The Often-Overlooked Facts About Covid-19

Understanding of the Covid pandemic is impeded when essential facts about it are kept from the public and too many violations against common sense are committed by government and corporate officials intent on “ensuring safety.” Essential facts regarding this pandemic are being overlooked or missed entirely. Much of what has fallen off the radar should be common knowledge but isn’t, thanks to a mainstream media that will not report what is missing from the accounts, not because they aren’t relevant but because they don’t fit “the official narrative.”

Before getting into what may be gleaned about the Covid pandemic, despite the reporting deficit, I must begin with an important note:

Millions of Americans sacrificed, fought, and died for the right of every man, woman, and child to pursue their happiness, free of tyranny over mind and body. The United States government is instituted to guarantee that right and to serve the people and not the other way around. Every elected official swears an oath to defend that right, guaranteed by the Constitution.

Those of us who took an oath in the military to defend our way of life, to put our lives on the line in defense of every American’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, deserve and expect honest, constitutional government from everyone elected or appointed to help run this country. We did not sacrifice, fight, and die for any legislator, executive, or judge to violate his or her oath of office and using that office to dictate to We the People what we must do, think, believe, or allow done to our minds and bodies. Yes, that includes injections without our consent, a violation of justice made clear for all time at the Nuremburg trials against Nazi violations of international law against humanity that resulted in an inviolable code.

Now to what is not getting its share of attention in Covid America.

Coronavirus has been around a very long time. It was giving our ancient ancestors colds too. Humans have in fact lived with respiratory and other virus infections since prehistory. That so many of us are around today is clear evidence that the human body is able to cope with pathogens “naturally” – that is, by way of immunity acquired from an individual's natural biologic makeup. It would be foolish, however, to assume that medical assistance and intervention are never needed or ought to be dismissed. We owe to the development of medical smarts an incalculable reduction in suffering and death.

Medical science calls the ability of the body to fight microbial bad actors its immune system. The fact of natural immunity had been common knowledge until the SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for the Covid-19 illness, initiated a pandemic that Klaus Schwab states in his book Covid 19: The Great Reset “is one of the least deadly pandemics the world has experienced over the last 2000 years.”

And what has been the medical response to this not-so-deadly pandemic? The severest and cruelest response by far of any in history, that’s what. By any measure, it’s way off the chart of medical intelligence and prudence, but we are not supposed to notice this, even when lockdowns and restrictive measures cause more harm and suffering than the virus. Many are not only catching a new respiratory ailment but a strong smell of politics.

The incessant call to mask up indicates how far off the mark the official response to Covid-19 has taken us. The insensitivity and insanity of masking children, for example, abandons medical smarts and wisdom in Covid America.

Where is this onset of medical insanity taking us? Well, it has evidently opened a can of worms labeled “Covid Vaccine,” a deceptive misnomer to begin with. This so-called “vaccine” does not contain a weakened form of the target pathogen, intended to induce the development of antibodies against potentially serious invasions of that pathogen. A true vaccine assists the body’s natural immunity.

That is not the case with the so-called “Covid vaccine,” a synthetic mRNA substitute for the body’s natural immune system that the inventor of mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, advises against taking. Dr. Malone states also that the “fully vaccinated” are Covid “super-spreaders.” The routine claim that the “Covid vaccine” is effective against the infection is far from accurate, since available evidence indicates that hospitals are filling with vaccinated patients and asymptomatic people are suddenly becoming symptomatic after the shot.

It must be pointed out here that the regularly used PCR test is not a reliable diagnostic test for Covid and not infrequently returns false positive results. Getting tested, especially if one has no symptoms, should be weighed against that possibility.

It is good to remember that deceit is a common practice of those who would steal not only money but minds and hearts. The Covid pandemic does not delete this truth. It would appear in fact that trust has been breached too often during this pandemic and it would be smart to weigh “official narratives and protocols” against common sense before making any life-changing decision. It is to be hoped in any event that sanity will prevail before many more people needlessly suffer from this pandemic.

Some final thoughts . . .

Straight talk on matters of truth is rarely gentle on the mind or on sensibilities, and I apologize for taking perhaps too quick and too hard a run through the reality about Covid in America. But I do not apologize for maintaining a healthy skepticism regarding medical narratives and protocols that fly in the face of common sense and require a species of belief and compliance that facilitates the kind of tyranny that I and countless fellow American veterans fought against.

Something Eric Utter said in a recent American Thinker article shows the importance of straight talk about Covid: “You do not shun people, ban them from public spaces, mock them as idiots, deny them gainful employment...out of concern for their well-being.” Amen.

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