginia Republicans to the polls.  Atlantic writer Jemele Hill declared, "This country simply loves white supremacy."  The front page of MSNBC's website lied, "Glenn Youngkin's victory proves white ignorance is a powerful weapon."  ABC legal analyst Sunny Hostin argued that Republicans' victories in Virginia somehow prove that white women "want to pretend" slavery never happened.  

It did not matter that Republicans had just elected a native Jamaican and naturalized U.S. citizen, Winsome Sears, as lieutenant governor.  It did not matter that Republicans had just elected an American of Cuban descent, Jason Miyares, as the state's attorney general.  In the twisted minds of those who spew hate for a living, white Republicans voting for Republicans of a different race or ethnicity only proves that those non-pearly-white candidates for office are merely marionettes controlled by white masters pulling their strings from above.  With malevolence and deceit, news pundits fill the airwaves with accusations that Lieutenant Governor-Elect Sears and Attorney General–Elect Miyares have no agency of their own and that all of their white voters are secret racists camouflaging their racism behind the skin color of the candidates they choose to run.  And non-white voters who choose to vote Republican are ignored completely.

"I'm destroying all the narratives about race," Sears said proudly after her victory, and the American media immediately ignored her meaning.  Only in a society that has allowed Democrats (the party of slavery) to falsely accuse Republicans (the party of abolition) of racism for decades without a proper public backlash could television pundits who are paid handsomely for their purported political acumen stand before the world and declare Republicans racist for voting against white Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe, even after he proudly accepted the endorsement of the sitting Virginia Democrat governor, who nearly got run out of office for a yearbook photo showing him either in blackface or dressed in a Ku Klux Klan robe.  Only in a country whose chattering class has decided that white males alone could possibly object to the Democrats' Marxist socialism is it possible for an old, decrepit, senile, and corrupt pasty-white Joe Biden to declare that resistance to his stolen election and radically communist agenda is driven by "white rage" and "white fragility."  Only in a political environment where too many Republican leaders from the past have had too little to say in response to high-ranking Democrats' repeated lies that white Americans are inherently racist could politicians get away with regularly dividing Americans each day by outrageously framing every police stop, quarterback hire, or neighborhood subdivision as proof that racism is worse today than before the Civil War.

Unity brings peace.  Social conflict brings opportunity for politicians and talking heads.  It's not hard to understand why so many government officials and pundits choose the latter, but that doesn't make their actions any less evil.  And it is way past time to call out correctly those who use false allegations of racism to obtain power and exert political leverage as perpetuating the worst kind of evil.

Is re-segregating society based upon race not evil?  Is teaching white children that they should be ashamed of the color of their skin not evil?  Is teaching non-white children that they are permanent victims not evil?  Is treating every black or Hispanic Republican as being unknowingly brainwashed by "white supremacy" not evil?  Is siccing the FBI on parents for objecting to public schools indoctrinating their children with the precepts of cultural Marxism not evil?  Furthermore, hasn't the thirty-plus-year campaign to punish the brilliant black conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for his beliefs by perpetuating the lie that he is a rapist been driven not only by pure evil but also by the scourge of plantation-mentality racism itself?  

The Democrat party and its enablers are obsessed with race.  They use the color of people's skin to divide and bully Americans every day.  They insist that anyone who objects to their divide-and-conquer Marxism is unworthy of respect.  They bear false witness by calling white Republicans racists and non-white Republicans rubes.  In this one instance, CNN's Van Jones gets something right: Democrats are "annoying," "offensive," and "out of touch."  It is equally true that what they say and stand for today is unquestionably wicked.

Image: MasterTux via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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