We Wish You an Un-Merry Christmas

Christmas is a season of joy on many levels. For Christians, it marks the birth of Jesus, son of God, sent to the Earth for mankind’s salvation. For members of other religions or non-believers, it is a time of abundance, families gathering, schools and work closed, sharing gifts and delicious meals, camaraderie, and hopefully, peace and goodwill.

Unfortunately, for some it can be a lonely season, not celebrated but endured, without friends, family, a warm house, or food on the table. This year “some” may become “many” as the socio-economic trajectory of America is rapidly declining and, for too many, this Christmas may be a long slog “in the bleak midwinter.”

America, the beacon of freedom and liberty, is now more like Whoville, ruled by more than just a green and mean Grinch, but an entire ruling class of elites who think they know better and believe they are better than the hoi polloi, the hardworking Americans who play by the rules and seek nothing more than to be left alone to live their lives and support their families.

The COVID pandemic was only the start, but paved the way, not for “angels heard on high,” but devils heard on low, from Dr. Anthony Fauci and other government officials to the scolds on cable and network news, commanding us what to say and believe and how to live. Our Christmas will be determined not by “we three kings of Orient are,” but by the three stooges of Washington, D.C. – Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer.

Taxing, spending, and crushing mandates will give us a “blue Christmas” this year. Vaccine mandates are slowly crushing the travel industry. Sickouts by pilots and airplane staff refusing vaccination will make it increasingly difficult for families to go “over the river and through the woods” to grandmother’s house.

Some 40 percent of TSA employees are unvaccinated as the vax deadline looms, meaning security lines at America’s airports could be a scene of “ding dong merrily on high” chaos.

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Canceled or delayed flights, already costly due to inflation and rising airplane fuel costs, won’t make this Christmas “the most wonderful time of the year.” Instead, families will be forced to skip travel in favor of “rockin’ around the Christmas tree” at home.

Speaking of inflation, unlike what the White House mouthpieces describe as “transitory,” prices in deplorable land are on the rise. The consumer price index is up 5.4 percent over a year ago. No one is buying CPI at the local grocery store but, instead, they are purchasing food, which is up more than 10 percent this past year while gasoline is up 42 percent, according to CNBC.

Not only are food and gas costing more but so is heating homes in a “winter wonderland.” Reuters reports: “U.S. heating expecting to surge this winter.” Expect many households to be singing “baby it’s cold outside” this Christmas, noting that it is pretty cold inside, too.

Heating prices may be surging, but so are illegal migrants across the southern border, aided and abetted by the Biden administration. Expect to hear much “Feliz Navidad” in Biden’s refugee cages come Dec. 25. Is “Santa Claus comin’ to town” or is what's coming to town an “Illegal alien accused of beheading man, playing soccer with his head'” as Western Journal recently reported. Or an Afghan evacuee raping a woman in Montana. Or the one who assaulted a service member on a U.S. military base in New Mexico.

At home, Americans want to “deck the halls with boughs of holly” and see “mommy kissing Santa Claus” under a Christmas tree filled with lots of presents. What if this year’s goodies are all stuck on container ships floating idly off the California coast?

Last year, President Trump had so many boat parades that the Tampa Bay Times asked, “Does Donald Trump own the ocean?” Now Biden has his boat parades, but instead of being filled with happy supporters, Biden’s boat parade is container ships anchored off the California coast, containing at least half a million containers filled with building materials, consumer goods, and this year’s Christmas presents.

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In a normal year, the Port of Long Beach could sing, “I saw three ships” waiting to unload their cargo. Now it is 100 ships and counting.

Supply chain issues plague the entire world. This can partially be blamed on COVID, but we have had vaccines for ten months, and ongoing mandates and restrictions that are of dubious benefit, perhaps causing more harm than good. COVID should be in the rear-view mirror by now but sadly it’s not.

The supply chain backlog isn’t going away anytime soon either. “Do you hear what I hear?” that this mess will continue until the summer of 2022, despite 24/7 port operations, according to  California port officials. Democrats won’t be feeling “joy to the world” as America teeters on the brink of a depression ahead of the midterm elections where Democrats currently have only the slimmest of congressional electoral majorities.

The federal government wants to spend money it doesn’t have which will lead to too much money chasing too few goods, exacerbating already the worst inflation in 40 years.

Biden’s vaccine mandates will grind America to a halt, with pilots, law enforcement, first responders, healthcare providers, and many essential workers saying no to a forced vaccine, all in time for the upcoming holiday season. Instead of it “beginning to look a lot like Christmas” it is beginning to look like Cloward-Piven chaos, with little hope for improvement.

Transportation is one of the most hobbled industries and the Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, in response to the supply chain chaos has been off on at least a two-month paternity leave. While ships can’t unload their cargo and Southwest Airlines is canceling thousands of flights, the man in charge is AWOL and the media conveniently ignored the story while CircleBack Psaki called him a “role model.”

Instead of “joy to the world” we have Dr. Anthony “Scrouge” Fauci warning that it is “too soon” to say if it’ll be safe for people to gather together for Christmas. Bah, humbug. America has a different view, that Fauci and Biden should “go tell it on the mountain.” And mountains of Americans in return are telling them, “Let’s go Brandon.”

What’s their solution? Instead of fixing problems, they are simply lowering expectations, that this is the new norm. Inflation has been now labeled as “high class problems,” as if only the wealthy purchase food and fuel, and heat their homes. CircleBack Psaki told us that the president can do nothing about gas prices, conveniently forgetting Biden’s executive orders halting the Keystone XL pipeline and reversing Trump’s achievement of energy independence for America.

As we approach “the most wonderful time of the year” we have two options. We can bemoan how “bare shelves Biden” ruined Christmas. Or we can celebrate the true reason for Christmas and be grateful for friends, family, and the freedoms we still have, not yet canceled by the tyrannical ruling class. Hopefully, despite being ruled by scores of Grinches and Scrooges, we can still enjoy “a holly jolly Christmas.”

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., is a physician and writer. On Twitter and FreeAtlantis as @retinaldoctor.

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