Surveilling the Dems for ‘Tells’

Okay, I don’t know nothing about poker, except that there is this “tell” thing, that an inexperienced player will signal his hand with unintentional visual cues. That is why every poker player needs to go to “poker face” school.

But there’s nothing to stop us deplorables from applying poker culture to political culture. Not yet, I hope, Attorney General Garland.

One of my favorite “tells” is Nancy Pelosi branding the Tea Party as an “AstroTurf” operation back in 2009. Of course, she would think that, because every left-wing “activist” operation in the U.S. is an AstroTurf operation, sponsored by the ruling class through George Soros, Thousand Currents. or Tides Center. Everybody Does It, right, Nance? You weren’t born yesterday, no ma’am.

So whatabout the “tell” from Sen. Schumer (D-NY) on Thursday, blaming Republicans and Sen. McConnell (R-KY) for the temporary debt ceiling Keystone Kops show? Are you telling us, Chuck, that you are feeling the heat, and starting to sweat a little?

And what in the world is this crazy idea of siccing the FBI on obstreperous parents showing up at school-board meetings and boisterously objecting to CRT indoctrination of their children, which we now understand was a collusion between the Dems and the teachers' unions -- and the National School Boards Association that nobody ever heard of before the day before yesterday?

See, if you ruling class chappies were really in control of the world, you would regard obstreperous parents at school-board meetings as a joke. Your late-night comedians would be making jokes about them and all their wokey audiences would be yucking it up. So the “tell” is that you guys are worried.

And whatabout the crazed My-Way-or-the-Highway Biden vaccination policy? See, I don’t think this is a cynical plan to humiliate anti-vaxxers; I think it is just politicians and bureaucrats doing what comes naturally. The “tell” is that they literally cannot grasp anything except a one-size-fits-all top-down policy and all you peasants respectfully touch your forelocks. The guys at the top have general-itis, imagining that they have to make like Henry V calling his soldiers “once more unto the breach,” and the bureaucrats think of themselves as file closers forcing the troops into line.

Or whatabout the crazed mega spending bills the Democrats are pushing. Hey kids! What’s the hurry? You are the chosen ones of Gaia and Marx, selected by history to bend the arc of history towards justice. What’s the sweat? Got dealt a bad hand this time? Plus, you are making the same mistake that the Obamanoids made in 2009-10. Look, twerps, your Job One after COVID is to get the economy back on track with decent growth and low inflation. Otherwise, you’ll lose 60 House seats in the next midterm. Remember how many seats the Obamanoids lost in 2010, kids? What? They didn’t teach you that in “equity” class? The answer is: Sixty-four.

And let us not forget the “tell” about the notorious “armed insurrection” of January 6, 2021. See, if a few Commoners in fancy dress are “armed insurrectionists” and BLM and Antifa rioters are “peaceful protesters,” then you wise rulers are telling us something. You are telling us that BLM and Antifa are your own street thugs loyally supporting the regime while the January 6 insurrectionists represent the scary street thugs of the next regime.

You wanna know what’s the real “tell”? That you ruling class swells are really scared by the Trump followers. I mean, I thought that you guys were the favorites of the immortal gods and would nobly Build Back Better and transform our energy systems into glorious renewable wind and solar farms by next week. I thought that you guys were nobly instructing us in the horrors of systemic racism and confidently instructing our kids in the truth of “equity.”

And then it turns out that “youse guys” are “skeered” of a bunch of Commoner yahoos? You guys? The ones in the catbird seat? Masters of all you survey?

Now the polls are showing that President Biden is losing support fastest among independents. You know what that shows? It shows that you Dems and your willing accomplices in the media did a real good snow job on the moderates and independents in 2020, and the independents are finally realizing that they’ve been had. Bless their hearts.

I think that we are going to be seeing a lot more “tells” in the months ahead. Because it doesn’t matter what kind of poker face you present when things are going well. When you are losing badly, that’s when any poker player breaks out into a cold sweat, and everyone can see it.

Hey, Attorney General Garland, how about tasking your FBI pals with investigating the “tells” out there in Democratland? So you can whisk your pals away from the cameras before people notice the beads of sweat on their brows.

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, Also get his American Manifesto and his Road to the Middle Class.

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