AMA Becomes a Shill of the Left

By now the left-wing agenda in schools is increasingly more evident. Incomprehensible writing of the lowest level is now the norm but with an additional twist -- students in the nursing field now spout such ideas as demonstrated in the following:

Dear Professor, I do not understand [why] you took points off for using ‘their’ instead of his or hers.  I used that specific word because I am not just referring to my one gender, regardless of whether it relates to one individual or more than one. I have been told to avoid gender biases. As a result, I disagree with the number of points taken off because I chose not to use his or her, as I was not referring to just one gender.

But this is no surprise for anyone in the educational field today because according to the Left  “white language supremacy in writing classrooms is due to the uneven and diverse linguistic legacies that everyone inherits, and the racialized white discourses that are used as standards which give privilege to those students who embody those habits of white language already.”

Now the Left has co-opted the medical establishment. In the publication titled: Advancing Health Equity: A Guide to Language, Narrative and Concepts” put out by the American Medical Association (AMA) and the AAMC Center for Health Justice, science is essentially perverted.

In essence, it signals the death of scientific inquiry and serious thinking and ushers in a world where it is “critical to address all areas of marginalization and inequity due to sexism, class oppression, homophobia, xenophobia and ableism.”

According to the AMA, there is “outright resistance and denial that racism exists.”  To promote their left-wing agenda, the AMA asserts that “the field of equity, like all other scholarly domains, has developed specific norms that convey authenticity, precision and meaning.”

In perfect lockstep with the Left’s hatred of this country’s foundational values, this equity document seeks to delineate “Land and Labor Acknowledgment” because it must be recognized that “our current state is built on the land and labor of others in ways that violate the fundamental principles of equity.”

Seamlessly and shamelessly, the AMA now confuses equality with equity, which is a trademark of the Left.  Equity is the very opposite of equality.  It is racist to its core putting identity politics above the Hippocratic Oath.

And how to rectify America’s sin?

The AAMC and AMA also mourn the loss of life and liberty of millions of others who have historically been oppressed, exploited, excluded, segregated, experimented upon and dehumanized in the U.S. over centuries, and acknowledges their historical trauma and the long-lasting impact this has had on them as an individual, their families and their communities. The AAMC and AMA understand that while the goal of health equity is inclusive of all communities, it cannot be achieved without explicit recognition and reconciliation of our country’s twin, fundamental injustices of genocide and forced labor. We must remember that we carry our ancestors in us, and we are continually called to be better as we lead this work toward the pursuit of racial justice, equity and liberation.

It is straight textbook lingo of the Marxist Left and its aim is the ultimate takeover of health care.  Consider, for example, the recently passed bipartisan infrastructure bill. It includes a 10-year amnesty for illegal immigrants, and an expansion that “shores up provisions of Obamacare.”  Millions of people descending upon the medical infrastructure will necessitate the takeover of our health system by the government.

More and more government intrusion into medicine and decreasing top-notch medical care for people looms before us.

And with sycophantic precision, the AMA “shares this document with humility. We recognize that language evolves, and we are mindful that context always matters. This guide is not and cannot be a checklist of correct answers. Instead, we hope that this guide will stimulate critical thinking about language, narrative, and concepts... that move us toward racial justice and health equity.”

Translation: Some groups will be pitted against others by their racial makeup.  It is after all whites’ turn to bear the brunt of discrimination.  Equity deems it so.  And in mild-mannered alleged reasonableness, the AMA claims that as they “explore... dominant narratives (also called malignant narratives), particularly those about ‘race,’ individualism and meritocracy, as well as narratives surrounding medicine itself, limit our understanding of the root causes of health inequities. Dominant narratives create harm, undermining public health and the advancement of health equity; they must be named, disrupted and corrected.”

Ah, meritocracy -- that dirty word to the Left who has for the past 50 years decried merit.  Merit would destroy their race-based foundation.  Merit allows people to work hard and achieve more and that is an anathema to the Leftists whose totalitarianism brooks no deviation.

Individualism – the hallmark of American ingenuity is a sin and an affront to all.  The AMA emphasizes that

the concept of meritocracy, [is] a social system in which advancement in society is based on an individual’s capabilities and merits rather than on the basis of family, wealth or social background. Individualism is problematic in obscuring the dynamics of group domination, especially socioeconomic privilege and racism. In health care, this narrative appears as an over-emphasis on changing individuals and individual behavior instead of the institutional and structural causes of disease.

As is always the case in any despotic grab for power, language is the first victim.  Thus, the AMA recommends the recently published guidance from the CDC, in its “Health Equity Guiding Principles for Unbiased, Inclusive Communication,” which lays out five key principles: 1. Avoid the use of adjectives such as ‘vulnerable’ and ‘high-risk.’ 2. Avoid dehumanizing language. Use person-first language instead. 3. Remember that there are many types of subpopulations. 4. Avoid saying ‘target,’ ‘tackle,’ ‘combat’ or other terms with violent connotations when referring to people, groups or communities. 5. Avoid unintentional blaming.

Thus, an overweight individual with Type 2 diabetes is not at high risk when going in for surgery.  In fact, “doctors are being warned not to tell a morbidly obese heart attack patient to eat less.” Ignore personal responsibility.  Don’t use empirical knowledge to truly assist a population. 

The convolutions and gobbledygook used by the Left are always meant to distract people from seeing through the Left’s ulterior motives.

As the Washington Post’s Matt Bai states

...part of what we learned in the 20th century, during a series of long wars against tyrannical governments and ideologies, is that all repressive movements start by mandating versions of history and their own lists of acceptable terminology.

These medical groups -- and, more to the point, the elite academic movement they’re kowtowing to -- may believe they’re bringing history and language more in line with the goal of social justice. What they’re actually doing is trying to control what their members are allowed to think and say.

Social justice is replacing medicine. The results will be dire as wokeness hijacks and destroys everything and everyone in its path.

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