We Are in This Conflict Whether We Like It or Not

One of the few upsides to COVID-1984 is that authorities' heavy-handed and seemingly irrational responses to the China Virus have provided ordinary people a crash course in identifying governments' routine use of information warfare against their citizens.  Propaganda is most effective when it is disseminated in small, continuous lumps over time so that should logical contradictions arise, they are small enough to be smoothed over and eliminated without a majority of people noticing.  

An obvious example of governments' exploitation of time to subtly rewrite official propaganda so that it aligns with normal observation is the fifty-year shift in narratives linking man's use of hydrocarbon energy to his alleged imminent extinction.  Government efforts to stoke public fear have led to ominous warnings of a looming ice age, then a boiling planet, and now extreme weather in any form as justifications for why a small number of global elites must be given complete control over the planet's resources.  Even though the scientific argument for that contention is totally rewritten every few years to fit observable facts, the powers that be continue to insist that "the science is settled."  Every decade, we are told anew that unless central planners are empowered to rule the planet, we will all perish the decade after that.  Time lapse allows governments to smooth over past contradictions and pull off the con without the whole hoax crashing down around them.

With COVID-1984, however, official propaganda has changed too fast for governments to hide glaring logical inconsistencies.  People remember that "two weeks to flatten the curve" turned into two months and then into two years and counting.  People remember that they were first told that cloth masks were entirely useless before being told that they were helpful before finally being told that they were mandatory.  People remember that the idea of government-issued "vaccine passports" was mocked as a conspiracy theory only months before governments began issuing them.  People can see that the same authorities who once promised that nobody would be forced to receive an experimental "vaccine" are now threatening unemployment and economic devastation upon those who refuse.  People have noticed that ordinary seasonal flu cases and deaths have strangely disappeared altogether, and when health authorities try to explain flu's disappearance as the result of universal masking, people wonder why masks would work on regular flu but not the COVID variety.  People have noticed that the same people pushing "vaccines" in order to "save lives" are the same ones who have called for denying life-saving treatment to those unvaccinated.  And while corporate media push fear by hyping the death toll from the China Virus, people do not see bodies piling up in the streets or neighbors collapsing all around them.  

What they have noticed after being pushed into various forms of house arrest and economic lockdown is the absolute destruction of small businesses; exponential increases in suicides, drug overdoses, and alcohol-related deaths; an explosion of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses caused by delays in routine medical checkups; and the loss of entire life savings.  They have noticed that hospitals and government agencies have fraudulently magnified the impact of COVID by lumping in unrelated deaths caused by everything from car wrecks to heart attacks to even homicides.  They have noticed that even though young people, and in particular children, are largely unaffected by this virus, schooling has been turned upside-down, and "vaccines" are being pushed on juveniles before long-term side-effects can be determined.  They have noticed that people who have recovered from the illness, and who now possess robust natural immunity, are being entirely ignored in discussions of "herd immunity."  They have noticed health authorities, news conglomerates, and tech monopolies censoring information regarding therapeutic treatments that have proved to be highly efficacious in treating life-threatening symptoms.  They have noticed that, contrary to the pronouncements of politicians and health bureaucrats, individuals who have received an experimental "vaccine" are still capable of becoming ill and transmitting the virus to others.  And they have noticed that the "vaccines" come with their own inherent risks of causing death

In other words, the global response to the China Virus is so rife with contradictions that ordinary people can see that they are being flooded with government propaganda.  That's the good news.  The first step to surviving any information war is to recognize that one is actually being waged.  Accepting that you are being lied to prepares you for discovering why.  

Is COVID-1984 merely the greatest grift ever perpetrated by the pharmaceutical industry and the politicians paid handsomely from its profits?  Is it a continuation of the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming scam being used to concentrate global control over all economic relations into the hands of a small number of financial and technocratic elites?  Is it being used to distract the world from an impending debt bomb that will eventually explode into the mother of all economic depressions?  Is it a vehicle for eliminating private ownership and returning the world back to a time when a minuscule number of lords could rule over a global population of serfs?  Is it a mechanism for identifying citizens who will pose problems for the State's continued authority?  Is it the Davos crowd's experimentation in population control?  Or was it the only way to prevent President Trump's re-election and derail his "America First" agenda by providing the necessary cover for political operatives to violate state law and flood the 2020 election with enough anonymous, unsecured, and unverified ballots to make Trump the first president to win more votes than any incumbent in American history, expand his backing among minorities, and increase his overall support by over ten million new voters, yet still find himself somehow short of victory?

As the six-hundred-pound man said to the Swiss chocolatier, "I'll take one of each."  Sometimes the answers really are as obvious as they seem.

This is a war for hearts and minds now.  Just as John Brennan and the CIA fed us a diet of Russia collusion for years in order to overturn the 2016 election, COVID-1984 is the smorgasbord of rancidness meant to turn our stomachs and convince us to willingly accept a future of servitude to the State.  With each passing executive order or unconstitutional edict in the name of public health, the government is tightening its noose.  It is a global heist of personal freedom before our eyes.  The only way forward is not to look away; to recognize that "it can happen here"; and to realize that it is, in fact, happening.

A war over information, as we have seen, is as deadly as one with rifles and bayonets.  Propaganda is only as effective as it is invisible.  Lies seen can never be unseen.  One thing remains certain: we are in this conflict whether we like it or not.

Image: MasterTux via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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